Busy not thyself with this world

For with fire we test the gold

and with gold We test Our servants.

Bahá’u’lláh – Arabic Hidden Word 55. 

I thought this was a a VERY fitting random access into our 21st Century CE (Christian Era), or 2nd Century BE (Baha’i Era) Book of Knowledge, The Hidden Words of Bahá’u’lláh as advised we should do so by Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, and I maintain after 7 years of investigation  some guarded respect for this intriguing Iranian Nuclear physicist, the Creator of all this Material, because when you read carefully through the 54 books, you will find not only many pearls of Knowledge in the Ocean, but also at the deepest level discover that MK is all about testing his servants and Knowledge Seekers, to see if their Souls are vibrating on the level of Gold and not Lead, Tin, or even Mercury, so he is directing our attention to the alchemical spirit worlds, the Worlds of God and the Celestial Concourse, and away from this world of Water and Clay and Dust. In this way he was like another shaman from whom I learnt a lot in the 1990s – a Maori shaman from the Nation of Waitaha, Macki Ruka, who told me when I first met him not to get him wrong – he was  actually a ditch-digger! I didn’t really understand what he meant till a few years later when, along with a few friends, I was humbled and a lot less wealthy, but nevertheless quite grateful as I had literally lost a lot of my self conceit pride and vain glory which is a huge block to the spirit path. Nevertheless when I discovered his devious deceitful trickery I had to walk away just as, now, in January 2021 I have completely turned away from MK and the Keshe foundation…

MK himself often said that his teachings would end on Naw Ruz 2021 which would mark a complete 7 year cycle of Knowledge Seeker teachings. And  I discovered fairly early on his connections to the Bahá’í Faith, as he was from a family that ran back several generations into Bábí times, which is really what kept my interest alive for so long. Also to back up his controversial announcement in 2014 at the Vatican to Pope Francis that he was the Messiah, so it was time for the pope to step down, there was the intriguing matter of him actually being of the bloodline of the daughters of Aaron from which ALL Jewish Messiahs should come, and was true of both Jesus and John the Baptist, as well as being descended from the Prophet Muhammad on his father’s side! Just being half Jewish and half Persian was in itself an interesting combination, as in the 21st Century the Jews seem to be on the other side of the street to the Persians in any possible WWIII scenario at the moment. Most recently just a month ago or so one of MK’s best friends and a fellow Iranian Nuclear physicist was assassinated by the Jewish Mossad, and on my journeys during this 7 year period, I think in 2015 or 2016, I discovered a Mossad agent infiltrating Farhad’s factory who later on caused all sorts of trouble by telling lies to MK about Farhad – so sticking to the Motto of their despicable organisation – Through Deceit shall we make War! – or something like that but read backwards in some strange resurrected ancient tongue! It was probably due to the fact of MK’s ties to the COHENs that they took the soft option and not the hard one from the barrel of a gun! This whole story and many other crazy adventures n to global politics, synchronicity, and plasma science I recorded in my 3rd book of Search – A PLASMA SCIENCE PHENOMENON – available in the shop.

The previous update to this home page was on the 17th of June 2020, coming up to a Full Moon Solar Eclipse right on the Southern Winter Solstice  – which reminded me that it was now 5 years from when the Peace Road map was visualised by MK at the same time that we were driving our RV Camper on our own Peace Road Map through Southern France and Italy… Which book contains that Map? I had to go and check on the SHOP page and found that it was in Book 1.7, The Peace Road Map, in the Year 1 TransMission. So… as of the  2019 Winter Solstice  we updated a functioning SHOP PAGE with pdfs of most of the 54 books now completed by this humble seeker, and all organised into Categories, such as Books of Search (my private books of Investigation) Years 1 to 4 Transmissions., Plasma Garden Stories, Plasma Basics Series, and my favourite series the Frazz Frazzle incredible explorations into toroidal geometry the enneagram and NANO mathematics and their applications in spaceship construction, an attempt to integrate and understand the ideas of Marco Rodin, Randy Powell, Mike Nashif, Mehran Keshe and many other amazing scientists and seekers…

Coming up to the Solar Eclipse on the June 2020 Solstice I had been in lockdown in Australia for 3 months, and both myself and @@ on opposite shores of the stormy Tasman sea, almost exactly a thousand leagues apart, had developed a new interest in creating the new Cups of Life that had such great reported efficacy against the Corona virus in Iran, and then entering ourselves into some medical and alchemical explorations and adventures creating our own GANSES and then moving onto the Cup of Man (and Woman). Check the BLOG page for Notes on these adventures, as well as notes and observations on Knowledge Seeker workshops and developments in our own plasma Universe…

For me personally there is a measure of Certitude in the Value and Truth of the Contents of this Huge Mass of Material, because, as you will find if you read through some of the documents and begin to follow the hyperlinks, there is a higher program at work here, directed from the Celestial Concourse on High, also connected to the Crop Circle phenomenon by the most astonishing examples of Synchronicity, or as this seeker has come to think of them as guidance and signposts on the Path of Search otherwise known in the writings of the BLESSED BEAUTY and therefore written in crimson ink as Manifest Signs of the Universe! 

