A Hard Day’s Night

8 April 2020 CE 1 Jalál Glory 177 BE

The COVID19 Pandemic crisis is fully established now, and the Planet is in lockdown, progressing towards total lockdown. NZ has been in Level 4 Lockdown for 2 weeks now, where basically only food and fuel stations are open, and I have at least 1 alcoholic friend who is suffering detox symptoms from closure of the liquor stores. Here in Oz, where I am in lock down working almost continuous shifts in the local emergency department, (thus the title for this blogpost), there have been 50 COVID19 deaths, and the Queensland border has been closed for a week so I can’t even get my rental car back to the airport, which is not a problem as there are zero flights across the Tasman now anyway, so to get home I’d have to buy or pinch a boat. NSW with 22 deaths is lagging behind NZ, which has only 1 COVID19 death, and is about to lock down its border this Easter weekend I hear from Queensland friends.

I also hear that the Queensland government has just mandated flu vaccines for infants, required for them to be placed in day care; probably a blessing in disguise for conscious parents, but nevertheless another step in the draconian policies against people who want to pursue a natural approach to their health care.  In my days as a GP; 1993 – 2006, it was an obscenity to think of injecting flu vaccine into a baby that was just developing its immune system, or indeed into pregnant mums, but now, with gradual little undetectable steps a flu vaccine has become mandatory for infants by law and strongly enforced by the Oz midwives on pregnant mums! This gives us a clear view of what the real agenda is behind this pandemic, with Bill Gates shamelessly enunciating in public that everybody will soon have to have a small digital laser tattoo proving vaccination status to cross state and national borders, or to get their weekly rations from the government… Does anybody recognise his number?

On Google and YouTube there is a huge amount of information and disinformation jostling for attention…  Theories that there is not even such a thing as the Corona virus, or indeed any viruses, compete with reports from the University of Valencia in Spain, where scientists have sequenced the virus and found differences (thought to be mutations) in the viruses effecting China, Iran, Italy and Spain. MK has been proven correct in his predictions a month ago that Italy, then New York was going to get hit hard, and his reason for this was that the Italian DNA was closely related to Iranian, which is one of the bloodlines against which this virus was designed. In Italy today the total deaths are 17,127, though the death rate has now peaked, and as many people point out most of the dead were pretty close to death’s door with other diseases, and the virus just knocked them over the edge a bit quicker. Particularly concerning for me working in a rural hospital emergency department is the death rate of doctors in Italy, 13 on March 20, 23 on March 23, 61 on March 30, so by now 8 days later must be over a hundred, though there have been no reports in the last week…

There is also a lot of uncertainty on the validity of the COVID19 PCR test which everybody is using around the world, for example there is no information on quality control or how many false positives and false negatives there are, which make the statistics we see online pure guesswork, in line with the line Mark Twain popularised in the USA… “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Some emergency doctors in ICUs around the world have been reporting that the main problem of those who get severely ill and die is lack of Oxygen saturation in the blood and tissues, and not the same as the regular ARDS (Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome) which is officially thought to be the cause of death in most people who get to ICU stage with this virus. In NSW there has been a great scandal over the fact that Health Officials allowed over 600 COVID19 positive people (11 of whom have since died) to fly all over Australia off a cruise ship, Ruby Princess, that docked in Sydney, as it was thought to be low risk coming from NZ. I myself came back to work from NZ 2 days before stringent self-quarantine of all people flying into Australia came into force, and the hospital administration applied this to me, so I had 11 days of quarantine before being allowed back to work.  Although I was not tested, I felt suspicious that I had the virus, as I went through a strange sequence of symptoms, which I treated successfully with the Plasma water of the COL1 and COL2 plasma cups shown in the last blogpost…

The COL1 GANS was a beautiful creamy white, which was said by MK to have CO2, Zinc, and Magnesium GANS, and the COL2 produced a beautiful Air New Zealand turquoise coloured GANS said by MK to be pure Copper CuO GANS. At this time I also finally completed the final Book Number 54 of my Knowledge Seeker series, The Path of Search, and started watching Knowledge Seeker Workshops for the first time since KSW200 in November 2017, with the first one being KSW321, on March 26th, then 322 on 2nd April. Reports from Iran proved that the Zinc containing plasma water of the COL1 was very effective in treating respiratory symptoms, while the Copper containing COL2 was for the lower organ systems below the heart and diaphragm, and the muscular parts of the body.

