Winter Solstice Eclipse 2020

Approaching the 2020 mid-Winter solstice in the deep south Pacific I felt prompted to update the HOME and ABOUT pages, discovering as I did so that the last update on these pages was exactly a Year ago on the mid-winter solstice of June 2019, when I made available the whole Library of Books, apart from a handful, in the SHOP on this site. Last Solstice I wrote about the incredible synchronicity indicating that a small group of wide awake humans could switch the mass consciousness of the planet, and 1 year later the COVID19 Corona Virus pandemic with its massive World-Wide petit-mal seizure, or syncopal event/blackout lockdown over the last 3 months has, I believe, allowed that process to come into fruition on this incredible eclipse cycle with a solar eclipse right on the Solstice flanked in time by 2 eclipses of the full moons of early June and July.

Being locked at home has allowed many millions of people, in the www-connected literate west especially, to be exposed to different ideas, in spite of the mass censorship dictated by the small and threatened family of entities (are they human?), who have controlled things on this planet with their ‘Babylonian bankster’ ethics of daylight robbery, for a few thousand years now at least. People are waking up left right and centre in every walk of life, and I have seen several reports of the incredible effects on the Schumann resonance caused by coordinated mass meditations, with millions of people now putting their hearts and minds together for Peace over the last 3 months.

MK’s utterances in his workshops announced that the good guys have won already; Billy and his wife’s ship (foundation) has sunk and they are headed for imprisonment or worse, and all the predators have been consigned to the Halls of Justice to pay for the remission of their sins according to MK. I think it was Del Bigtree in one of his passionate speeches on the ITNJ platform that likened this scenario to a massive rhinoceros (the military industrial oil pharma vaccination chemical giant) charging at us to destroy us, but the wily hunter has already shot the rhino between the eyes and it is dead, but still coming at us, though when we stand our ground it will hit the dirt right in front of our amazed and illuminated eyes! Indeed, in spite of the big pharma military industrial complex continuing to roll out everywhere, nowhere more advanced than Australia and NZ where the politicians and Health officials (hirelings of the Big Pharma dominated TGA – Therapeutic Goods Authority) are preparing the population for mass mandatory Corona virus vaccination, including the digital tracking chip or tattoo, on the other hand there is a growing network of coordinated light workers, finding that putting their minds hearts souls and spirits together for the good of everybody has created an impregnable stronghold of protection, as well as an indomitable army of souls conferring protection and ensuring deliverance, and taking the Mother Earth into what the Blessed Beauty Bahá’u’lláh referred to as The Most Great Peace!

The 3 months in lockdown living as a hermit has allowed me to make some experiments with the GANS making, not only clearing viruses from my own body and soul, but also attempting to heal my body from a small left inguinal hernia that popped out in March this year when I lifted a sack of sweet potatoes. In addition to drinking and spraying the GANS from the Mahdi COL1, (see earlier Blog posts) and putting the COL2 blue copper GANS in the bath a few times a week, as well as washing the body with it occasionally, I have taken on board MK’s instructions that the COM is not to be harvested but left to build up the Free Plasma between the cups, building what is essentially as he explained it a plasma twin of the creator of the Cup. At the same time MK had a chat on WS 327 (I think) with Nigerian Alekz Egbaran, who is in lockdown in London, champing at the bit to return to Nigeria. (check Book 2.3 A New Technology to Free Humanity in the Year 2 Transmission for the interesting and amusing story of Alekz’s visit to the SSI in Barletta Italy in 2015) Alekz again told the story of how he had included the flavours of oranges and bananas in CO2 GANS by placing them on or near the Cup (CO2 box) and even managed to get the effects of a bottle of wine by drinking the GANS, which then prompted me to place some of the vitamins and minerals I had in the fridge by the CUP, making sure to place the Star Dust next to the Zinc based cup.

CoMzinc cup

Actually, now almost 3 months after setting up this Cup, the Zinc based COL1 is very clear with a small amount of GANS and numerous plasma bubbles showing the plasma field, whereas in the Copper based cup for the lower body, organ systems muscles and joints etc the water is still blue indicating to me that perhaps there is continued healing going on.

