Plasma Garden Book2


Book 2 of Jim and Lisa MacDonald’s Gardeners and Growers Workshops


GARDENERS & GROWERS  Public Teaching

Book Two Workshops Six to Nine

Jimmy and Lisa MacDonald


Transcribed and Published by Kf New Zealand Transcriptions

October 14, 2017,


 The Workshops Series can be found on YouTube at

Plasma School Library Australia

Cover Picture: One of K2’s Pictures of CO2 Crystallisation of Water




 Sixth Public Teaching  26thFebruary 2017 

More on the Seasons and their effects on the plants

The Plants and the Fields

Include Amino acids with your CO2

More on the Seasons –starting with Autumn

How Plants react to the Environment and what makes the Leaves on a Plant turn brown and fall off

Changes with springtime

Faster Plant growth in the summer

Seeds and seasons

In future Environments will be created with plasma and without the need for expensive greenhouses heating or cooling

A problem of too many Blackberries

Alex asks about managing the environment without his greenhouse

Setting an Intention around your Property to keep away Predators and Pests

Gardeners and Growers workshops getting a lot of views on YouTube

Alex asks about Sea Salt and Chelate GaNS

With GaNS bottles in the flow the water itself becomes plasmatic

Creating the fields of Nitrogen

Aquaponics without Fish

Lisa hopes that learning about the Plants actually teaches us about the Whole Universe

Seventh Public Teaching 12thMarch, 2017 

A little bit of History and a Lesson on the Human Body

If only 20% of our Energy is absorbed from the digestive system how important is solid food to us?

The Plants are even better at feeding from the Fields

The Connection between the Plant and Animal worlds

The Emotions of Humans and the Souls of Plants resonate with the element Zinc

Ross asks about Fruit

Alex has a ton of questions

How does NPK fertilizer benefit the Fields of the Plants?

The roles of Silicon, Magnesium, and other elements

A discussion on the Role of Roots

What can we give to the Plants?

Points of the teaching to Not Forget!

An answer to the question on Bacteria

A discussion on diatomaceous earth and silicon and sulphur

The problem of acid rain and chem-trails

Klaus joins with an update

Eighth Public Teaching 26thMarch, 2017

Ross’s Presentation:  A Narrogin Orchard and Vegetable Garden in Western Australia.

Klaus, Gerhard, and Sonia make a video presentation on how they use the plasma in plastic tubes to interact with Trees

Klaus on the Basalt and other Pendulums

GaNS effect amplified on certain Earth Points

The plant aura can be felt as a wind

It is beneficial to use a spectrum of GaNSes

Activating the Earth Grid Points

Lisa gives an excellent presentation on how to make the basic GaNSes including

CO2, CH3, Zinc, CuO, Sea GaNS, and

Food GaNS

Washing and Storing the GaNS

GaNSes for Plant and Animal Use

Ninth Public Teaching  9thApril, 2017 

Practical Applications of Plasma Devices

Ross and his Balls

Klaus and his Water Crystallisation

Structuring water with the form of an egg

Carl’s report on purifying ground water for drinking while travelling through Australia

Questions and Discussion on Klaus’s presentation

Klaus’s Basalt pendulums

Practical plasma applications made by Jimmy and Lisa

Feedback on Entire Summer growing with various GaNSes

A Big Problem for the Fish on Jimmy &Lisa’s farm


 The 2ndbook of Public workshops for Gardeners and Growers is truly an awesome deepening into plasma technology in general. At the same time Jimmy and Lisa have a real knack of keeping it simple for normal Aussies and Kiwis to understand, as well as lots of other nationalities. The workshops are also very much enriched by presentations, discussions, and questions from around the world. This set of workshops feature Klaus from Austria with his crystallisation process of different waters clearly showing the beauty and form of the water changing from different places around the world, and from the influence of different GaNS materials. Once again, thank you so much Jimmy and Lisa for your generous and selfless efforts to share the plasma technology with everyone!


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