2 Months into Lockdown

Today, Wednesday 13th May 2020 CE, 17 Jamál Beauty 177 BE, is exactly 2 months since Black Friday the 13th March when I flew to the Land of Oz and was trapped a couple of days later by the border lockdown, and since then, apart from a few days off here and there, I’ve worked continuous night shifts at the emergency department of the local rural hospital. In two months, we’ve only had 1 positive COVID19 PCA test, and that was in the first week in a passenger from a cruise ship on a drive -through test at the hospital. Moreover, the main feature of this two months is that the hospital has been quieter than it’s ever been!

Now the border restrictions are lifting and for the first time this weekend I was able to visit my dear friends over the Queensland border for the weekend. 2 Months into the lockdown Australia and New Zealand pretty much have the virus plague eradicated and talking about opening up a trans-Tasman bubble soon but looking at many more months before opening up to the outside world! NZ has now, overnight, turned into a police state where, as of 15th May in level 2 lockdown Police have the right to enter peoples private houses without a warrant, and most of the people are happy because the enemy COVID19 is out there and certainly a very malicious virus (Latin word meaning poison, venom, plague) that kills many many people especially elderly but also for example with well over a hundred dead doctors in Italy in the last 2 months.

With all the hermit time there has been lots of time to keep up with the news, both mainstream and alternative media, and being an orthodox trained physician, I do pay most attention to the research of fellow MDs, now finding that there are a lot of truth-seeking doctors out there, discovering lots of interesting features of this COVID19 virus pandemic. Now 2 months into it the facts are definitely supporting the description of the infection that MK gave a couple of months ago; that this Corona virus is not just a flu like lung infection but effects every organ system and tissue in the body, even though when it kills it is usually through the lungs. Here then is a link to a YouTube video of Dr Hansen MD presenting Autopsy findings after the recent horrific death toll in New York, and everything he says agrees with the description MK made a month ago…. see the previous blog posts. Dr Hansen and others point out that the virus attaches to ACE2 receptors in the lung and many other organ systems

dr hansen autopsy findings

Browsing further on YouTube and steering towards those videos taken down by the “powers that be”, knowing that these are the ones revealing way too much truth for the control and depopulation agenda of the evil doers (referred to by MK as Billy and his wife Melinda) one comes to RFK Robert F Kennedy Junior who wrote the forward for Dr Judi Mikowitz’s book, a very rare gem indeed from a truth telling scientist, who reveals the corruption in the scientific research circles of the big corporations — worth downloading her book PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION as a brief perusal does indeed reveal the fragrance of truth and sincerity and unwillingness to be bought off by the evil doers… Then eventually we came to a holistic Hawaiian MD by the name of Dr Zack Bush, whose conversation with Del Bigtree on The Highwire is definitely worth watching I think, and for me he has about his words the ring of truth…

dr zack bush

On this video Dr. ZB gives a truly holistic view of the pandemic and pointed out among many other observations, that the hotspots of COVID deaths around the world eg North Italy, New York, Hunan province in China are among the areas on the planet that have the worst atmospheric pollution and the greatest saturation with glyphosate ‘roundup’ (another product of Bill Gates and Monsanto) which is now proven to have extremely dire effects on cell function. Also, many others have seen that these are all areas where 5G networks with millimetre wave technology have already kicked off, with proven serious interference with plant animal and human immune systems… Like MK, ZB winds up at the end of the Video pointing out the real important things to keep in mind, which is the importance of spirit and soul, and the fact that to really wake up and be alive we have to remember that we are spiritual beings on a physical journey, not the other way around like modern science and education systems generally assume…

So that takes us to the Knowledge Seeker workshops of these last few weeks… Although it was hard to do it, I eventually listened carefully to 324 and 325, taking notes, and then listened all the way through 326 while driving to a town in NSW renowned for its organic produce and most especially the best biodynamic herbal outlet on the whole planet– Mullum Herbals

NOTES on KSW 324 16 April

At 10 minutes MK delivered a judgement on Bill Gates, saying his ship is sinking and he will soon be in jail! He is also saying that US Intelligence has confirmed that the Chinese death toll was not a few thousand but more like 20 Million people lost in those central cities in the 1st Cycle and he is expecting 30 – 50 Million more in the 2nd cycle, unlike in Iran where the pandemic has been controlled with the use of the GANS technology, and Iran will eventually help by sharing this with other countries on the planet. 21m: This is a similar situation to when the Europeans landed in the Americas and millions of native Americans died from the common cold. Post mortems of Corona patients are bringing a lot of facts on the table for space travellers who will travel out of body. Physical transportation will be a step towards travelling without physicality. Man needs to protect both the physical and soul bodies

27m: MK starts going over the steps of learning with the 1Cup1Life now referred to as the COL1 or the 1st Cup of Life effecting the soul body, then COL2 2nd Cup of life interacting with the physical body, and then to the COM Cup of Man, which is really the COL1 and the COL2 wired together… We are the COM, and it is a physical reference point to return to if you’re travelling in deep space. Its GM field is a reference point for your soul. 36m: You don’t have to wash the GANS – just let it do its thing and it will be a washing machine for your soul producing a laser clean-up of your soul in 1 second – (as well as feeding your body and soul.)

