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The fifth of 33 books over 4 years of Knowledge Seeker Workshops

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30thWorkshop October 2nd

31st Workshop October 9th      

32nd Workshop October 16th

33rd Workshop October 23rd

Introduction from KfNz Transcriptions

This is the fifth book of Mr. Keshe’s Knowledge Seeker Workshops, including Workshops 30 to 33. As in the preceding books some of the intervening workshops since book number 4, THE CUP OF LIFE, which includes workshops 23-26, have been skipped over.

The title of this book, IGNITION OF LIGHT reflects its main theme, which is the teaching delivered in these workshops to understand the Light; where we stand in it, what it is, where it comes from, and how we can make it or release it from the Gans and Nano materials, not only as creators making our own little copper or coca cola bottle plasma reactors, but also as created beings within the Gans materials of our own brains receiving illumination or enlightenment and connection with our Creator God.

The second three of these workshops were actually provided from a Chinese businessman Mr Zhang Hui. I still had to transcribe Workshop 30, which I enjoyed doing, because this was a workshop in which Mr. Keshe not only opened up the plasma technology and the magrav physics in a very profound way, but he also personally thanked us for our efforts in transcribing the workshops, and our industry in putting the workshops on kindle to make funds to support scientists here. I was chuffed when he even told the other nations to look at NZ for an example of how this could work as a world order of sharing and giving.

It took me a whole week to transcribe workshop number 30, and then only another week to knock Mr. Zhang Hui’s 3 workshops into shape. I watched the workshops on youtube and corrected the manuscript as it needed, and thus was also able to grab screenshots of the pictures and illustrations as they came through and place them in the book.

Along with Knowledge Seeker Workshops 31 – 33, I also received from Mr. Zhang Hui transcriptions of the first 5 or so Health Teaching Workshops, and the first few Kids Workshops. In MK’s second communication to me he asked me to set up teaching for the children, intimating that adults are generally pretty much stuck in concrete, and our children will be the ones who build us our own flying craft, when they understand the Magrav physics, and biology, and chemistry making up the new science of Plasma. So, the next two jobs are lining up already, and we shall hopefully soon be delivering the First Book of Health Workshops, and the First Book of Kids Workshops.

For now, it is my great pleasure to deliver in readable format my favorite workshops – numbers 30 to 33.

Being a 33 it had to ben extra special maybe leading us into 5th Density in the 5th Book in that there was some rather JAW DROPPING SYNCHRONICITY or signs of the Universe connecting into the crop circle phenomenon, as I recorded in a section entitled The Replica of the Ira Tangata, at the end of Workshop 33, which has hyperlinks to some beautiful pearls of knowledge …

©: I was drawn to finish Book 5 with a story of some of the illuminating co-incidence that has Lit the path of the Knowledge Seeker with MK and the SSI. The path runs back to the Crop Circles in Wiltshire, a long-time interest and subject of detailed research and study on my part over decades. In particular it runs all the way back to a specific crop circle that was requested and prayed for by a group of kiwis who were visiting Wiltshire in 2001 and went to the centre of the biggest stone circle in the world at Avebury henge… etc


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