Divergent Paths

5 August 2020 CE, 6 Kamal Perfection 177 BE

I am now almost 5 months into lockdown in the Land of Oz since my flight from NZ on black Friday the 13th March 2020, and just rostered out to November getting onto a 9 month gestation period. The question is what sort of a world will be birthed out of this black-out or petit mal seizure? Things are pretty much back to normal in the northern rivers of NSW, though Melbourne and the State of Victoria are in severe lockdown and a state of Emergency with a 2nd wave of COVID19, with hundreds of new (PCR) cases (if not clinical) and one or two deaths of elderly people every day. I am still unable to go back to NZ for my usual 10 days a month, as I would now have to pay for a 2-week hotel quarantine period with ½ hr of sunlight every alternate day, enforced by police forces backed up with military, and then another 2 weeks less rigidly enforced but still tightly controlled 2-week quarantine in Australia on return! During that time working night shift in a busy semi-rural hospital as sole doctor for hospital patients and emergency department, this hospital has seen 1 case of PCR positive COVID19 and that was a drive-through test on someone from one of the Princess cruise ships in the first week of lockdown. Apart from that the only thing noticeable was that the ED was strangely quiet for about 3 months, and then when the lockdown was lifted things got a bit busier, but still a long way from the numbers and severity of patients this time last year.

The most recent development as of this date is the large number of front-line doctors who came out last week and testified to the beautiful efficacy of a very small dose of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) on active COVID infection and even better with a dose of 200mg twice a week effective in prevention – used by many Texas doctors and medical staff as testified by Texan GP Dr. Stella Immanuel on this landmark YouTube video. What was quite shocking was that this video of a number of registered doctors testifying on Capitol hill was yanked from all the social media platforms, Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter… even a Tweet from the President of the USA was censored by these faceless tools of the Evil agenda! What is great about this is that by doing this they have showed their hand and fully exposed their own lies to a large chunk of the sleeping public… the YouTube video had 7 million views in 6 hours before it was taken down, which may well be the straw that fractures the spine of the evil agenda… Fortunately, Breitbart news took on these soul-less corporate entities offending against the 1st amendment of the US constitution, published the video, and in doing so hopefully tolled the death nell of the evil agenda, as unless they have an even bigger disruption planned it will now be only a matter of time before they are taken up for examination by the slow-moving gears and wheels of Justice… (Confirming what MK said months ago about Billy and Melinda’s boat already as good as sunk.) In any case click on the link to see these brave front line doctors coming out for the truth, and showing clearly the absolute fakery of the plandemic …


It may also well be the fact that the plasma technology, the GANS waters etc, work even better than the HCQ, and this appears to be the case in the scientific paper that the Keshe foundation has released with a couple of Iranian doctors’ names on it. In any case it is a great summary of how the GANS technology works by depleting the energy of pathogenic factors such as bacteria and viruses, and in Iran at least the numbers are comparable to HCQ with about a 95% cure rate… Digging deeper into this it is also realised that in both the HCQ and the COL1 Zinc is an essential factor, as the science shows it is the Zinc that defeats the virus; the HCQ just allows the zinc to concentrate more in the cells and resist the intrusion of the virus turning them into Corona cells, the familiar image we see of the COVID19 virus, but in fact a picture of the cell taken over by any Corona virus! (Interestingly even some of the mask technologies include a layer of zinc and copper ions to inactivate bacteria and viruses) Click on the link here to download this particularly interesting issue of the Plasma Times, patiently expected for many months.

Cover KfPLasma times

I myself have found the new Cup of Life recipes to be very effective in clearing viruses from my own body over the last few months – see the previous blog posts for my reports on this, and equally my other wing (referred to as @@ in this account) who works as a herbalist nutritionist counsellor in NZ, also had some fantastic results with several patients who then started sharing with family members and friends the new knowledge of the simple plasma technology from Mr Keshe and the Kf. However, @@ was also concerned that when I attempted to mediate between the Kf and the Bahá’í Universal House of Justice (UHJ) back in 2017, I had received clear instructions to turn away from the Keshe foundation, which I did, after compiling all my work into a library of 53 books and posting most of them on this site. Now Mrs @@ helped me again, with her great consultation skills, to write once more to the UHJ, regarded by Bahá’ís to be God’s infallible voice on earth, updating them on our recent work, and asking again for feedback on whether it was OK to associate with the Kf tech, if not with the actual Keshe foundation.