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 12.45.21 pm

This workshop is mainly remembered for making Rick laugh at MK’s name calling of “little Billy and his wife Melinda” whose ship has now sunk, and they will be coming up against real justice now, as the Knowledge Seekers pray for their souls. Notetaker Note: This has a reference point in the Bahá’í scriptures, specifically the Tablet of the True Seeker, in which the True (Knowledge) Seeker is told that he should avoid the fellowship of evil-doers and pray for the remission of their sins.

MK then spent a lot of time repeating the previous descriptions of the 2 Cups of Life and the Cup of Man and made lots of detailed diagrams. Then he spent a couple of hours insulting KSs by ignoring their questions on the science and the details of how to make the cups and instead focusing on the soul work; the real path forwards is learning how to travel in your soul and interact with the Universal Community. The workshop was hard going, and it took me 3 to 4 days to find the energy to complete listening. Meanwhile I heard from my friend Neil in NSW Australia that there has been a change in the instructions for the COM, which is the training device on how to survive, feed yourself, defend yourself from viruses and other space debris, and travel to the ends of the Universe. It now should be a vertical arrangement to orient with standing or sitting man, with the copper parts below and the zinc parts above… Hence the mission on 16 April was to start making a new Cup of Man, and this day I prepared all the metal parts, 2 Nano coated coils for the middle of each cup, a plate of copper and a plate of zinc with a copper coil for each cup.

The other thing was that I had now been collecting from the Mahdi COL1 for 3 weeks from when it was made on the Easter Monday, so I started a 7-day process of washing the GANS each day with fresh water while pouring off the salt water and using it in the bath. Listening to the workshops I had also understood by several references to Alekz and his experiments in which he managed to get the fragrance of bananas wine and watermelon into water by standing them next to or on the cup, that this Cup was holding all the energies of the food I was eating through this 3 week period, all vegan and organic, and therefore could now be used as a food replacement if I wished. I remembered back to 2017 when I had used Lynn and Paul’s food plasma to live on for a week or so, and got incredibly fit doing 33 Tibetan Rites daily, running up the mountain several times a week, and trimming down to 77 kg. Now I was a slightly pudgy 83kg, but I would soon cut down the weight, I thought, as I moved from solid food to the Mahdi COL for sustenance, as well as the COM with the ancient Atlantean crystal collecting its soul plasma energies between the Cups…

There was also some talk of dreams in KSW324 and some Knowledge Seekers felt that their dreams had got a lot more lucid since creating a Cup of Man, even in its horizontal form. This made a lot of sense to my Bahá’íunderstanding of REM sleep opening the doorway to the Valley of Wonderment, the amazing 6th Valley of The Seven Valleys, a place of unity amazing synchronicity and pre-cognitive dreams, where one comes across the small poem, originally from the Imam Ali, the 1st Imam and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad, quoted bythe Ancient Beauty, so I will write it in crimson ink: Dost thou reckon thyself only a puny form, when within thee the universe is folded? Now incorporating all this it seems that this morning’s lucid dream, which I had a difficult time distinguishing from my normal reality, experimenting with living on plasma in both worlds as I did 3 years ago, is creating a bridge in which to bring my plasma body in synch with my physical body…

2 other points I remembered form my casual listening of this workshop were that MK at one point announced that these teachings would come to an end soon as he is checking out on 21/3/21, a date that adds up to a perfect 9…  When people asked him if he was actually leaving, in typical style he told them they would soon see for themselves! That would make a perfect 7 tears of teachings, I thought, and would be a perfect way of rounding out the body of teachings for generations to come… I also vividly remembered MK saying that the Corona virus for humanity is like the Crown of Thorns was for the Christ, which he wore to his death and then his resurrection, so it was now time for many to die and the rest of humanity to resurrect into our true Nature – a resurrection to our membership in the Universal Community…

NOTES on KSW325, April 23rd 2020

1936: Rick intro 2256: A small film plays remembering (fondly) Dirk Laureyssens, MK’s old Belgian friend and minder, and eventually his most bitter enemy, who passed on 5th April 2020 from the CV. 2440: teaching starts on the CV – MK shows pictures of Chinese doctors who were critically ill with CV and woke up to find their skins almost black, it was said that this was  after virus damaged their livers. MK said there was no damage to their livers, but there has been a change in their genome taking them back to a previous expression in their ancestry with black skin out of Africa, and even their features looked more negroid after the change. MK compared this effect of the CV to the effect of GANS on plant seeds, in which it was found to be able to reverse genetic modification and take plant seed back to a purer ancestral form. MK is saying that the change in these Chinese doctors is due to Genetic modification by the CV, and made a small diagram showing the RNA virus causing DNA modification.

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 12.40.10 pm

0105 MK is saying he can feel the CV field while walking around cities – he and Carolina can both feel it. He is predicting that if it covers the whole planet, we will all go though genetic reversal. MK is saying that if you have human blood you will be in trouble, and also saying that he will be OK because he does not have human blood, as Dr Eliya found out when he was poisoned at Desanzano by Belgian John.