CoMcopper cup

Along with this I have been working on my physical fitness and learnt a few lessons in the process… As a GP and rural physician of nearly 36 years of practice I have tried many electrical or magnetic devices in my practice, most of which brought no discernible benefit. By far the most extraordinary in terms of healing such things as bodily injuries like restructuring bones that healed crookedly, and healing functional things like urinary incontinence, was the Harry Oldfield Electrocrystal device, which I used on a few receptive people over the years in my practice. This was the only technology I had found that in my experience could rebuild things like injured ligamentous tissue and tears in the muscle fascia like this small direct L inguinal hernia that was present and sometimes hurting. MK had promised that this technology can rebuild body and soul if you know how to do it and I was getting the message it was time to put it to the test …

First I had to learn some lessons about diet, or what I was putting into my mouth, and this was very quickly learnt through my exercise program. Three years ago in the New Year of 2017 I got incredibly fit by my standards, to where in following the Keshe medical class, especially some of the learning about fasting,  I was eating very little, got down to lean mean weight of 77kgs and was running to the top of the mountain every 2nd day, doing 33 Tibetan Rites daily, and even got down to living on a few sips of food plasma sent by my favourite transcriber Lynn Schmaltz and her Veterinarian husband Paul in Montana, for a few days running up the mountain every day. My other wing @@ refused to use Lynn and Paul’s plasma meals gathered over a month or so, as it was not vegan; though I remonstrated that it was only plasma, it was the principal of the thing, she said.

In those days I was living half way up the mountain (called by most people a hill) but now I am more than a km away from the foot of the mountain and have been quite sedentary the last couple of years working on the books. Now in the last 2 months I have started another fitness program, in which at the beginning I could hardly run around the football field, but gradually pushed it week by week every 3 days going for a run, and now for the last 2 weeks have been running all the way up the mountain from the new address. Then a week ago I went for my run expecting to get up the mountain like I had 3 days before, but found my muscles cramping, especially the gluteus medii, and I couldn’t even run at all – had to walk around the football field then home. I reflected on what happened and realised I had broken my lectin and dairy free diet – weakened and had some corn and beans with rice from Guzman and Gomez. The same thing had happened previously with a spinach and fetta roll in glutenous pastry, and a Dominos vegorama pizza — Aha! The lessons were clearly on the blackboard!

It was also these lessons we were trying to instil into our clients back in NZ to get them to good health and we were having literally miraculous results pulling people from the brink of death or heart transplant to better health with reduced medication through our intensive care lectin free program, with the trademark green smoothie. 3 days later I made a green smoothie after I woke from sleep (5 Cos lettuce leaves, a handful of spinach, half an avocado, juice of half a lemon, few sprigs of mint, a couple of baby broccoli, a stick of celery, a radish, some plasma water ice blocks and a cup of water, whizzed up in the thermomix and a few splashes of maple syrup added) – it was rocket fuel and I made it effortlessly to the top of the mountain that afternoon, did a partial set of Tibetan Rites up there, and explored the other side of town on the way home!

Today Thursday 18th June I ran up the mountain again after a green smoothie, and on the way home my toes started hurting like they used to for a few years after I overwintered in the Antarctic in my 30s, and had frost bite. It served to remind me of when I had the same sensation back when I had the virus causing mouth ulcers and trying to infect my lungs at the beginning of the lockdown treated myself with the COL1 plasma. Listening to MK, long before the orthodox doctors he identified one of the COVID effects being rashes and pain in the extremities due to reduced blood supply and ischemia – now from the autopsies we know the virus attaches to ACE2 receptors and causes blood clotting in vessels everywhere and anywhere in the human body. In one autopsy report from Germany 1/3 of COVID19 deaths were caused by massive Pulmonary Embolism, and 1/2 due to thromboembolism! (Reported by Dr Hansen who was featured in the last blog) Back then 2 months ago I dealt with this problem of what felt like ischemic pain in the toes by having hot baths with copper COL2 GANS and then found particularly effective the first and second salt water wash from the Mahdi COL1 GANS, so today after the run I put the first salt water off a 2nd collection of Mahdi GANS into the bath and now my toes are toasty and warm, my whole body relaxed after a 7km run up the mountain including Tibetan Rites… I’m also reflecting that the first time I ran up the mountain I had to walk most of the way home because my inguinal hernia was causing pain but today a couple of weeks later, I can hardly notice it after a run that was twice as hard!

