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The seventh of 33 books over 4 years of Knowledge Seeker Workshops

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Workshop 64 has its own list of hyperlinked subject headings for easier access to the knowledge shared by MTK.

64th Knowledge Seeker Workshop

The Peace Roadmap

Introduction from KfNz Transcriptions

 21stJune 2015 Winter Solstice,

New Zealand Aotearoa.

 This is the 7th and last of this small series of books which was born out of my desire to understand by transcribing the teachings of Mr. Keshe, to see where they would lead. This has been a very intensive trail for the last 12 months, an obsession in fact, whilst also working full time in the ED, which was only possible because of my fall off the roof and the subsequent fall out, which left me living apart from my family alone in the land of Oz.

So this Winter Solstice sees me re-uniting with the family, and coincidentally  realising that this book series is meant to be 7 to reflect the Keshe logo we can see on the title page, 7 orbs of different coloured light, to reflect the 7 ancient orbs of the heavens, and also the Insignia for Ignition with the Keshe foundation, that we realised with a flash of illumination in Book5 IGNITION OF LIGHT. And this winter solstice is what it’s all about, as Mr. Keshe announces his ROAD MAP FOR PEACE.

 (In fact, on the International edition of December 2015, we have seen the 7 orbs of the old Keshe logo fall away from the Spaceship SSI logo in which the 7 orbs have merged into a protective circle – could even be an Oasis system – with a small satellite orb that is yours truly © with regular reports now being transmitted from the Spaceship Kf via the KfNz transcription service!)

 This Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere is also the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere, and marks the beginning of the first step on the Road Plan; a call for 1 day of Peace on the 21s t June, 21st July, 21st August, then 2 days from the 21st September, 21st October, 21st November, 3 days from the 21st December and onwards to full time Peace by the end of 2016. This is the road plan and to me it seems like a good one and the only one available in fact to lead us out of the mayhem and terror, though of course we can expect the road to lead a little further than 2016 into the future before it starts manifesting in real and lasting peace.

This is a Great Workshop! I had noticed the synchronicity of the Numbers of the Workshops, 13 and 33 being memorable ones, and now coming up to 64, I knew this was a key number in our reality here on planet Earth, there being 64 codons on the DNA to reflect the 64 hexagrams on the I Ching, and the 64 Keys of the Book of Enoch, etc etc so I was expecting a dynamite workshop, and truly it did match my expectations and more.

In fact, this is such a concentrated transmission I am not going to dilute it with anything else, and above all it confirmed in a very visual and auditory way that we earth humans are not alone in this mess, we have support from what MK calls the man in space. We, the man on earth, are now being introduced to our close relatives in the Universal community, the man in space. And, the man in space is saying there is no alternative, you will have Peace, and this is the Road Plan.

This transmission is directed more at the Presidents and the Kings and Queens, the World Leaders, and the World Religious Leaders. We are just fortunate enough to be the ones who are observers and participants in this momentous time on Planet Earth, with a reunion with our wider family being the icing on the cake, or as Mr. Keshe called it, the jackpot!


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