0120: Rick reads an article written about MK’s story of the migration and evolution of human DNA in mankind, and the experiment in which the plant seeds went back to an ancestral blueprint. Notetaker Note: This reminds me of the Crop Circle connection in which in hundreds of crop circles in Wiltshire and surrounding areas the seed was found to be gently and intelligently modified so it was more resistant to drought, dehydration, temperature extremes and harsh conditions, so now the link was getting more clear between the nature of the crop circle makers and the teachings of the Kf. These connections were also found in quite mind-boggling fashion during the creation of Book 5 of the first-year books – Ignition of Light, which you can find in the Year1 TransMission in the SHOP…

0136; MK starts another diagram of a yellow Chinaman turning black 0200: A great rave about creating soul children through the interaction of the fields… 0215: Goes into more details of feeding with the fields of the COM…

Later in the workshop MK had long conversations with 2 Iranians, 1 in Brisbane and the other in Germany. Lots of interesting and amusing anecdotes and laughs occurred, but for me the most interesting and the one I remembered at the end of the workshop was MK saying at 0353 that if you have a partner/spouse or wife/husband then you don’t need to have a Cup of Man/Woman because you already have your twin soul… Notetaker Note: This agrees with Bahá’u’lláh’s concept of the man and woman being the 2 wings of the bird of the Bahá’í marriage.

NOTES on KSW 326 April 30th 2020

I listened to this Workshop while driving a 4 hour round trip to get some more organic groceries veges fruit and herbs.  Near the beginning MK commented that a lot of people were surprised at the positive remembrance of DL and explained that the Kf harbours no malice or bad feelings, and we pray for the soul of one who was once a good friend and remember him for all the help he brought to the Kf over many years!  DL had passed with the Corona virus, so it was now up to us to pray for the progress of his soul.

There were lots more soul teachings in this workshop but the main thing I remembered vividly a few days later, was MK talking about soul development with Azar, who is doing a 3-hour meditation practice learnt from an Indian Master, to get to a place where she is consistently and clearly in her vision travelling out of her body. MK had a chuckle and said she’s like a typical Persian woman who spends 3 hours in the kitchen every day making dinner! MK then interrogated Chinese Wang Lin about her spiritual practice and found she did not have one really, and that her illumination was natural which made her kind of an Ella with smiling Chinese eyes!

Talking of Ella, she has appeared in the last few workshops showing an impressive range of Kf clothing and products, very expensive but also very good quality, for example EU2999 for a small outside GANS field generating wind mill. I can personally bear witness to the consistent high quality of the Kf products, having carried a Kf lumbar splint pain pad around the world with me quite a few times in the last 4 years and still working well!

NOTES on KSW 327 May 7th 2020

On the 14th of May I drove to get some more groceries and listened to the 1st part of this workshop up to 2:23:23, which was the point where MK finished his soliloquy and asked… “Any questions?”   Ella kicked off the workshop presenting a beautiful 1st Generation space suit, waterproof and covered in pockets over every organ system and muscle system, for ultimate protection against the CV.

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 12.35.33 pm

MK took great pleasure in pointing out that he was at least a month ahead of the doctors, who were only now with their autopsy results confirming what he saw back in February!

Now he is pointing out another effect of the CV on the human female reproductive system, with many women now reporting their periods/menses have gone from monthly to fortnightly or even weekly. He commented that this was like us going back to mouse behaviour trying to produce litters of babies. This was because the human female body intelligence was responding to the crisis of the CV on humanity by multiplying the ovulation process trying to have lots of babies! I definitely found this a bit hard to swallow and knew that, like previous prophecies and statements, time would tell!

Over the next couple of days, I listened to the rest of the workshop and as usual found awesome deepening stimulated by the questions of some of the Knowledge Seekers. Some of this I listened to while going for my run every 2nd day, which I was now trying to push my fitness to where I got to back in 2017 and beyond… While running I was struck by a few sentences and when I had a look at the screen the timestamp was 30033: where there was one of MK’s most well-known diagrams showing the structure of the plasma; a counter-clockwise spiral, and showing how humanity is at the very beginning of the spiral, and it seems like the crossing point of the speed of light is at a point that is not even a half of the first cycle of the spiral: from 0259: At what point do you want to manifest yourself, and at what point is the strength of your soul?  The soul of mankind has limitation of its strength, and then it reaches a point of maturity, and then it moves to the next level, which is not open to the level of the man’s soul to the limit… because suddenly life changes…. It’s like going through the speed of light and then you pass it… you open to another dimension where a minimum is the speed of light and now you have maximum above it… till you reach the next point, and that next point is always in balance with the soul of the man and the creator… according to the strength of the time and position in space in the life of the creation… etc

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 12.12.03 pm

All that remains to finish this update on the 16th May before I have a couple of days off from the coal mine is to show the beautiful COHN rainbow colours that gather in the top of the New Mahdi cup every few days before I harvest them, thinking that perhaps for those with an eye to see these same colours will be seen in the aura of anyone using this plasma for bountiful spiritual and natural sustenance as we move to the next level of the spiral beyond the crossing point of light…


NOTES on KSW 328 May 14th 2020

I listened to this workshop on the 4-hour round trip to Gold Coast over the weekend and OMG! I think DLs passing through CV has brought in a whole new freedom of expression into MK’s story of how he returned from Iran back on 2007 and was prevented by DL from showing the technology in public. This was the stage when it became evident that DL was not only a good friend but was also the King of Belgium’s man. With his passing gracefully announced by MK, who did not mention any of his sins and prayed for the progress of his soul, there seems to have been a breath of fresh air and truth into MK’s story, and his Nuclear physics lecture on how each and every one of us is a deuterium or tritium atom radiating light, was awesome and very deep, his medical lecture on the radioactive energies of B6, B9, B12 very interesting, and then questions from Knowledge Seekers took him even deeper. I think this is the best workshop I have listened to since the workshop MK gave at the Rome Science Conference in 2017!

