Plasma Garden Book1


Book 1 of Jim and Lisa MacDonald’s Gardeners and Growers workshops


GARDENERS & GROWERS  Public Teaching

Book One Workshops One to Five

Jimmy and Lisa MacDonald


Transcribed and Published by Kf New Zealand Transcriptions

October 13, 2017,


 The Workshops Series \can be found on YouTube at

Plasma School Library Australia

 Cover Picture: Jimmy & Lisa’s healthy and happy plasmatic Lettuce



 First Public Teaching 27th November, 2016 

Welcome Everybody

The Unseen Fields

Agriculture today

Concept One, The Vertical People

Three take-home concepts

We feed our Plants with our Emotions

What is the Purpose of the Vertical People?

Interaction of Crystals and Plants

Why does Music affect the Vertical People?

What is the best way to grow a large Healthy Plant?

Introducing Klaus (K2) from Austria

A Plasma Soil Activator

Is there an increase in Nutritional Value in Plasmatised Vegetables?

Klaus demonstrates his Amazing Compost

Klaus demonstrates structure and crystallisation of waters showing effects of different minerals and elements

Second Public Teaching 11th December 2016

The Joy of Weeds

Why we use the CO2 Gans in nature and on plants and why it actually works

Fires in Nature

Creating Torus Fields around our Plants

Voice Z adds to the Knowledge

Nano coating of Plastic Tubes gets stronger with time

Do we use GaNS or GaNS water?

Neil and Trish from New Zealand show their Farm

Third Public Teaching  8th January, 2017 

Today we’re going to look at Seeds

Conclusion of first experiment was that to get any effect the seeds need soaking in GaNS water and not just exposure to the Fields

A different way of looking at Seeds

Effect of soaking Seeds in Plasma water

You create a condition around the Plant

A Look at Original Seed

Soaking in CO2 water returns seeds towards the Original Seed

Do we have a method of returning seeds to an Optimal Level?

Ross is watering his Tomatoes with GaNS water

Nicole is soaking her Seeds

Burning Weeds to make an Ash

A Report from Neil and Trish

Fourth Public Teaching   22ndJanuary 2017

Fridge trials with Micro Radish

Food shelf life with Plasma Water

Growing tomatoes through the Winter

Effects of extreme summer heat on Lettuce

Klaus reports an experiment with GaNSes on special acupuncture points on the Earth

Klaus shows his Tomatoes

Working with Water from the Viktor Schauberger Vortex systems

Going back to the Earth Energy Points

Plasma Pest Management

Summarising the Experiments in Australia

Burundi Farmer finds new technique for preserving Tomatoes

Miraculous plant propagation by Gunay in Turkey

Linking with Viktor Schauberger

Fifth Public Teaching 12thFebruary, 2017 

The Seasons And Their Effects On Plants.

The Creation of Life at The Boundary of Our Atmosphere

Understanding the Field‑strength Changes coming in

Why Plants Die In Winter:

Applying the Knowledge To CO2Production

Magnesium is in the Blood of the Plant, in the Chloropyll

Klaus’s Basalt Pendulums


 This is the first of 4 books of transcriptions of a series of Gardeners and Growers workshops run by Jimmy and Lisa MacDonald, who first appeared on the Keshe foundation Knowledge Seeker workshops in mid 2015 with some inspiring reports of their experiments growing commercial lettuce in an aquaponics system in New South Wales, Australia. With a small bottle of CO2 GANS immersed in the water flow they reported getting fantastic results in terms of the health and growth of the lettuce, and also the incredibly long time the lettuce remained healthy and edible in the fridge…

This went on to further experiments over the next year, and then in November 2016 they began to give this inspiring series of fortnightly workshops with public teaching for Gardeners and Growers everywhere. Watching these workshops on YouTube we realized that this was a great resource for people everywhere, not only to get fantastic results in our gardens, but also as a simple and understandable doorway into the Magrav and Plasma technology, with all of its other applications, including Free Energy, Water and Soil purification, Medical and Healing applications, Space ship construction and flight, and even finally to World Peace…

Thank you so much Jimmy and Lisa for this fantastic resource.


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