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Book 3 of Jimmy and Lisa MacDonald’s Gardeners and Growers Workshops


GARDENERS & GROWERS  Public Teaching

Book 3 Workshops Ten to Fourteen

Jimmy and Lisa MacDonald


Transcribed and Published by Kf New Zealand Transcriptions

October 15, 2017,


 The Workshops Series can be found on YouTube at

Plasma School Library Australia

Cover Picture: Jimmy’s new girl friend An Awesome Morton Bay Fig tree




 Tenth Public Teaching  23rd April 2017

A review of the MaGrav fields of Plants

Understanding the Light from a Plasma perspective

A discussion on “What is a Field?”

K2 tries to bring some light into the question of fields

Alex and others have their turns at answering the question

In Ross’s book vibration goes hand in hand with field strength

Some protocols for people to use the plasma in farms and gardens – in six steps

A look at Dynamic Reactors in Agriculture

Can the GaNS be used to some extent as a kind of fertiliser?

A question on what proportion the roots and leaves are involved in energy absorption

The field strength of energy carried by water depends on its vortical motion

A discussion on different crystallized water structures with different salts and aminos

Klaus shows his photographs of different crystallized waters

 Eleventh Public Teaching  14thMay 2017

Jimmy introduces a vertical friend who very obviously gets most of her nutritional needs from the surrounding atmospheric fields.

A question on the increasing Schumann resonance frequency of the Earth.

The sounds of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen together create a pulse almost like a heartbeat.

Jimmy describes how he has set up 3 dynamic reactors – spinning spheres – with the aquaponics setup.

Klaus does a remote reading on the 3 dynamic reactors.

Questions and discussion on the speed of the cores, interference from motors, use of different GaNSes, addition of more reactors.

2ndGeneration plasma tomatoes and a field of 700 meters.

Some advice for Eric to give to a young farmer.

An Indian doctor getting increased crop yields with magnets and winning the battle against Monsanto.

Use of CuO and frequency as a pesticide, or for weed control, and using GaNSes and frequencies for sick chicken.

Twelfth Public Teaching 12thMarch, 2017 

Lisa’s and Ross’s tomatoes are surviving and producing fruit in cold temperatures

The structure of Magnetic Rays

The next term to understand is ‘plasmatic-magnetic fields”

Everything is a fractal

Understanding Gravitational fields

What we call the Magnetosphere is created by the co-existence and interaction of Magnetic and Gravitational fields

Alex does a Great Rave on Science in General; where things have gone wrong, and hiow the plasma science can correct the bad science.

We’ve got to look at things from a plasma perspective now, though plasma eyes.

Lisa is hoping that these workshops will help people get past the schizophrenic stage more quickly.

We have to understand that Love is a Plasmatic condition and it works with plasma, and hate is a man made condition that doesn’t work.

Is it the plants that have domesticated the humans?

We have the capacity to feed everybody on this planet with no problems.

When you loose your health you loose everything.

Alex has pretty well outlined the health situation, and now the reactors are cleaning up the food situation.

Tritium GaNS can cause a detox or decontamination reaction.

Some ideas for Ross on how to introduce the technology to a skeptical farmer.

Alex adds a few more pertinent comments

Once we understand the basics of plasma we can innovate and make progress in leaps and bounds!

Thirteenth Public Teaching 11th June, 2017 

The seed as a plasma, storage of seeds, germination of seeds

The next question is why can seeds still germinate after years in storage

The new thing they’ve been talking about is creating GaNS of GaNS

Some experiments on pyramids coming up

Some clarification on GaNS of GaNS

Applying the knowledge to preservation of seeds

A question on the mitochondria of plants

Different layers of GaNS in the production process

Wojciech introduces another way of GaNS of GaNS

Now we’ll look at the whole germination of a seed from the plasma perspective

Using emotion on plants

Thoughts on the use of sulphur to interact with the emotion of the plant

Everything is working in the same way, whether it’s a planet, a seed, or an Alekz bead, the pattern is the same

Something else with respect to sulphur, and other GaNS such as phosphorous, potassium, folic acid and B12

Thoughts on the field flow around fruits, pumpkins, plants and bodies

Thoughts on growing new limbs or bodies

The subject of how bacteria fit into the scheme is coming in the next workshop

Fourteenth Public Teaching  25thJune, 2017 

Wojciech presents a number of innovative Magrav designs and ideas

Klaus does an energy reading on the new MaGravs

Wojciech’s use of lights and eggs stimulates a lot of thoughts and discussion on use of other biological items

Be careful when making Tritium that you don’t make Hydrogen (explosive)

A look at the soil structure and then at the soil biology from a plasma perspective

Thoughts and discussion on earth grid interaction

A look at the composition of our soils

How do the soil minerals become more available to the plants?

A discussion on Earth metals

Earthworms, Insects, and Critters make the minerals available

So my conclusion is a question, and it is: Are plant-available minerals in a GaNS state and unavailable minerals in a matter state?

The critical role of soil pH

Next step is looking at the biology in the soil.

This is a slide I put together trying to understand what was happening in the aquaponics system from a plasma point of view

Some extrapolations from our original understandings of how the elemental energies in man and plants interact

The never-ending cycle of field transfer

This brings us to our call for Peace

MK’s big message last week was that the Power is within us!


 The 3rd book of Public workshops for Gardeners and Growers is another awesome deepening into plasma technology in general and especially into our knowledge of how we as humans interact at the elemental level with the plants, and by the fourteenth workshop getting into speculations ideas and intuitions of how we interact on a plasma level with earth worms, bacteria, insects, critters, and the earth herself…. In these workshops Jimmy and Lisa introduce experiments with dynamic reactors – spinning spheres with a field radius of hundreds of meters – and Klaus from Austria shows more pictures of his Crystallization of waters. Jimmy and Lisa start dipping more into the Keshe books dissecting for example the structure of the Light, but at the same time they have a real knack of keeping it simple for normal Aussies and Kiwis to understand, as well as lots of other nationalities. The workshops are also very much enriched by presentations, discussions, and questions from around the world. Once again, thank you so much Jimmy and Lisa for your generous and selfless efforts to share the plasma technology with everyone!


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