Some of these books remain available on Kindle with direct links following on this page only, as you can read the first few chapters of each book free on Amazon. However on surveying my bank accounts I have a lot more $$ going out in fees and purchases to Amazon kindle USA than I have income from Sales AND I am receiving regular intrusive emails from the US IRS! Hence unless this situation is corrected in a positive way by these soul-less mega-corporations, then we will terminate any connection with this sort of thieving behaviour…  As of 2021 I have severed any connection to this Giant Corporation and its vain and godless nrillionaire owner, but I have left the books that exist from that tome online and making the Invocation to be Freed from Affliction, directed at Amazon so its owner may be chucked off a cliff and the giant corporation brought to its knees and paying its contributors their rightful dues! In these books you will often encounter MK insulting humanity and calling us a bunch of thieves, and that we haven’t yet learnt the first rule of the Universal Community – Thou Shalt Not Steal! … and indeed the Amazon USA behaviour is an excellent example of this point… In any case each book has been edited again and with corrections, so the pdfs in this SHOP are new editions, improvements over the Amazon books and it is a lot cheaper for people to pay $2 per book, or buy each complete set at a huge discount, rather than paying 3 to 5 bucks through the nose for each book to feed the hungry giant, who gives us less than 1% and steals a lot more! (As in Buckminster Fuller – A Grunch of Giants.)

Through the year of 2018 all of the transcription books were edited once more to correct any transcriber short-cuts or comments and take them back as much as possible to word for word, so they could be the pure word of MK.  Of course there will be some errors as the editor and transcribers are only human, but they are to the best of my ability the accurate word of MK. The exception to this are the two books of notes I took over a 9 month period when there was nobody transcribing and which became Books 3.1 and 3.2  The first of these was Book 3.1 THE FIRST BOOK OF NOTES, entitled THE MAGRAV BLUEPRINTS, And the Blueprints for the Man in Space. The Notes in this Book were taken during those 6 months from October 2015 through to March 2016, which I delivered as workshop notes and published on the KfNZ Transcriptions Facebook site, and they covered that period from the Rome Ambassadors Meeting and Magrav Blueprints in October 2015.


Book 3.1, with MK and Fabio on the cover, includes not a few sets of Blueprints, but the book is in fact opened by Carolina one week prior to our Barletta visit, in Health Workshop 43, in which she teaches everyone how to make spherical balls of free plasma with their hands and implode them in prayers that expand into the universe or can be sent to each other. The Agricultural Blueprints were released on February 18th,  Flight System Blueprints on February 23rd, and then the last workshop in Book 3.1, The Blueprints for Man in Space on March 3rd 2016 can be seen as a direct expansion of Carolina’s teaching, which also includes, for those with an eye to see the vision and ears to hear the melody, the real method of communion, and interaction with the ‘Man in Space’ as MK calls the Universal Community, referred to by the people of Bahá as The Concourse on High.


Carolina demonstrating in Health Workshop 43 how to make Balls of Plasma. 

The 2nd book of Notes was entitled THE EARTH SHIFT because this was a large focus during this particular 3-month period, with the Pacific Ring of Fire lighting up with volcanic activity. The subtitle introduces another strong theme through the workshops of this period, The Birth of the Universal Council, finally intended to represent 144 of the Earth’s languages. Many of the Workshops through this 3 month period were missed due to focus on other competing interests and family time, however there was still a good cover of many many workshops finishing with the 21st International Workshop on June 28th 2016 – a workshop focused on how to make diamonds with the Use of a Tungsten rod in the CO2 box! The cover of the Book has what appears to be MK coming through his teaching board at Barletta from the 11th Dimension!


