We are Kf New Zealand Transcriptions. 

The main contributors to this site are concealed for reasons of safety, and consist of C,  a Rural Hospital Physician interested in Plasma applications in Health care, especially with Herbal plant medicine, his wife @@ who is a Medical herbalist and has started extending her incredible talents in Wise Woman plant medicine witchery wizdom into making Plasma plant medicine tinctures, ET the Chief ‘xzyntst’ and Inventor of Free Energy and Divine technologies, K the stepson and camera man for the Inaugural Meeting of people in the Far North of NZ  interested in the Keshe technology, and his old man T who is an ever ready source of wisdom and knowledge about anything you care to look at! Also forever present in our consciousness will be Italian Knowledge Seekers Fabio and Naomi seen in the header above. Fabio was MK’s main assistant until he was killed on the highway near Barletta, South Italy in 2016. Naomi his girlfriend was in a coma for months but her course of recovery, with the use of plasma technology developed by her father Giovanni, has inspired the Kf Family around the planet.

After a fall off the roof laid me C on the couch for 3 months very synchronously at the time of the opening of the Knowledge Seeker Workshops under the 1st of the Tetrad of Blood Moon eclipses in Easter 2014, I absorbed about a hundred hours of Youtube videos, which led me, for my own study and effort to understand the new paradigm science, into initially transcribing a not-so-random selection of workshops from the first year teachings, then hiring another transcriber to continue the process for Year 2 of the Knowledge release. Out of these two years of effort we have 7 books of transcriptions of 1st Year Teachings, and 7 books of 2nd Year teachings, all of which can be seen on the HOME page on this site.

In the Year of 2019  we made PDFs of most of the books, which are available for a couple of Australian bucks each in the SHOP, with discounted sets of books, including Year1 Transmission, Year2 Transmission,Year3 Transmission, Year4 Transmission, Plasma Garden Stories, Plasma Science Basics, Fraz Frazzle and Friends, and then my own books in a section entitled Books of Search. Many of the books are still available on Amazon as well. on the HOME page, but they are a lot more expensive and we get only between 1 and 10%, the rest going to various Hungry Giants (as in Buckminster Fuller’s Grunch of Giants) such as National Inland revenue departments in 198 different countries and the big gobbler himself Amazon.com. As of June 2020 We have only the 1st 2 books of Search online, THE KESHE FOUNDATION PHENOMENON – the first 2 years of Knowledge Seeker Workshops, and THE SECOND TWO YEARS – covering Years 3 and 4 of the Knowledge Seeker Workshops roughly equating to 2016 and 2017. There are 2 more Books completed – A PLASMA SCIENCE PHENOMENON – the personal journey of a Knowledge Seeker, and Book 54 of the whole series THE PATH OF SEARCH – leading into the path of the True Seeker as addressed by the Blessed Beauty Baha’u’llah O My Brother, when a true seeker determineth to take the step of search on the path leading to the knowledge of the Ancient of Days, he must before all else cleanse and purify his heart from the obscuring dust of ALL acquired knowledge etc etc. 

During the Years from 2014 to 2017 @@ and K spent 3 years at a Baha’i inspired school in South Bohemia, as a student and dorm mother respectively, which gave the excuse for me C to fly to Europe 3-4 times a year, during which time we managed to achieve 7 or 8 meetings with MK and/or Carolina, as well as contact and adventures with many other Knowledge Seekers around the world. Out of these years of transcribing, editing , and travelling, we now have 33 books of transcriptions, and 19 books of allied workshops explorations, speculations, imaginations and adventures into the Plasma Universe.

The Year 3 and 4 Transcriptions include massive, appropriately flowing like a stream of lava from the Greater Caldera of Yellowstone volcano, work from a Montana knowledge seeker transcribing team by the names of Lynn & Paul, who supplied “synopses” of KSWs through the years of 2016 and 2017, and whose works were corrected and taken back to very close to word for word through the Year of 2018 as time allowed, with time stamps applied for video subtitles, and with input from several other transcribers and editors around the world, hyperlinked and compiled into another 2 sets of books. 19% of Income from the transcription works will go to Central Kf, another 19% to the transcriber, and 19% to the workshop creators respectively. In June 2020 we got back in touch with Lynn and heard that her husband Paul had passed on in December 2019 but Lynn herself is going strong working  on bringing PLasmaEnergySolutions.com to the people of the USA.

My clean break from the Kf classes and workshops from March 2018, when MK called me and asked that I cease the transcribing work, opened up the time needed to complete and publish the work done in the first 4 years, and then spend almost the whole year of 2019 memorising the Tablet of the True Seeker and writing THE PATH OF SEARCH,  and now, approaching the June Solstice of 2020, after a 2 year break I have for the last 3 months begun listening to Knowledge Seeker workshops again, making notes published on the BLOG page, as well as getting back into creating the new GANSes for use against the COVID19 and ALL viruses, (VIRUS being a Latin word meaning Plague or Poison) and then experimenting with these GANSes first of all on ourselves (C and @@) and then beginning to get some extraordinary results with some of our patients in Te Hiku o Te Ika!  

For those www surfers who are interested in keeping abreast of events with the Keshe foundation, or the Universal Council, your best bet would be Keshefoundation.org, or Mark House’s Facebook site The Golden Age of Gans… Or Keshe foundation Australia… and the beautiful website for education into the plasma Universe www.kfssi.org

For those Gardeners out there who enjoyed the experiments and workshops done by Lisa and Jim MacDonald in Australia they are pushing on with their experiments and have set   up a website for sharing the Plasma Science with also some products available  at their website PlasmainNature.com Jim and Lisa continue to play a leadership role in the Australian Kf Family, and there is an active Plasma Group in the North of New South Wales who meet monthly for sharing and study of many technologies developing synchronously across the planet, and showing evidence of the beautiful efficacy of the Keshe tech if made in the right spirit and consciousness.