My symptoms were mainly in the mouth with ulceration of the roof of mouth and what felt like abscessed upper molar teeth radiating up through the eyes and brain, first on the left side then the right. Instead of getting antibiotics I used the COL1 plasma water sprayed on face and in mouth and breathed it though mask, also drinking 500mls of it every day, as well as swishing the teeth with the COL2 water, and spitting it out. I felt the COL2 had more bite on the toothache if there was some of the salt from the first wash added as MK advised and that also got rid of a slight mouldy taste. Over a couple of weeks these symptoms gradually subsided, but then I woke one morning with a painful hacking cough and mucus from the lungs, so intensified the treatment that day, washing my clothes with plasma water, having a bath with 500mls of COL1 water in it, washing my upper body, breathing through a saturated plasma mask, and wearing patches front and back of the lungs. After spending a couple of hours coughing up mucus the lungs cleared out, and I went for a jog later in the day with clear lungs and have not had any respiratory problems since.

GANS sanitary pads

I sent a picture of me with the patches to my beloved a thousand leagues away across the sea, and when she saw I had utilised sanitary pads to hold the plasma water she laughed so hard she coughed up all her phlegm and cleared her lungs as well! Lol. Another friend also laughed so hard she then needed some sanitary pads herself lol.

Another problem I had was that I ran out of my Currumbin spring water and had to buy some 10 Litre spring water bottles from the food store, finding that some of them tasted a bit mouldy. What I found from this was that the COL2 GANS cleared the mould taste after a bit, but not the COL1 GANS, even though I syringed 30 -50mls of COL2 water in it, thinking it might bring an antibiotic effect just like it did on the teeth. Perhaps because of this, drinking this water I felt sharp needle like pains migrate down my body over a few days from the stomach region, to umbilicus, then to groin area and finally resolving. It made me think about what was happening?

Eventually I decided that the body must be healing on a higher level, as the pain in my teeth indicated a healing process in the mouth radiating up through the eyes, brain and scalp, then the lungs with the COL1 water, this must be a healing process deleting viruses and negative programs from the lower organ systems I felt, with the copper containing COL2 plasma… With this process I never got to the stage of taking straight COL2 plasma internally, which I would have if I had got into a high fever or septic process, as MK and his helpers described graphically with their treatment of sick people in Iran. From their accounts the plasma worked pretty well with the sickest of patients, and people with severely low oxygen levels with pO2 Saturations down into the 50s were recovering over a few hours, with no need for intubation or ventilation…

Listening to these two workshops at the same time as using the plasma and going through the healing process I started getting that same feeling as when I first struck the Keshe material, a feeling of excitement at a new paradigm of knowledge on the horizon. In 321 MK introduced what some people started calling the 3rd Cup of Life, COL3, but was a double cup combination of COL1 and COL2 wired together, as he drew the design, and then went into depth on how the two 1st Cups were related not only to the upper body and lower body, but also to the Soul of the Man versus the Soul of the Physicality. This was the very basics of the science we would need to understand to survive in space, he said at one point.

feeding 2 souls

Later in WS321 MK dived deeply into the spiritual and philosophical implications of using this technology on the planet, how this was inevitably going to clean us up spiritually and emotionally as a species so we could leave the karma of the dastardly evil behaviour of our ancestors behind and start again with a clean slate. Then at 0129hrs I was very happy to discover that Dr. Azar, a Persian New York dental doctor, was still fulfilling her role as MKs main inquisitor, the only one with the courage to keep pushing MK until he said no twice to her in one day, but then came back with some detailed answers instead of vague descriptions and fob-offs, although I have to admit I lost him at about the point he mentioned Mithra and the 3 magi! The good thing about these workshops now is that there is an excellent computerised transcription on the YouTube video, and one can go back and study these words…

While cleaning my body, both “Man Soul” and “Physical Soul” sides, relating to Zinc based brain and lungs above, and organs and muscles below, with the COL1 and COL2 plasma, I also created a couple more Cups, using the Zinc and Copper from the previous cups, and burning some more multi-stranded wire, then coiling 2 beautiful Nano coated little coils like strands of hair, then replicating the diagram above on my window sill.