After completing the Transcriptions I then went back and completed my own personal book of Investigation into the Keshe foundation, and the adventures and happenings behind the scenes during my personal journey of a Knowledge Seeker hot on the track of the Truth! This was published on Amazon in July 2018 and updated with a new edition on 21/9/18. to be followed on this date 19/6/19 by THE SECOND TWO YEARS, Of Knowledge Seeker Workshops. available on the SHOP PAGE under the Books of Search Category, as a guidebook to the 19 Books of the Year 3 and Year 4 TransMissions!

Cover Book 1


Dear reader, if you decide to grab some of these pearls out of the Ocean, you will find that through the 3rd and 4th Years of Transmissions and into the Year 4 Books of the Soul, that MK always turns to the Blessed Beauty Bahá’u’lláh in his profoundest moments of inspiration, and there is also increasing deepening into the Bahá’í faith, and the Hidden Words. For me personally, as I described in Book 53, soon to be available in public, towards the end of the 4th Year of workshops, I received a letter from the Bahá’í Universal House of Justice, which was interpreted as advice to turn away from the Keshe foundation and toward the Blessed Beauty. Thus, this will be the end of the transcription work, and the beginning of a new phase focusing on our Bahá’í lives and using our new understandings of the plasma universe in working with plant medicine for the healing of our people, though we did note an extraordinary coincidence, when on the VERY day that we completed Book Number 52 we received from Carolina a short extract of a transcription of the 52nd One Nation, One Planet, One Race Workshop! The transcription we received was a terrible one, not word for word, and it made MK sound like some illiterate person with a very basic grasp of English, so I therefore had to send an official complaint about the quality of the Kf transcribing team’s work at that time!

The Year One and Two sets of Transcriptions and many books of allied workshops and Plasma Science 

For 4 years from Easter 2014, we published transcriptions of the Keshe foundation Knowledge Seeker workshops and notes on other workshops on our Facebook site.

kenewzealand transcription facebook page

As of 11:11:17 for ease of access updated editions were were all posted on this site for a very cheap price as downloadable pdfs. To see the primitive editions these following books can be opened and the first few pages read on Amazon.com — just click on each book cover.

The Knowledge Seeker workshop transcriptions for the first two years of workshops were published in the form of 2 sets of 7 Amazon kindle ebooks, the first set covering approximately the first year of workshops, and another set of 7 books covering the second year of workshops. These books were the first offering on this site… Book 1 a bit rough around the edges  and the transcript extremely rough too, but MK’s approval and delight were evident in Workshop 30 which was included in Book 5  Ignition of Light!










Then there were the year 2 books which have been effectively suppressed by many web search engines like Amazon and Google – (which just goes to show there is good reason to block this technology for certain vested interests) As of January 2018 Facebook was still OK and also Firefox for searching – however because of this difficulty we searched out all the links on all the books and applied them here on his site as hyperlinks… As of June 2019 each book is available in updated form as pdfs on our SHOP PAGE









These were all published as pdfs on this site as of June 2019 as the signals were received to release all the knowledge and let it go in the wind like seeds of knowledge – winging their way with prayers of love and light that they may land in fertile soil everywhere around the planet and grow into Plasma Gardens and Plasma clinics, like the one we are setting up in the far North of Te Ika a Maui,  in the tail of Maui’s Stingray in the South Pacific Ocean. Our plan now we have finished the editing and transcribing work, and been advised by the UHJ to turn away from the Kf and towards the Blessed Beauty, is to focus on growing our Garden and Clinic, at some point completing the construction of our plasma lab and then re-studying these books of notes and transcriptions, and sharing our growing understanding of the Words on our blog page…


The Release of Knowledge on the first two years took place under 4 blood moon eclipses all on ancient pagan, jewish, and christian holy days – starting at Easter 2014, and in fact the whole process started at Naw Ruz, the ancient Persian New Year , as Mehran Tavakoli Keshe said, at 08minutes 27 seconds Tehran time, the new era began.. This comment, for those who have an eye to see,  places MTK into an elite pedigree with his ancient Zoroastrian Bábí Bahá’í lineage and a direct line of descent from Muhammad on his father’s line and Moses/Aaron on his mother’s lineage.

Then in October 2015 after the 4th eclipse there was a release of hardware designs in ‘the Magrav Blueprints’… marking the start of a new era of practical building of devices, first of all for energy, but also for fuel for transportation, medical applications, gardening and growing applications, and finally spaceship construction. These led on to two more years of workshops, all of which were collated in another 2 sets of books, which became available in pdfs in the shop in 2018. Although positive results from the energy applications were few and far between, there were a few people that were successful, and I eventually realised that success depended to a very large degree on the position and level in the spirit worlds of the knowledge seeker’s and experimenters’s consciousness. Also into 2017 we witnessed an amazing set of World Peace workshops which culminated in the signing of the World Peace Treaty by 198 nations. The following books are our completed works available on Amazon, and all have updated editions available on this site as pdfs….


