The Cup of Man

Thursday 9 April 2020 CE, 2 Jalál Glory 177 BE

For the first time in a couple of years I was drawn to making notes on a Knowledge Seeker workshop. I had to look it up in Book Number 4.X, number 10 of the Year 4 TransMission to see that the last Workshop I made a full set of notes on was the 200th KSW on 30th November 2017, which workshop I entitled in the final book: Final Words on the Soul of the Man. This whole set of 10 Books entitled The Books of the Soul, would be highly worthwhile downloading and perusing at this point (if you are a sincere seeker of Knowledge, a detached Wayfarer on the Path of God ‘Allah,) as a grounding for the further studies it looks like we are drawn to from KSW 321… counting down to launching point of the soul vehicle, which MK refers to in this workshop as the coming of the Mahdi!

I am now over my personal crisis in which I was definitely invaded by some sort of malicious virus that was effecting my mouth eyes brain and then lungs, but found that by the Grace of God I had in the nick of time made some COL1 and COL2 plasma and managed to deplete the virus and come back to full health over a couple of weeks. Synchronously Jimmy and Lisa MacDonald made contact and I was invited into a Zoom meeting of the Northern Rivers plasma group, which I attended on the Easter Sunday, and was very happy to give my testimonial of how I had used the plasma. I was also very happy to have some new learning and understanding from Lisa, the Earth Council member for Australasia-Pacifica region, who said not to dismantle the Cup of Life after a week (at which point I’d had more than an inch of beautiful fluffy GANS) but to harvest the GANS from the bottom and “aminos” from the top and it would carry on producing for months and keep building the plasma field. After this meeting Lisa posted a blog update on their site I found very useful and with some important information keeping us correct in our GANS making…

The plasma group meeting was all about making the COL2, said by MK to produce CuO GANS, and how to use this on the organ systems below the diaphragm and on the muscles of the body, very important to go on using this as it will deplete any virus and stop the process of calcification of the tissues which might lead to many cancers in years to come. So, since then I have put down another COL1 to harvest from, and have been collecting GANS and aminos every few days into a separate collection jar, a process by itself and one which I am recording on camera to make some small videos in times to come… Here some photos of the New COL1 with its little crystal grid layout with a medicine wheel of small Lemurian seed crystals, born on Easter Monday on the day of the Resurrection of Christ from the tomb after His 3 days of darkness in the underworld, also referred to by MK in this workshop as the birth of the Mahdi!

Easter2020 COL at 24hrs3

The use of crystals was also discussed on the plasma group Zoom meeting, and I was happy to share the picture of the small crystal entity being fed by the plasma fields of the Cup of Man. (See photo in previous blog post), On the zoom meeting Lisa said that the Cup of Man, basically the COL1 and COL2 wired together, was for soul elevation and was not to be harvested, just left to do its thing, and the plasma field in the middle between the two cups would develop its own soul. In 323 MK was to go further into this, on which I then made notes to share with Knowledge Seekers…

It took about 3 days to finish watching Workshop 323 making notes, and I realised that, beginning at Workshop 321, I had re-joined the process on the first Workshop after NawRuz entering into the 7th Year of Knowledge Seeker Workshops! It was quite hard work listening to the 5 hours and 38minutes of Worksop 323, and making the notes, I wondered if anyone would ever read my work, and what I was actually doing this for? For me I think it was worthwhile, as making notes brought some clarity in understanding the Cup of Man, but there again I had received a similar amount of understanding from the Zoom meeting with Jimmy and Lisa. Nevertheless, there were many interesting points, possibly the most interesting being that the energy of pharmaceuticals could be used by patients using a list of drugs, very common for elderly patients of GP practices, and the GANS of these medicines could be very helpful to people if they came to the point where the drugs run out.

Finally, at the end of the workshop I heard a challenge from Ella, the Italian head of the Kf, for people to sign up and help with the computer-generated transcript. I then gave thanks for the understanding that therefore I would not have to make notes on any more Workshops… it would be much more efficient and less of a demand on my time to join the team already working with the written transcription of workshops, which could then be automatically translated into multiple languages… Ella finally also presented the new design of the Kf Plasma Times which was also promised to be more up to date in future…

You can download my notes on KSW323 in pdf form here … 323. Knowledge Seeker Workshop 323




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