The Cup of Man

Thursday 9 April 2020 CE, 2 Jalál Glory 177 BE

For the first time in a couple of years I was drawn to making notes on a Knowledge Seeker workshop. I had to look it up in Book Number 4.X, number 10 of the Year 4 TransMission to see that the last Workshop I made a full set of notes on was the 200th KSW on 30th November 2017, which workshop I entitled in the final book: Final Words on the Soul of the Man. This whole set of 10 Books entitled The Books of the Soul, would be highly worthwhile downloading and perusing at this point (if you are a sincere seeker of Knowledge, a detached Wayfarer on the Path of God ‘Allah,) as a grounding for the further studies it looks like we are drawn to from KSW 321… counting down to launching point of the soul vehicle, which MK refers to in this workshop as the coming of the Mahdi!

I am now over my personal crisis in which I was definitely invaded by some sort of malicious virus that was effecting my mouth eyes brain and then lungs, but found that by the Grace of God I had in the nick of time made some COL1 and COL2 plasma and managed to deplete the virus and come back to full health over a couple of weeks. Synchronously Jimmy and Lisa MacDonald made contact and I was invited into a Zoom meeting of the Northern Rivers plasma group, which I attended on the Easter Sunday, and was very happy to give my testimonial of how I had used the plasma. I was also very happy to have some new learning and understanding from Lisa, the Earth Council member for Australasia-Pacifica region, who said not to dismantle the Cup of Life after a week (at which point I’d had more than an inch of beautiful fluffy GANS) but to harvest the GANS from the bottom and “aminos” from the top and it would carry on producing for months and keep building the plasma field. After this meeting Lisa posted a blog update on their site I found very useful and with some important information keeping us correct in our GANS making…

The plasma group meeting was all about making the COL2, said by MK to produce CuO GANS, and how to use this on the organ systems below the diaphragm and on the muscles of the body, very important to go on using this as it will deplete any virus and stop the process of calcification of the tissues which might lead to many cancers in years to come. So, since then I have put down another COL1 to harvest from, and have been collecting GANS and aminos every few days into a separate collection jar, a process by itself and one which I am recording on camera to make some small videos in times to come… Here some photos of the New COL1 with its little crystal grid layout with a medicine wheel of small Lemurian seed crystals, born on Easter Monday on the day of the Resurrection of Christ from the tomb after His 3 days of darkness in the underworld, also referred to by MK in this workshop as the birth of the Mahdi!

Easter2020 COL at 24hrs3

The use of crystals was also discussed on the plasma group Zoom meeting, and I was happy to share the picture of the small crystal entity being fed by the plasma fields of the Cup of Man. (See photo in previous blog post), On the zoom meeting Lisa said that the Cup of Man, basically the COL1 and COL2 wired together, was for soul elevation and was not to be harvested, just left to do its thing, and the plasma field in the middle between the two cups would develop its own soul. In 323 MK was to go further into this, on which I then made notes to share with Knowledge Seekers…

It took about 3 days to finish watching Workshop 323 making notes, and I realised that, beginning at Workshop 321, I had re-joined the process on the first Workshop after NawRuz entering into the 7th Year of Knowledge Seeker Workshops! It was quite hard work listening to the 5 hours and 38minutes of Worksop 323, and making the notes, I wondered if anyone would ever read my work, and what I was actually doing this for? For me I think it was worthwhile, as making notes brought some clarity in understanding the Cup of Man, but there again I had received a similar amount of understanding from the Zoom meeting with Jimmy and Lisa. Nevertheless, there were many interesting points, possibly the most interesting being that the energy of pharmaceuticals could be used by patients using a list of drugs, very common for elderly patients of GP practices, and the GANS of these medicines could be very helpful to people if they came to the point where the drugs run out.

Finally, at the end of the workshop I heard a challenge from Ella, the Italian head of the Kf, for people to sign up and help with the computer-generated transcript. I then gave thanks for the understanding that therefore I would not have to make notes on any more Workshops… it would be much more efficient and less of a demand on my time to join the team already working with the written transcription of workshops, which could then be automatically translated into multiple languages… Ella finally also presented the new design of the Kf Plasma Times which was also promised to be more up to date in future…

You can download my notes on KSW323 in pdf form here … 323. Knowledge Seeker Workshop 323




A Hard Day’s Night

8 April 2020 CE 1 Jalál Glory 177 BE

The COVID19 Pandemic crisis is fully established now, and the Planet is in lockdown, progressing towards total lockdown. NZ has been in Level 4 Lockdown for 2 weeks now, where basically only food and fuel stations are open, and I have at least 1 alcoholic friend who is suffering detox symptoms from closure of the liquor stores. Here in Oz, where I am in lock down working almost continuous shifts in the local emergency department, (thus the title for this blogpost), there have been 50 COVID19 deaths, and the Queensland border has been closed for a week so I can’t even get my rental car back to the airport, which is not a problem as there are zero flights across the Tasman now anyway, so to get home I’d have to buy or pinch a boat. NSW with 22 deaths is lagging behind NZ, which has only 1 COVID19 death, and is about to lock down its border this Easter weekend I hear from Queensland friends.

