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Introduction from KfNz Transcriptions

 1stWorkshop March 5th


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 5th Workshop April 3rd



Introduction from KfNz Transcriptions

Kia Ora koutou katoa! Good Health and Happiness to All who open this document!

This set of books were the first work of Kf New Zealand transcriptions, for the KfSSI – Space Ship Institute, created in the second half of 2014. If you read the whole set you will find that the first couple of books are pretty roughly edited with minimal hyperlinks into the subject matter, but as we went on we learnt how to make the books of workshop transcripts better organized. By the time we got to book 3 we were getting the knack of putting hyperlinked subject headings at the top of each workshop for easier navigating into the knowledge.

These book transcripts will be provided free to any International Kf who wants them, as an example of the Keshe foundation ethos of Unconditional giving. We also give thanks for the fact that MK accepted our offer of 19% of the KfNZ Transcriptions profits from book transcribing going to KfCentral, and he indeed told the whole world to follow this example

This transcription was first made in July 2014 when I was persuaded to give a presentation on the Keshe tech… As I prepared for the talk I tried to remember the 100+ hours of video interviews and workshops I had watched back in February March 2014 after a fall off the roof that laid me up on the couch for 8 weeks with fractured ribs and spine. With the discovery of this gold mine of teaching and disclosure the fall off the roof was quickly seen as a beautiful gift from the Universe, and an opening into the Keshe plasma technology – as Mr. Keshe said on several occasions:

“Welcome to the Village of the Universe!”

I discovered that Mr. Keshe had started sharing his knowledge on Youtube in 2012 and 2013, first of all with mrfixitrick and vrgonagetya – YouTube channels of Rick and Vince – who from the beginning and from opposite sides of the Nation of Canada, were the two people most helpful in getting Mr. Keshe’s teaching out to the rest of humanity worldwide using the tools of Skype, Live Stream and Go To meetings, and then making a start on the sharing of the Medical knowledge and technology with Dr. Eliya Kostova in Bulgaria. Most of the early pre-knowledge seeker workshops, 3 to 4 hours each, on a monthly basis through the year of 2013 are still available on these YouTube channels.

Then in March 2014 there was a ramp-up in the release of the knowledge when Mr. Keshe revealed the attempts of a Belgian assassination squad to take his life, and at around the same time a Taiwanese group released the USB stick with 5 patents for plasma and spaceship technology on the www – to be quickly downloaded millions upon millions of times world wide – the genie was out of the bottle.

Coincidentally with this Mr. Keshe founded his Knowledge Seekers group in Northern Italy and started a weekly KS workshop to be broadcast live on Live Stream every Thursday night (8am UTC, 6pm NZ time).

Unfortunately, I recovered quickly from my fortuitous accident and had to get back to work, so not once so far have I managed to get the chance to catch the transmissions live – until a few days before this writing for the 20thworkshop. However, they were all there on Live Stream, and so sporadically and from time to time amidst my busy routine I would have the chance to sit and focus. Also – it was now possible to go running with an iphone and listen to the workshops, as after the 20thworkshop on July 23rdone of the Knowledge Seekers posted MP3 files of all the workshops.

So, as I prepared for the presentation I decided I should go back and listen to the Knowledge Seeker workshops on Live Stream again, from workshop One on, as I knew I had missed quite a bit, even on the ones I had listened to several times! Also, the new paradigm knowledge was so new – with few logical connections into the field of present day knowledge – and it often has a way of not connecting – of going in one ear and straight out the other if you like.  I remembered how in Medical School I had figured out how to crack the memorization of medical textbooks and lists of anatomy structures or pharmaceuticals by writing them out – I was then able to remember them for the examinations and even write them out again by memory. The only way I could think of to retain some of this information and put it altogether for the talk was to write it all out.

I set out to write transcripts of the workshops, attempting to catch the flavor of the interactions with the Knowledge Seekers.  When the time came for the presentation on July 19th2014 I had completed five of them. In places I have paraphrased and summarized, and in other places there were so many spelling errors I had to delete whole paragraphs – however, I think I have managed to catch most of the conversation, and in particular the transmissions from Mr. Keshe.

While doing this I started losing energy, wondering if I was being an idiot, but then in workshop 5 I heard Mr. Keshe make a plea for people to do just this – to make transcripts of the workshops and get them out there – so I took on some new courage and continued the process – and intend to do so for the rest of the workshops also.


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