Mid 2017 we produced a set of 4 books covering the 18 excellent Gardener’s and Growers Public Teaching workshops coordinated by Jimmy and Lisa MacDonald in Australia, who are to this day in 2021 going strong and regularly meeting with the Northern NSW plasma group, an eclectic group of new age scientists, shamans, explorers of plasma and ether.







Published in late 2017 this next set of books are from a set of dynamite workshops produced on Plasma Science Basics. This set of 12 Workshops are a fantastic resource for anyone who wants some simple understandable explanations and instructions on the best procedures to get correct and effective Nano-coating, Nano materials and GANS materials. On this date 27 December 2017 we have just published the 4th and final book of these workshops…

A collaboration between leading plasma scientists around the world, this was a planned 12-part series on Understanding Plasma Science – the basics. Many people have come and gone with the process of the Knowledge Release over the last 4 years, since the Persian New Year of 2014 and many people have been frustrated by the rambling nature of the Knowledge Seeker workshops… After all, which busy person in the 21st century has the time to follow even just the 4 hours of the Knowledge Seeker workshops every week? Let alone the Medical teachings, the Agricultural teachings, the MaGrav energy teachings, the Water, Soil and Radioactivity cleaning, etc etc! There is such a mass of material and it is so minimally organized it is hard to get at the basics.

This long awaited series of workshops simply and effectively cuts through the mass of material and presents all the applications of the new Plasma Science; the Chemistry applications, the Physics Applications, the Biology applications. There are enough stalwart Knowledge Seekers, masters of the New Science, to sort through the best techniques to produce good Nano materials and GANS materials. It is time to go back to the beginning and make sure your basic skills are correct, because if the basic skills are not correct, none of the applications; the health apps, the energy applications, the space ship apps, etc, will work…

So these transcripts are dedicated with much gratitude and many thanks to Jimmy and Lisa MacDonald, Dr. Rodrigo Vildosola, Sandor Kakasi, Rick, Vince, Brett, Alekz, and all the other stalwarts who have experimented and developed the best and easiest ways to understand and build the new technology. Kudos and Blessings to you for being the first enlightened ones who will now lead the rest of us into a new peaceful era moving towards One Planet, One Nation, One Race.




Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 2.20.26 pm


In January 2018 we also completed transcribing an amazing series of workshops coordinated by Fraz Frazzle in early 2017 exploring the concepts of toroidal geometry and spaceship construction. This is not official Keshe foundation material but independent research and thinking and design drawing by Fraz and friends stimulated by the Keshe foundation and MTK’s Knowledge Seeker teachings…

These books have detailed mathematical drawings which our transcriber spent huge amounts of time downloading and cleaning up and refining…  In his words each book is “complete with enhanced stills of all the important diagrams and examples from the video. Thus they are complete books, not just transcriptions.” To see what he means click on the title below Book 4 Toroidal Mathematics 101 and take a look inside the book at the quality of the drawings!






All the above titles are available for purchase for about $3US on Amazon Kindle, but updated editions on this site for much cheaper steering around the US dollar and its criminal connections, so give Amazon a wide berth, but you can still follow the hyperlinks on each book cover above, to take a glance at the first few chapters for free. Then if you like it you can get an updated edition on this site in pdf form, as well as all the others not available on Amazon, like the Year 3 and 4 transcription books, and the Books of Search! We do believe in the Kf ethos of giving everything and then the Universe will provide what we need to continue transcribing and spreading the Knowledge. But in the Plasma Universe there has to be both Magnetical and Gravitational components to make a living system work and create… For this purpose we have promised to send 19% of income from the books back to the producers of the workshops e.g. Jimmy and Lisa Macdonald, and Fraz Frazzle…, as well as another 19% back to the Central Keshe foundation for use as it likes for the promotion of a Peaceful One Nation, One Planet, One Race, and Open Source spreading of Knowledge…

For those wondering why they should spend a few bucks on these pdfs, these books have a lot more in them than just the workshops – each workshop has good quality pictures added and is also split into subject headings and then the subjects are hyperlinked from a list of contents at the top of each workshop to make navigating the knowledge so much easier!


With the joyful tidings of light

I hail thee: rejoice!

To the court of holiness I summon thee;

abide therein that thou mayest live

in peace forever more!

Bahá’u’lláh , Arabic Hidden Word 33