I also hear that the Queensland government has just mandated flu vaccines for infants, required for them to be placed in day care; probably a blessing in disguise for conscious parents, but nevertheless another step in the draconian policies against people who want to pursue a natural approach to their health care.  In my days as a GP; 1993 – 2006, it was an obscenity to think of injecting flu vaccine into a baby that was just developing its immune system, or indeed into pregnant mums, but now, with gradual little undetectable steps a flu vaccine has become mandatory for infants by law and strongly enforced by the Oz midwives on pregnant mums! This gives us a clear view of what the real agenda is behind this pandemic, with Bill Gates shamelessly enunciating in public that everybody will soon have to have a small digital laser tattoo proving vaccination status to cross state and national borders, or to get their weekly rations from the government… Does anybody recognise his number?

On Google and YouTube there is a huge amount of information and disinformation jostling for attention…  Theories that there is not even such a thing as the Corona virus, or indeed any viruses, compete with reports from the University of Valencia in Spain, where scientists have sequenced the virus and found differences (thought to be mutations) in the viruses effecting China, Iran, Italy and Spain. MK has been proven correct in his predictions a month ago that Italy, then New York was going to get hit hard, and his reason for this was that the Italian DNA was closely related to Iranian, which is one of the bloodlines against which this virus was designed. In Italy today the total deaths are 17,127, though the death rate has now peaked, and as many people point out most of the dead were pretty close to death’s door with other diseases, and the virus just knocked them over the edge a bit quicker. Particularly concerning for me working in a rural hospital emergency department is the death rate of doctors in Italy, 13 on March 20, 23 on March 23, 61 on March 30, so by now 8 days later must be over a hundred, though there have been no reports in the last week…

There is also a lot of uncertainty on the validity of the COVID19 PCR test which everybody is using around the world, for example there is no information on quality control or how many false positives and false negatives there are, which make the statistics we see online pure guesswork, in line with the line Mark Twain popularised in the USA… “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Some emergency doctors in ICUs around the world have been reporting that the main problem of those who get severely ill and die is lack of Oxygen saturation in the blood and tissues, and not the same as the regular ARDS (Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome) which is officially thought to be the cause of death in most people who get to ICU stage with this virus. In NSW there has been a great scandal over the fact that Health Officials allowed over 600 COVID19 positive people (11 of whom have since died) to fly all over Australia off a cruise ship, Ruby Princess, that docked in Sydney, as it was thought to be low risk coming from NZ. I myself came back to work from NZ 2 days before stringent self-quarantine of all people flying into Australia came into force, and the hospital administration applied this to me, so I had 11 days of quarantine before being allowed back to work.  Although I was not tested, I felt suspicious that I had the virus, as I went through a strange sequence of symptoms, which I treated successfully with the Plasma water of the COL1 and COL2 plasma cups shown in the last blogpost…

The COL1 GANS was a beautiful creamy white, which was said by MK to have CO2, Zinc, and Magnesium GANS, and the COL2 produced a beautiful Air New Zealand turquoise coloured GANS said by MK to be pure Copper CuO GANS. At this time I also finally completed the final Book Number 54 of my Knowledge Seeker series, The Path of Search, and started watching Knowledge Seeker Workshops for the first time since KSW200 in November 2017, with the first one being KSW321, on March 26th, then 322 on 2nd April. Reports from Iran proved that the Zinc containing plasma water of the COL1 was very effective in treating respiratory symptoms, while the Copper containing COL2 was for the lower organ systems below the heart and diaphragm, and the muscular parts of the body.

My symptoms were mainly in the mouth with ulceration of the roof of mouth and what felt like abscessed upper molar teeth radiating up through the eyes and brain, first on the left side then the right. Instead of getting antibiotics I used the COL1 plasma water sprayed on face and in mouth and breathed it though mask, also drinking 500mls of it every day, as well as swishing the teeth with the COL2 water, and spitting it out. I felt the COL2 had more bite on the toothache if there was some of the salt from the first wash added as MK advised and that also got rid of a slight mouldy taste. Over a couple of weeks these symptoms gradually subsided, but then I woke one morning with a painful hacking cough and mucus from the lungs, so intensified the treatment that day, washing my clothes with plasma water, having a bath with 500mls of COL1 water in it, washing my upper body, breathing through a saturated plasma mask, and wearing patches front and back of the lungs. After spending a couple of hours coughing up mucus the lungs cleared out, and I went for a jog later in the day with clear lungs and have not had any respiratory problems since.

GANS sanitary pads

I sent a picture of me with the patches to my beloved a thousand leagues away across the sea, and when she saw I had utilised sanitary pads to hold the plasma water she laughed so hard she coughed up all her phlegm and cleared her lungs as well! Lol. Another friend also laughed so hard she then needed some sanitary pads herself lol.