It was a reminder of what was happening at home as well. Our star patient who had brought himself back from the brink of a heart transplant with the lectin free program and some help from @@’s wise woman herbal potions and lotions, had a lot of pain in his limbs muscles joints and skin and a couple of weeks ago @@ and I helped him put together a COL2 to augment the COL1 plasma water he was already getting. Now in the last few days he finally harvested enough GANS for the washing process and he started using the salt water in bath and on skin. The results to him were so miraculous in terms of complete pain relief and reduction of swelling that he has now shared it with his whole extended whanau and @@ is being deluged with calls to join her program! On several of his aunties that he used his COL2 water they had instant results also! It was all pretty exciting, but we’d have to go a bit careful with registrations to avoid a back lash from authorities, and parties invested in the pharmaceutical model.

It was a timely mention of Lynn of Montana who did the vast majority of the note taking and transcriptions for the years 3 and 4 Transmissions, as she got in touch last week for the first time for about a year, and I found that her husband Paul had passed on in December 2019. Lynn has now recovered from her loss and honouring the memory of her loving and loyal husband through working with the GANSes they made together and sharing them with people on her website Before he passed on to the next world this beautiful humble genius made many inspiring video talks about his experiences with the GANS and these are worth listening to in his attractive American drawl, so click on the pic below if anyone wants to be inspired by this humble but great researcher and doctor… may you have many magnificent adventures as you soar like a great bird in the realms of God Dr Paul!

Dr Paul

Today Friday the 19th was marked on getting home from work just after sunup with a beautiful full rainbow and then after a good sleep and some meditation and prayer with a good run around the paddock (the next day after a hill run would have been unthinkable just a week or two ago). There was another rainbow greeting the sunset as I got home, to find an email asking me to roster on for yet another 2 months out to the spring equinox in September, as the normal doctor that relieved me for 10 days a month was still unable to make it. It was a little disheartening being separated from my other wing for another 3 months, but on the other hand it would allow some time to catch up on lots of things and do some more experiments as well, like working harder on the fitness and rebuilding the body!

There has been plenty of time to keep up with world news on the Corona virus, and some very interesting discussions, so YouTube is not censoring ALL the truth seekers, thank the Lord! For example, Sacha Stone of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice has given many inspiring talks and interviews, including the one I listened to today, which was his 5 Questions for Dr Zach Bush, the amazingly intelligent Hawaiian physician we met last month.

ss with zb

Yesterday on the run up the mountain I listened to Dr Judy Mikowitz talking to Dr Andrew Kauffman. Dr Mikowitz had a 42 year career in researching Viruses, 22 of them in US Army Fort Dietrich researching viruses from a military point of view, while Dr Kaufmann was famous for challenging the idea that viruses exist at all, and yet these two seemingly incompatible views led to agreement from the 2 doctors right across the board, especially in the fact that this Corona pandemic is a fake ‘plandemic’. The take home point I got from the whole video, and what I would recommend everyone to have a good think about before they have a flu vaccine, was what Dr Mikowitz said at about 56 minutes … when she named the names of the 6 or 7 potentially malicious live viruses in the actual vaccine, along with the aborted foetal DNA and the heavy metals!

A few days later when I noted the Minister of Health of Australia quoted in the small local paper encouraging everyone to get their children over 5 years old injected with the flu vaccine, I wondered whether this was pure evil on his part, or just abysmal ignorance? Looking him up and discovering that he was trained in International relations at Yale University, I was thinking skull and bones myself, so maybe a bit of both! The very idea of vaccinating children and pregnant mums with the flu vaccine would have been an obscenity back when I was practicing as a GP Obstetrician 20 – 30 years ago; how on Earth are these kids going to develop a natural healthy immune system? It was a good illustration of how the evil agenda was rolling out in small incremental incursions, so subtle that they are not even noticed by the sheeple, so now even the midwives of Australia are hassling their pregnant clients to get flu vaccines!

