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The sixth of 33 books over 4 years of Knowledge Seeker Workshops

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 34th Knowledge Seeker Workshop

35th Knowledge Seeker Workshop

36th Knowledge Seeker Workshop

Introduction from KfNz Transcriptions

This book was put together after a visit with MK and Carolina, Reuben, and Giovanni in Southern Italy where they had just moved from Desanzano, during the Spring Break of 2015 under the 3rd blood moon of the famous tetrad of blood moon eclipses that marked the release of this new knowledge. The book when first published in May 2015 had the story of our journey to meet Mr. Keshe and Carolina in Southern Italy under the 3rdBlood moon eclipse on Easter 2015, thus the Title.

Originally the book contained the story of our journey on the trail of the Templars and the Cathars to the South of France where we met Dan Winter, and recorded a conversation with him with some electrical engineering analysis of the GANS and plasma materials, then continued on our trail to South Italy where we had some exciting adventures meeting Mr Keshe and his cohorts like Giovanni, before driving our vehicle back to South Bohemia then full circle to Paris… All this was under the 3rd blood moon eclipse cycle, and some speculations as to the meaning and timing of this were also included in the narrative, as well as a critical examination of just who was Mr Keshe. All of this was cut from this book (leaving it with just the Words of MK) and grafted into my first Book of Investigation of the Kf – The Keshe Foundation Phenomenon – The First Two Years of Knowledge Seeker Workshops, also available in this shop , which has my personal story of my investigation of the Kf and also my travels meeting lots of other Knowledge Seekers around the world.

This book includes Mr. Keshe’s Knowledge Seeker Workshops Number 34, 35, 36 delivered in November 2014 at the time of the 4th Assassination attempt on him and his wife, and therefore have a focus on personal security, but also extending to national security and some integral features of defensive strategy when building your craft.



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