Another problem I had was that I ran out of my Currumbin spring water and had to buy some 10 Litre spring water bottles from the food store, finding that some of them tasted a bit mouldy. What I found from this was that the COL2 GANS cleared the mould taste after a bit, but not the COL1 GANS, even though I syringed 30 -50mls of COL2 water in it, thinking it might bring an antibiotic effect just like it did on the teeth. Perhaps because of this, drinking this water I felt sharp needle like pains migrate down my body over a few days from the stomach region, to umbilicus, then to groin area and finally resolving. It made me think about what was happening?

Eventually I decided that the body must be healing on a higher level, as the pain in my teeth indicated a healing process in the mouth radiating up through the eyes, brain and scalp, then the lungs with the COL1 water, this must be a healing process deleting viruses and negative programs from the lower organ systems I felt, with the copper containing COL2 plasma… With this process I never got to the stage of taking straight COL2 plasma internally, which I would have if I had got into a high fever or septic process, as MK and his helpers described graphically with their treatment of sick people in Iran. From their accounts the plasma worked pretty well with the sickest of patients, and people with severely low oxygen levels with pO2 Saturations down into the 50s were recovering over a few hours, with no need for intubation or ventilation…

Listening to these two workshops at the same time as using the plasma and going through the healing process I started getting that same feeling as when I first struck the Keshe material, a feeling of excitement at a new paradigm of knowledge on the horizon. In 321 MK introduced what some people started calling the 3rd Cup of Life, COL3, but was a double cup combination of COL1 and COL2 wired together, as he drew the design, and then went into depth on how the two 1st Cups were related not only to the upper body and lower body, but also to the Soul of the Man versus the Soul of the Physicality. This was the very basics of the science we would need to understand to survive in space, he said at one point.

feeding 2 souls

Later in WS321 MK dived deeply into the spiritual and philosophical implications of using this technology on the planet, how this was inevitably going to clean us up spiritually and emotionally as a species so we could leave the karma of the dastardly evil behaviour of our ancestors behind and start again with a clean slate. Then at 0129hrs I was very happy to discover that Dr. Azar, a Persian New York dental doctor, was still fulfilling her role as MKs main inquisitor, the only one with the courage to keep pushing MK until he said no twice to her in one day, but then came back with some detailed answers instead of vague descriptions and fob-offs, although I have to admit I lost him at about the point he mentioned Mithra and the 3 magi! The good thing about these workshops now is that there is an excellent computerised transcription on the YouTube video, and one can go back and study these words…

While cleaning my body, both “Man Soul” and “Physical Soul” sides, relating to Zinc based brain and lungs above, and organs and muscles below, with the COL1 and COL2 plasma, I also created a couple more Cups, using the Zinc and Copper from the previous cups, and burning some more multi-stranded wire, then coiling 2 beautiful Nano coated little coils like strands of hair, then replicating the diagram above on my window sill.


In KSW322 MK revealed that the really huge death toll from COVID19 infection would be over the next few years, as it had the property of calcifying the tissues after infection, and this was going to cause all sorts of Cancers. This was certainly the case with the lungs and the calcification could be seen on X-rays, but according to MK this was also happening in another 5 levels of organs systems, the brain, kidney liver and stomach, intestine, reproductive cells, and limbs. Using the COL1 and COL2 plasma prevented this calcification process, and there was a way to clear the calcificati0n also, MK said, which he had already used on an Iranian woman to correct her fingers deformations back in 2005, and this protocol would be released soon.


MK then went into detail about how to deliver this protocol for the new phase of Corona Virus infections, to these different organ systems with COL1 and COL2 plasma, and this was the protocol I used to clear whatever this infection was from my system. It didn’t really matter what virus it was, it could be Corona EBV Herpes Warts HIV Zika Yellow Fever Ebola, or any of many strands of malicious negative DNA or RNA found in space time; the GANS was promised to clear the lot! Likewise, with the different levels of organ systems, Zinc plasma cleared the brain and lungs, and Copper the rest. Hallelujah!

Later in WS322, after resisting Azar’s questions, MK struck another persistent knowledge seeker by the name of Alvaro from Brazil, who said he already made several models of the COL3, or the combination of COL1 and COL2 wired together, and he wanted to know how to use this GANS and what for? MK said this would be revealed over the next few weeks as it wasn’t such an urgent problem, but began explaining the structure of the fields, from the simple fields of the COL1 and COL2, that there would from the combination be a level 2 labelled Plasma, then by combining plasmas from level 2 another level 3 could be labelled Physics, then Level 4 Chemistry…

plasma levels 1 to 4

The process of making these Cups of Life would then progress to interaction with Level 5 Biology, Level 6 Soul of Physicality, Level 7 Soul of Man, then Level 8 Infinity, and Level 9 a different colour entirely… These explications and unfolding of knowledge I did not understand on the first pass, in fact it went completely over my head, and I felt again that to really understand this I would have to write it down and started wondering if it might be time to get back into service transcribing some of the words, which is after all what this website is in fact dedicated to. For now, I will just make a screenshot of the process that seems to be rolling out in front of us…

plasma leverls 5-9

In the meantime, I will just carry on using the fields from the COL1 and COL2 and try to pass this knowledge on to friends and family, but not to anyone at the ED unless they are showing signs of their heart soul and spirit awakening from the slumber of heedlessness. From MK’s diagrams I realised that I was also growing a Plasma between the fields of the 2 Cups and noticed with astonishment how the small flying or swimming entity in the crystal was catching the light during this process….