As some of the thinkers and intellects commenting on the www said, one of the main things to maybe indicate that the COVID19 was NOT a plandemic was the fact that this virus is so benign and kills so few, except, as Dr ZB pointed out, in areas saturated with carbon emissions of a certain diameter, (about 2.5 microns if I remember correct) as well as Glyphosate and 5G. Surely if this was a planned genocide event the virus would be much more deadly and malicious? In fact there is evidence that the controllers planned something that was 1000 times worse, but the whole plan was scuttled by truth seekers, and to me this may reflect the fact that there are more and more wide awake and conscious peaceful people on the planet, whose combined field, (as discussed in my 2019 winter solstice blog) has prevented the dastardly deeds of the evil doers. I personally have been making prayers of protection for all of these brave truth seekers and reporters of the truth… like Ole Dammagard who told the fascinating story of how the evil doer’s plan for the COVID19 crisis was scuttled… Many blessings and impregnable protection for you and your family Ole!

Ole Ole

I found listening to the proceedings of the ITNJ very inspiring and hope inspiring, meeting the people taking leadership in the creation of a new world. I also found time a few weeks ago now, to listen to Knowledge Seeker Workshop 329, which was most remarkable for MK’s introduction of the two female heads of the Keshe foundation and allowing them to present themselves; who they were, and where they came from etc.  Chinese Wang Lin turned out to be in fact Ruthie, the lovely Chinese friend @@ and I met at Farhad’s factory in Meerbusch near Dusseldorf in 2015. Farhad was a German of Iranian extraction who ran ‘Magrav Maratons’ at his factory, in which he and his crew of friendly Germans very efficiently led by Helmut assisted anyone who wished to build a Magrav for home use in a weekend workshop and walk away with your own Magrav device for less than 300Eu. The workshop was a ton of fun and we later returned in early 2017 for another couple of days, the story of which has been told in my book A Plasma Science Phenomenon, not yet publicly available. This is a picture of Ruthie flanked by Farhad and Helmut showing off the plasma light shining through her new Magrav device!

Ruthy with Farhad and Helmut Sept 2016

Unfortunately, the Magravs we made at Farhad’s factory never brought any discernible reduction in power bills when hooked into the Herb Shack power supply, neither the 2016 or 2017 build. This was a little disappointing, as they did not deliver what MK had promised, and these results would have made me turn away more completely from the Keshe foundation, if it had not been for the quite astonishing results we had using some of the medical applications, and also witnessing the results of people like Jimmy and Lisa in their agricultural applications, and finding that most if not all of the knowledge seekers we met around the world were very close to our hearts. I reasoned that as these were plasma devices and therefore the physics was at a level of interaction with the consciousness of the people creating them, maybe the consciousness was not high enough among us as a species to create free electrical energy yet?


The Solstice eclipse happened yesterday 21st June, just a few hours away from the solstice and it was a rainy Sunday here though I still managed to run up the mountain. It was nice and quiet at the ED and then I had another sleep at home taking me well into the REM sleep mode –to the Valley of Wonderment in the Blessed Beauty’s scheme of The Seven Valleys, and my dreams were a bit unsettled. Then I rose and felt the familiar knife in the left wing for the first time for quite a few years. Then driving to get some food I was pretty soon stuck in a massive traffic jam so drove home, then listening to a couple of vids on the solar eclipse, first my Hindu friend in California to give the picture in the Vedic heavens, then a more traditional look, and immediately found the reason for the knife in wing – a solar eclipse with 5 planets retrograde including Mercury the “Lord” of this eclipse going retrograde in Gemini… Communications and solar energy all eclipsed! This was a time to hunker down at home for another couple of weeks, and not worry about trying to communicate anything because no matter how right it is, it will be heard wrong. Also, not a time to try any expeditions or I might find myself up s#$t creek without a paddle.

The day before the Solstice there was the first Richter 7+ Earthquake for 85 days, so the first major earthquake since the lockdown started, and it was a 7.4 not too far off the northern tip of Te Hiku O Te Ika, the Tail of Maui’s stingray in the very far north of NZ Aotearoa.