In KSW322 MK revealed that the really huge death toll from COVID19 infection would be over the next few years, as it had the property of calcifying the tissues after infection, and this was going to cause all sorts of Cancers. This was certainly the case with the lungs and the calcification could be seen on X-rays, but according to MK this was also happening in another 5 levels of organs systems, the brain, kidney liver and stomach, intestine, reproductive cells, and limbs. Using the COL1 and COL2 plasma prevented this calcification process, and there was a way to clear the calcificati0n also, MK said, which he had already used on an Iranian woman to correct her fingers deformations back in 2005, and this protocol would be released soon.


MK then went into detail about how to deliver this protocol for the new phase of Corona Virus infections, to these different organ systems with COL1 and COL2 plasma, and this was the protocol I used to clear whatever this infection was from my system. It didn’t really matter what virus it was, it could be Corona EBV Herpes Warts HIV Zika Yellow Fever Ebola, or any of many strands of malicious negative DNA or RNA found in space time; the GANS was promised to clear the lot! Likewise, with the different levels of organ systems, Zinc plasma cleared the brain and lungs, and Copper the rest. Hallelujah!

Later in WS322, after resisting Azar’s questions, MK struck another persistent knowledge seeker by the name of Alvaro from Brazil, who said he already made several models of the COL3, or the combination of COL1 and COL2 wired together, and he wanted to know how to use this GANS and what for? MK said this would be revealed over the next few weeks as it wasn’t such an urgent problem, but began explaining the structure of the fields, from the simple fields of the COL1 and COL2, that there would from the combination be a level 2 labelled Plasma, then by combining plasmas from level 2 another level 3 could be labelled Physics, then Level 4 Chemistry…

plasma levels 1 to 4

The process of making these Cups of Life would then progress to interaction with Level 5 Biology, Level 6 Soul of Physicality, Level 7 Soul of Man, then Level 8 Infinity, and Level 9 a different colour entirely… These explications and unfolding of knowledge I did not understand on the first pass, in fact it went completely over my head, and I felt again that to really understand this I would have to write it down and started wondering if it might be time to get back into service transcribing some of the words, which is after all what this website is in fact dedicated to. For now, I will just make a screenshot of the process that seems to be rolling out in front of us…

plasma leverls 5-9

In the meantime, I will just carry on using the fields from the COL1 and COL2 and try to pass this knowledge on to friends and family, but not to anyone at the ED unless they are showing signs of their heart soul and spirit awakening from the slumber of heedlessness. From MK’s diagrams I realised that I was also growing a Plasma between the fields of the 2 Cups and noticed with astonishment how the small flying or swimming entity in the crystal was catching the light during this process….

entity in crystal

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  1. Alah’u’abha Cornelius – can you elaborate on the effects Cup of Life 1 and 2 have had in Iran.. … ps, maybe we can do something better than sanitary pads lol – they are made with strong bleach, not the best really, need something more natural, good blog, kai for roro, Love you, Anah x

    1. Allah’u’Abha Anah. There is not much in the mainstream media on Iran, though they’ve had over 3000 deaths, so the info on Iran comes from MK talking to people in Iran, who some of them are making industrial amounts of GANS and sending them to many villages, he has talked to a lot of people in Iran using the GANS and the results people are reporting in KSW321 and 322 are pretty dramatic though admittedly anecdotal – however fit well with my own personaL experience 🙂 haha regarding the sanitary pads, maybe you as a doctor of plant medicine can make up a more natural absorbent pad out of something from the ngahere???

  2. Read ur blog corn. Insightful. Powerful. The picture is comical. Maybe ur mate can come up with something natural to sanitary pads. Lol. Interesting about Iran.

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