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The third of 33 books over 4 years of Knowledge Seeker Workshops

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The Workshops all have their own list of hyperlinked subject headings for easier access to the story and the knowledge shared by MTK.

13th Workshop June 5th

 14th Workshop June 12th      

 15th Workshop June 19th 

16th Workshop June 26th

Dr. Eliya’s Vatican Report

MK Live from St Peter’s Square with link to Emmanuele’s youtube video in which he interviews Mr. Keshe and some of the Knowledge Seekers at St Peter’s Square.  

Introduction from KfNz Transcriptions

This is the third book of Mr. Keshe’s Knowledge Seeker Workshops, including Workshops 13 to 16. It is these workshops that make up the third book, and not the preceding workshops 8 to 12, because these are the ones I felt the need to transcribe for my own progression in personal understanding of MK’s message and revelation for humanity.

Not to say that workshops 8 to 12 are any less important; its just that the Science division (ET) has accepted the responsibility of transcribing these tablets, and is working on developing an mp3 to text translation program to automate the process a little. Workshops 8 to 12 are largely focused on the Plasma Science, so the idea is that they are to be collated by the KfNz into a book entitled THE SCIENCE BASICS.

In the meantime, our road map seems strangely coincidental and synchronous, not only with Mr. Keshe’s roadmap for 2014 and 2015, but also with the striking sequence of blood moon eclipses on the two holy days of Israel that commemorate the coming of the Messiah in ancient Jewish and Christian lore.

I was originally going to title this book WALK WITH MESSIAH because that was the name that Mr. Keshe requested Rick to try and secure for his campaign and visit to the Vatican. In fact, Rick finally set up a facebook site Humanity Walk with Messiah, in which there are still regular updates from the Keshe foundation, and Space Ship Institute – kind of a central gathering place for everything that is happening around Mr. Keshe.

But as of the date 11:11:14, I managed to get some feedback from Mr. Keshe himself, regarding the books, and he wrote to me himself that the tittles didn’t matter. I think he meant the titles don’t matter, which is what made me change the title of this book to a less confrontational one for Christians, at least the ones I talked with about it, if they see it on or whatever other book disseminators will spring from this Ocean of Knowledge in all the languages of the Earth.

But MK’s words were not just a spelling mistake I discerned as it also reminded me of something Jesus said, and when I looked it up I foundMatthew 5:18: For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot orone tittleshall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled”

 Till heaven and earth pass? What did the biblical interpretor of the King James version mean? It is difficult to know really, but one thing is for sure, MK is certainly opening up a new heaven for us! A new heaven, in heaven, and on earth, if one looks toward a Galactic or Universal perspective.

 Now as Mr. Keshe said on the youtube video made by an Italian Knowledge Seeker, of the Walk with the Messiah at the Vatican on the 16thJune 2014 “we are here to make a small change!” As it happened there were all sorts of signs and portents to indicate the natural and supernatural forces were with him and on his side.

As he went in to the Swiss Guards to deliver the letter a massive thunderstorm descended on the Vatican, which made all the thousands of people in the Piazza seek shelter. In Workshop 16 we can read Dr. Eliya’s report of the Gathering – a very emotional and powerful event, that then allowed them to share with many people seeking shelter from the storm the message of the Science Messiah, that it is time for Peace on Planet Earth.

The Vatican is an archetypal symbol for the world religions of the last millennia, and the elements of wind and storm and lightning appear to be showing their presence in these apocalyptic times, indicating and supporting the correctness of what reformers like Mr. Keshe are doing.

In Workshop 15 we can read Knowledge Seeker Dr Yvan’s description of the Walk with Messiah – and he too brought attention to the storm that descended as Mr. Keshe went inside the building, comparing it to another event when the previous Pope, accused of crimes against humanity, had to step down and this event was marked by the Vatican dome being struck twice by lightning in quick succession.

For me also at a soul level there have been all sorts of archetypal synchronicity delivering Knowledge previously unknown from Mr. Keshe, and he does indeed seem to be a form of personal prophet and Messiah, for me at least, with supernatural connection bringing very powerful and meaningful messages at the right time to hit home and bring emotional recognition of powerful Truth.

For example, when I published the first five workshops with Amazon kindle I felt a little anxious about my offering, as Kindle publishing had made me put a minimium price of $2.99 – but actually translated into $3.61 or thereabouts. I wrote a letter to him with the url link to A NEW DAY ON EARTH on Amazon kindle, told him it was published and offering a percentage of the profits to the Kf Central.

MK responded that that was perfectly fine and he would also direct his webmaster to post it in the Keshe foundation shop. Then in KS Workshop Number 30, an awesome workshop in which he really opened the doors of perception to the plasma technology, and then again in Health Workshop Number 4, he personally gave thanks and gratitude to the New Zealand Keshe foundation. Then to my astonishment he followed with a beautiful gift and went on to describe in detail my youngest stepson – who is one of those children who did not speak a word for the first whole year of his schooling, which made us curious at the time, but now with Mr. Keshe’s explanation and gift of knowledge it all became clear – his dad was something like 52 and his mum 40 so he was one of the kids Mr. Keshe was talking about that take a long time to integrate their parent’s knowledge and data from their DNA and RNA.

So – synchronous connections indicating a personal connection and revelation of Knowledge – I suppose that has to register as a personal Messiah in my case, and in fact the effort and time I have spent on trying to understand his teachings has more than paid off for me. On the medical side there were places in the workshops where I cringed and thought – ‘Oh My God, that doesn’t fit with known science or what I believe’ – and I guess I now know how plasma physicists feel when they listen to his elucidation of plasma science – it can sometimes grate with known facts and present knowledge.

But I have found, especially now with the process of delivering the Health workshops with Dr Eliya, and with the deliberate process of just listening and not reacting, everything becomes clear and a whole new paradigm of existence is coming into focus. MK himself says it is very difficult for adults to grasp the new paradigm of Knowledge because their paradigm is set, and that is why he has started a 1 hour weekly kids workshop, which has also been very useful for me to get my head round the new science.

But there is also a lot of archetypal symbolism suggesting to me that Mr. Keshe is fulfilling an archetypal role as the Christian Messiah here too. Even the names of some of the Knowledge Seekers are strangely resonant; for instance I was amused to find in Workshop 14, not the son’s of Zebedee, but indeed James from China and John from Belgium with John being interrogated by James! Other primary knowledge seekers include Luke (Lucien) and Mark (Marko) and at times we even have MK stumbling over Brett’s name and calling him Bratt or Bart (Bartholemew)

MK for his part has enormous patience with his KSs (disciples) but is also very cutting at times in his analysis of their ignorance, for example in Workshop 14 where they presented their understanding of the research with the reactors and then he followed with his Universal Knowledge, and with great humour but also with a sharp knife, laughing at their ignorance and cutting right through their explanations to reveal the simple truth beneath.


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