entity in crystal

Lock Down Downunder

Today 24th March 2020 we are 24 hours away from Lock down Level 4 in Aotearoa New Zealand! Things have moved VERY fast indeed and we are seeing unprecedented events across the whole planet, as all business except for vital services like supermarkets, fuel stations, and hospitals are closed, and everyone is staying at home for the next 2-4 weeks at least observing social distancing… I myself am unable to practice my profession as an Emergency Department doctor for 12 days, due to arriving on an international flight 2 days before the immigration protocols dictated that all international travellers had to observe a 14 day period of self isolation, and quarantine… This has been a blessing in disguise as I have used the time to experiment with the new Cup of Life designs brought forward by MTK and Carolina in the last month. (see the two previous posts)

Although I spent 4 years making transcriptions and notes of Kf Knowledge Seeker and allied Workshops I did not have much personal experience of hands-on experiments, though I made a basic set of GANS in 2017 and my other wing started experimenting with plant medicine GANS, so this was my first real go at following MK’s instructions when he told us not to act like Monkeys (don’t be like Monkey see, Monkey do) but to think about why things are happening and experiment on our own.. In this way we will all undoubtedly make some errors, and in the last couple of weeks I discovered one error when I used Himalayan salt and planned to use Volcanic black salt to make the Cup of Life GANS. Now I found that this was not recommended as Himalayan salt is that beautiful red gold colour  because of a significant presence of Iron Oxide, which could make CH3 GANS, with theoretical risks raised by MK of feeding cancer cells and viruses rather than depleting their energy.

The first thing I noticed while trying to follow MK’s example of fire nano-coating on his Video, burning a wire with butane torch, making it red hot and moving the red hot zone slowly down the wire till the end, trying not to burn myself, was that the blackness on the wire immediately rubbed off the wire when I coiled it around my marker pen, and it looked copper coloured again. I then remembered the instructions on how to nano coat at the time of the Magrav technology release in 2015, when lots of people were making heaps of copper coils. At that time the instructions were to coil the wire first, then butane torch it, but take it only to the stage of the rainbow colours, not as far as the red colour, and then there would be a good coat of nano material on the surface of the coil, which has the property of an insulator, so you can actually hold a nano coated copper wire with 240 volts running though it and still not get shocked! Burning the copper to the rainbow colours is a really cool alchemical process in itself as one can see the mystical colours of Venus, the planet that resonates with the element of copper in ancient texts of alchemical knowledge, and thus theoretically each wire burnt in this way should be endowed with higher spiritual properties of copper itself, which has a friendly warm female healing vibration…

In any case I found that by following MK’s method of burning a red hot section along the wire, then coiling it and reburning to the stage of the rainbow colours, i had quite a swift response. If I put an almost flat battery on it as directed with the negative pole (MK’s “bottom”) to the nano, then the process was almost immediate, but then experimenting with it I found it to be almost as swift if the wires were connected with no battery. However then the process ran out after a few days and there was no more GANS, as I found experimenting with different cups and taking the amino acids (fatty substance) off the top of the water and adding that to the collection bottle.

COL1Then I found if I took the depleted wire and scrubbed it clean and then reburnt it, it would generate more GANS for another 24 hours or so and then stop… here is a picture of one glass that had been going for about 48 hrs, then stopped making GANS, so the wire was reburnt and the GANS could be seen forming again almost immediately, but lasted less than 24 hours…

Over the last few days I also visited my friend Neil H who  had also found the butane torch nano coating did not last very long, so he had dug out a couple of caustic nano- coated copper plates and made a double One Cup Once Life arrangement, with a depleted battery, and in just a couple of days he had made massive quantities of beautiful creamy white coloured GANS that was already over an inch thick on the bottom of both cups, and looked like it was still going strong, also creating colourful layer of “aminos” on the surface of the water in both cups. Today, I went out and got some more supplies to make some caustic nano-coating during the Lock down, which appears to be at least for a few weeks, possibly stretching into months, although the fact that China is down to zero daily cases already bodes well for  swift recovery from this threatened pandemic.

As MK warned in His Workshop mentioned in the previous post, the effects in Iran and Italy have been particularly dire, though perhaps not as dire as feared. The positive outcome from this is that the COL1 has been very effective at preventing and even treating COVID19 victims, and not one knowledge Seeker working with the GANS of the COL1 has died at this point… More recent reports from Keshe central have been that the virus is mutating, and is showing a different spectrum of disease, effecting organ systems like liver and kidney below the diaphragm.  There is in fact scientific evidence that the strains effecting Italy and Spain have different genetic sequencing from the original virus from Wuhan, so it is indeed mutating swiftly, but in these studies the viruses show an identical clinical picture… In any case MK has now released instructions on how to make a COL2- in this one replacing the Zinc with a copper plate, or copper wire twisted into a grid… Detailed instructions on making  this 2nd Cup and then how to use the GANS can be found on the Kfwiki page, seen here, click the pic to get taken to KfWiki…

kfwiki COL2

Looking inside the document I saw another error I may have committed as instead of using multi-stranded copper wire, which would produce a much larger surface area of nano coating, i used a single 16 gauge copper wire, and burnt that with the same method. Also instead of attaching a used battery as shown in the instructions I just wound the wires together. In spite of this the jar started making a beautiful light blue very fine GANS visible within an hour or so and by the next day already starting to collect as a very fine powder on the bottom of the glass…