While waiting for a response from the UHJ I continued to watch KSWs taking occasional notes, also making the COM Cup of Man, a double plasma cup that was said by MK to create a plasma twin of one’s self out of copper and zinc and Nano coated materials, as well as making a “Mahdi” COL1 laid down on the Easter Monday, a day said by MK to be not only the day of the resurrection of Christ on the 3rd day but also the Day of the coming of the Mahdi – the Promised One of Shia Islam. About a month ago while harvesting some GANS and aminos the zinc plate broke off, so after another week or so I harvested the remaining solids with the salt water, and then as it dried the Mahdi cup formed a beautiful white crystalline layer on the inside of the glass, so I am guessing this is still a very powerful plasma reactor, confirmed sometimes by watching the clouds overhead, as MK told his knowledge seekers to do at Desanzano way back in 2014…

mahdi reactor

It was nice to do the experiments, but I quickly got bored listening to the KSWs. There were certainly some gems of knowledge in them, and I thoroughly approved of the new structure of the Kf with its two female heads, Ella with Italian eyes, and Ella with Chinese eyes (aka Ruthie), but I could not find the time I needed or the inclination and energy to watch these marathons for more than a few weeks.

I was finding it adequate to keep an eye on the summaries of Jim and Lisa Macdonald  and the experiments of my friend Neil Howe, including over the last month his making the new COB (Cup of Brain) which was created from Nano coated zinc plate with pure zinc wire coils in 15% salt water, and said to be remarkably effective for healing the brain. I have been sleeping the last few days with a sealed pad Neil made me with this plasma, and I have to report my dreams have been extra clear, especially on the first night. I personally have not yet got around to making the COB as it requires treating the zinc plate with Sodium Hydroxide NaOH caustic, (some people add a little KOH Potassium Hydroxide) so I have to consult the books I made a couple of years back, particularly the series on plasma basics taught by a bunch of inspired Knowledge Seekers.

plasma basics books

All I think I need to make the COB is a small plastic or Tupperware container, some granular NaOH caustic, and doing it by the cold caustic method just put cold water in on about half a cm layer of granules, and immerse the plate for few days – keeping it off the floor of the container with galvanized chicken wire … so in contact with zinc… Neil advised to avoid the square lattice available in Australia as the galvanizing is pretty crap and so the Nano coating can be disrupted by the presence of iron or steel. I intend to do that over the next week and will report the experiment in the next blog post. My almost 5-month-old COM is showing an interesting development I noticed in the last few days, and has started creating fine threads of material, like stalactites growing down form the amino layer… I can’t help feeling they look like they might be primary neurons and that this zinc and copper-based cup may be growing into its creation as the brain side of this new plasma entity…

COM at 5 months

With my growing resistance to watching KSWs over the last month I was feeling to keep some distance from the Kf and really detach from it so we could be more clearly aligned with Bahá’u’lláh the Blessed Beauty, and His Bahá’í faith… In turning away from the Kf, last year 2019 CE 176 BE was spent memorising an amazing gift from Bahá’u’lláh The Tablet of The True Seeker, in the course of which the synchronicity, the major thread through all of my books, became even more astonishingly gob-smacking than before. This trail also had the effect of igniting a palpable flame in the heart chakra, and along with that a new set of sensory equipment including; not only a new eye, ear, heart and mind, but also a new nose so I was now able to smell the fragrance of truth or falsehood! In any case the outcome of this was Book Number 54 of the Kf series and beyond, specifically Book number 4 of the Books of Search in the SHOP… Book numbers 53: A PLASMA SCIENCE PHENOMENON and 54: THE PATH OF SEARCH are still not available in public as they contain material that may be a threat to my already doubly threatened medical licence, but retirement time is rapidly approaching, and it will only be another year or so and I can publish the lot – For now if any researcher is interested enough to get in touch I will be happy to supply a pdf of these books.

My internal feelings and intuitions were confirmed when the Letter from the UHJ arrived. With my new sensory equipment, I could smell the kind-hearted loving fragrance of the Blessed Beauty about the letter, and from its phrases the unmistakeable heart-warming contact with the Huge Love of God. The letter was short and sweet, complimenting and empowering but also gently giving guidance.

Dear Bahá’í Friend,

The Universal House of Justice has received your email letter dated 5 Jamál 177 (1 May 2020) in which you express your appreciation for the letter dated 28 July 2017 written to you on its behalf. You also share additional comments in relation to the Keshe Foundation and seek permission to work with this organization and the technology it promotes. Your letter has been referred to our Department for response.

The care you have taken to seek advice about this matter is warmly acknowledged; however, beyond the guidance provided to you in its 28 July letter, the House of Justice has nothing further to add concerning your involvement with the Keshe Foundation.

Should you have any further queries in this regard, you are encouraged to turn to the Bahá’í institutions in your area.

May your efforts in the path of service to the Cause of God and humanity be blessed and confirmed.

