Plasma Garden full set


The full set of Jimmy and Lisa’s Plasma Garden teachings and conversations for a great discount


This is a set of 4 books of transcriptions, of a series of Gardeners and Growers workshops run by Jimmy and Lisa MacDonald, who first appeared on the Keshe foundation Knowledge Seeker workshops in mid 2015 with some inspiring reports of their experiments growing commercial lettuce in an aquaponics system in New South Wales, Australia. With a small bottle of CO2 GANS immersed in the water flow they reported getting fantastic results in terms of the health and growth of the lettuce, and also the incredibly long time the lettuce remained healthy and edible in the fridge…

This went on to further experiments over the next year, and then in November 2016 they began to give this inspiring series of fortnightly workshops with public teaching for Gardeners and Growers everywhere. Watching these workshops on YouTube we realized that this was a great resource for people everywhere, not only to get fantastic results in our gardens, but also as a simple and understandable doorway into the Magrav and Plasma technology, with all of its other applications, including Free Energy, Water and Soil purification, Medical and Healing applications, Space ship construction and flight, and even finally to World Peace…

Thank you so much Jimmy and Lisa for this fantastic resource.


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