From all accounts this COVID19 virus is quite a nasty one, one of a long series of viruses that have emerged from humanity’s increasingly disgusting practices of mass factory farming and eating birds and animals across the planet, perhaps assisted along the way by scientists in their laboratories also tinkering with the genomes? The spread of the disease does however seem to be very responsive to the policies of social distancing and quarantining of nations and territories, so we are all hunkering down for a few weeks or a month or two of mostly sitting around the house, but also continuing the experiments… I for one have bought some stuff from the hardware store to do some caustic nano-coating, and I am going to have another look at the set of books available in the SHOP entitled PLASMA SCIENCE BASICS, with discussions and practical experience shared by a bunch of the leading Knowledge Seekers who are also all really nice people…

A Global Epidemic

26 February 2020

My attention was drawn today by my fellow kiwi Knowledge Seeker Neil, who with his wife Trish was the NZ link in Jimmy and Lisa’s Gardeners and Growers Workshops published in 2017, which are just as important as the Knowledge of the Anti Virus Cup of Life if MK’s predictions come to pass, as it will be very important to know how to make food. Giving me more of a feeling that a new phase of interest and development in plasma medicine technology was coming up, the reconnection with Neil and Trish brought attention to MK’s scary revelations in the 106th One Nation One Planet One Race for World Peace Workshop on February 25th 2020, on which he sent me the link saying to listen from about 13 minutes up to the 1 hour mark…


According to MK this new virus is designed against Chinese and Iranian DNA specifically, and in Iran infection with the virus is proving to have 100% mortality with the cause of death being heart failure. Every hospital in Iran is full and people are dying quickly. MK is saying this is targeted on Chinese and Iranians, but they forgot about the connections with Europe, especially the connection between Italian and Persian blood lines and therefore this virus will cause havoc in the Italian blood lines in Italy and the USA and Australia etc. The word has got out in Iran that this virus is carried on bank notes so people are throwing away their bank notes, MK says. Birds could be transmitting, but there is also an electromagnetic field transfer of energy to the target DNA. MK finishes this short but dire summary of what will shortly break out on the planet by diving into some mysterious comments about the soul connections, telling us that we have to line up with zero time communications with another star!

Whether or not the situation is this bad, or if indeed the situation is worsened by the sea of EM frequencies harmful to biological life we are continually bathed in, especially with the roll out of 5G tech and smart meters, the signs and portents are telling us it is time to order in some stocks of good food like a sack of oats, beans and rice etc, ASAP! Also to start making the One Cup One Life CO2 GANS recipe immediately. MK is saying that they have GANS distribution centres in every city in Iran and with attention to detail from MTK’s prescription no Knowledge Seeker will ever die of this disease or any virus. MK also said it was important to pay attention to detail and he gave a list of instructions, about which I made some notes.

Twice a day spray the GANS on hands head and face and inside the mouth, as well as front of the chest and back.  Drink about 300mls of GANS water through the day. Spend 5-10 minutes daily inhaling the GANS through a mask. If people have the virus spray the house for 10 seconds every day, and leave several GANS making pots around the house, either flushing the salt water down the toilets and sinks or collecting and mixing GANS at a central location in the house and adding more GANS as we go, which we need to do to handle the mutating virus. This patent number 19 is expected to mutate into a tissue virus. Do the same with the humans and animals in the household. Try and see if you can hold your breath for 10 seconds every day – if you can’t then you have the virus and intensify the inhalations and you should go back to normal within 7 days. The masks are helping spread the virus unless they are sprayed with GANS. If we follow the procedures no Knowledge Seekers should die. Selling of GANS is forbidden, it has to be absolutely freely given.

We shall see very quickly in the next couple of weeks if the global system will break down as predicted, and there will be dire food shortages and a breakdown of the global economy.  My experience with MK’s prophecies and predictions in the past, with Earth Changes etc, is that the outcomes have not been as dire as predicted, perhaps because there are enough awake aware and conscious people on the planet with some determination to change the destiny for us being designed by these dastardly inhuman giant corporations and the people who fell away from the Will of God. In any case I think it is a good idea to follow the simple instructions given by MK and at least go through the very simple process of making a Cup of Life, so you can enjoy watching the beautiful GANS forming , then freezing some of the GANS water to see the exquisite patterns and flow of the GANS, then putting some in a spray bottle and feeling the positive effects of filling the prescription of this Iranian nuclear engineer and physician.

Remembering that the enemy will have been busy trying to sabotage I checked the link to the kfwiki page again and the bridge to making the Cup of Life with ingredients you already have at home is still working in many languages … then following the link to advanced teachings on the Cup of Life I came to a discussion of the different types of salts that can be used, with MK telling Libby that all the minerals are important, but drawing especial attention to Phosphor and Sulphur as important healing minerals, making me think that the next batch of GANS I make will be with Himalayan Black salt, and also realising why i have such a craving for that sulphurous taste at the moment!