With loving Bahá’í greetings,

Department of the Secretariat

This response led me in turn to go and have another look at what the UHJ said in the first letter… I had to go and have a look in the chapter in Book 53 entitled A Peace Road Map from Bohemia to Turkey and Back Again to find the letter, dated 28th July 2017, and copy the appropriate paragraph

…With respect to
Mr. Keshe’s request, it is not the practice of the House of Justice to endorse the work of particular individuals or organizations or to provide facilities at the Bahá’í World Centre as venues for their activities, and thus it will not be hosting such a gathering. Furthermore, you should also know that the work of the Keshe Foundation is not associated with the Faith in any way. Indeed, the House of Justice has been made aware that Mr. Keshe has even claimed to be the Messiah. Given these circumstances, whatever the merits of the foundation, Bahá’ís have been advised to refrain from involvement in its affairs and projects.

In my recent response to the UHJ I had pointed out that even though, yes, MK had claimed to be a Messiah, when one dug onto it, the term Messiah really just meant Messenger, though having also some references to his particular blood lines (a descendant of Muhammad on his father’s side, and also of Moses and Aaron, as his mother was of the “daughters of Aaron” out of whom it was specified in the Jewish scriptures, that the expected Messiah should come (and was true of both Jesus and John the Baptist). I also pointed out that in the previous workshop, reported in Book 1.3 THE SCIENCE MESSIAH, MK had said that we were ALL Messiahs, and he was just the one who had the science knowledge to show the way… In spite of this, remembering the new level of excitement in the Synchronicity and Signs of the Universe and all the ZK moments through Book 54, I was feeling that maybe the path was on into the Spirit worlds with the Blessed Beauty and not towards the Kf.

All this was really confirming what I was feeling in my own heart and soul was the way ahead, which was to focus in Bahá’u’lláh the Blessed Beauty. It was more than coincidence, then, that I now discovered Kalimat Press had a series of scholarly books entitled Studies in Bábí and Bahá’í History, and although I had read a couple of them already, I hadn’t realised that the series now had 26 books available in print! Just one of them had last year been a huge source of synchronicity in last year’s BE176 journey in which I memorised the TOTTS and wrote Book 54 The Path of Search. I now also found a warm Bahá’í Friend in the publisher of Kalimat Press, Anthony A Lee of Los Angeles, California, and shortly later had Volumes 3, 4 & 5 turn up in the mail, along with a few copies of Prayers of Ecstasy and a book of Rumi poetry translated and published by AA Lee along with Professor Amin Banani.

Through the 3 months of the lockdown I was drawn into doing 3 cycles of the Deepak Chopra 21 Day Abundance Meditation Journey, which was excitingly and surprisingly effective in increasing not only the physical and emotional abundance, but also the spiritual abundance, especially due to the new practice, now deeply imprinted, of at least an hour of daily prayer and meditation on rising from sleep. Now I started using this period for studying reading pondering and meditation on the Words of the Blessed Beauty and the rustling leaves of the Tree, which flourisheth in that City or Ark known as the Bahá’í faith, using for the daily meditation a prayer from Prayers of Ecstasy, and a quatrain from 53 Secrets from the Tavern of Love by Rumi. After a couple of weeks, I came to the last few prayers in the book and discovered the 3rd last was the Tablet of the True Seeker, and then following that there was another Tablet known as The Tablet of Perspicuous Verses, hereafter referred to as the TOPV. Immediately the Synchronicity amped up to a new level, even in the first introductory paragraph, so I decided that this will be my next journey, memorising the TOPV and researching and writing down an account of the trail as I go… I was feeling at age 64 that we are actually all approaching more or less VERY rapidly the cliff of physical mortality, and when it’s time to fall off or jump off, clearly it will have been very useful if we have by then paid some attention on how to soar with our spiritual wings. The introductory paragraph was now telling me directly and explicitly that this TOPV was an educational device for us to discover and unfurl our spiritual wings… Blessed art thou, who has fixed thy gaze upon Me, for this Tablet which hath been sent down for thee – a Tablet which causeth the souls of men to soar!

In the last week there has been a major fracture in the Keshe foundation with the divorce of Mehran Keshe and Carolina de Roose, so it will be interesting to see how the ship keeps sailing through the stormy waters of the coming months and years… The letter from the UHJ did not condemn my recent experiments, so implicitly was giving me permission to continue my independent search for the truth, a major focus for any Bahá’ís following the Words of the Blessed Beauty. So, I also intend to keep my friendships going with a few knowledge seekers around the world, and as the next experiment create my own COB, reporting the progress here, and also paying attention to a new 5-stacker design using different cups for increasing immersion learning and understanding in the plasma technology, beginning with the alchemical natures of copper and zinc.

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  1. More interesting and enlightening details and adbe tires as usual, mate. Bravo, I am always and forever interested and elated by your mad skills while relating your take on timely issues related to the plasma teams and the Kf. Brilliant and timely as ever, yours, Mark House 2020

    1. Thank you very much i truly appreciate your comments my friend and look forward to a catch up in person some time sooner rather than later hopefully, but no doubt will have to wait till this ridiculous lockdown is exposed for the scam it really is – today is the last day for a while I can get from NSW into Queensland so going for a last minute visit to my spirit family!

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