7.4 Earthquake

Thinking about it I realised that the mother Earth was waking up herself from the lockdown, a beautiful example of the Unity and the connection between Mother Earth Terra etc and the human consciousness on her skin as all the people emerge from their lockdown. Looking at the wind and rain maps on I saw again the beautiful connection with the spirits of the air, the rain and the wind with the movements of the earth crust, as witnessed by the cyclonic movement and the bands of rain in the pressure front over the earthquake position…

actualweathr map image at time of earthquake

I also started listening to 333 today – the first workshop since 329, (so 3 workshops missing). It was good to see the beautiful products from, like the package with a very nice COL1 and COL2 along with a beautiful space suit, and a floating light ship into the bargain. Kf is recovering from the lockdown with a whole lotta new products, coming out of Kf Europe and China, led by the two beautiful female heads of the Kf, whom now we can know and love; Ella with Italian eyes and Ella with Chinese eyes aka Ruthie! Having met both of these lovely young women I feel I could easily follow the Kf, although when I got into the MK soliloquy in 333, I started missing the ITNJ, and other beautiful sources of knowledge. I decided I did not have the sort of time to watch a 4hr marathon every week and I’m hoping and praying that someone comes along and sorts out the transcribing so I can get the guts of a workshop in 10 minutes. Like what I did with many of the workshops from Year 1 through 4 – see the books in the shop if you want to see what I mean.

I often found a beautiful synchronicity with the numbers of the KS workshops so I’m sure 333 must have some choice pearls within its 4hr+ Ocean. Writing all of those 54+ books I eventually worked out the rhythm of the writing with the waxing and waning of the moon and the coming and going of Mercury, and I’m very happy with the outcomes and what is available, still hoping that someday somebody might discover the books. I wish the Keshe foundation all the best and I’m applauding the activities of the Earth Council, the Universal Council, Mr and Mrs Keshe, and ALL the beautiful knowledge seekers around the world, but I feel deeply it is time to stop watching the goings on and just work with the 4 or 5 years of knowledge @@ and myself have recorded, also realising that at the high points of his teachings when MK got really inspired he would often go to Bahá’u’lláh the Blessed Beauty Himself.

So, I’m feeling, especially after the last book Number 54, The PATH OF SEARCH, that for teachings on the soul, we have the actual Words of the Prophet Himself, and don’t really need to go through the Science lesson first. Hence my one continuous activity through the COVID19 Crisis for the last couple of months has been to recite several times every day, morning noon and night at least, a Prayer to be Freed from Affliction, applying it in my consciousness to the whole Earth and Solar system, and all the entities within it, coming to appreciate more the living alchemical natures of the planets themselves, and knowing it is useless at this solstice moment to try and channel any words myself, therefore knowing to not waste any more time and just leave everybody with the powerful Invocation…

If thou desirest to be freed from Affliction,

Recite thou this Prayer,

Which hath been revealed by the Pen of the All-Merciful.

O God my God!

I testify to Thy unity and Thy oneness!

I beseech Thee O Thou Possessor of Names

And Fashioner of the Heavens

By the Pervasive Influence of Thine exalted Word

And the Potency of Thy Supreme Pen;

To aid me with the ensigns of Thy Power and Might

And to protect me from the mischief of Thine enemies

Who have violated Thy Covenant and Thy testimony!

Thou art Verily the Almighty, the Most Powerful! 

 This Invocation is an Impregnable Stronghold

And an Indomitable Army

It conferreth Protection

And ensureth Deliverance



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  1. Thank you Cornelius for the lovely reminder of the many hours we shared back and forth working on the 3rd and 4th year synopses of the Kf workshops. And thanks for lovely remembrance of Paul! Yes I have continued, and recently our daughter, Steph, came to do multiple videos that I am releasing a few at a time. It was nice having a ‘Schmaltz’ sidekick again in the videos. Paul insisted on doing them and I must admit I went reluctantly as I knew I had to get a camera, learn to use it, figure out uploading the videos, etc. etc….anything that most 10 year olds can do with ease! I’m so grateful now to have all those recorded mini-lessons from Paul available for any who wish to see them on our website or on youtube. Thanks again! Lynn

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