Plasma Garden Book4


Book 4 of Jim and Lisa MacDonald’s Gardeners and Growers Workshops


GARDENERS & GROWERS  Public Teaching

Book Four Workshops Fifteen to Eighteen

Jimmy and Lisa MacDonald


Transcribed and Published by Kf New Zealand Transcriptions

Sept 16, 2017,


 The Workshops Series can be found on YouTube at

Plasma School Library Australia

 Cover Picture: Jimmy MacDonald with happy singing Plant




 Fifteenth Public Teaching  13thAugust 2017

A Recap on Germination of Seeds

Field Flow around plants

A Comparison with Alekz beads

Will we need plants in Outer Space?

An Advanced Growing Operation

A Singing Plant

Some talk on bees

Eric and Plasma Heating a house in Denmark

Some questions from Alex

Lisa and Jimmy’s Health Unit

Advice from Eric on creating field flow

Sixteenth Public Teaching 27th August, 2017

Introducing Mr. Roman Light

An Incredible Singing Plant

Handing it over to Roman

The plant reacted to CH3 GaNS

Crystal Interaction with Plants

Plants playing music together

Questions for Roman

Some comments from K2

 Seventeenth Public Teaching 10thSept, 2017

Alex creates a plasma reactor with bottles of water

pH testing is a good indicator

Jimmy clarifies a few points

Will the reactor be stronger on an earth grid point?

Creation of a beat frequency

Dowsing energy

Alex’s concluding points

How the reactor changed Alex

Did taking Zinc bring up anger issues?

The Creation of a Healing Process

Creation of a Peace Pond

Feedback on the Bottle Reactor

Some questions from Eric

More on Jimmy and Lisa’s Health Unit

A drop of the top in the bottom to create field flow

Improvement in Leukemia

Drinking Distilled Water

Converting plastic bottles to Plasma

Introducing “Crown Shyness”

Eighteenth Public Teaching 24thSept, 2017  

Some feedback on Alex’s presentation

Jimmy and Lisa’s Experiment with Bottles in Formation

Replicating Plant Designs

Re-visiting Crown Shyness

More Details on Amino Acid Formation on Earth and relations between Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen, Silicon, Helium, Deuterium, Tritium etc…

A question from William

Rik asks Jimmy to run over it again

It’s the same process as changing Mercury to Gold

A new way of looking at GaNS

This will be the last of the Gardeners and Growers Workshops this year

New series starting tomorrow on Plasma Basics

Aquaponics transitioning to Plasmaponics


 The 4th and final book of 2017 Public workshops for Gardeners and Growers came together in October 2017 after the long northern summer break from Keshe Foundation teachings and the focus on the signing the World Peace Treaty to which 198 nations signed themselves to Peace. Again these workshops are an awesome deepening into plasma technology in general, and all people who read or watch these workshops will be enlightened by the new understandings gained by Jimmy and Lisa sharing their knowledge with Knowledge Seekers around the world. This was a two way process and Jimmy and Lisa themselves were able to make huge leaps in understanding, helped by the input, experiments and presentations of workshop participants from around the world. Once again, thank you so much Jimmy and Lisa for your generous and selfless efforts to share the plasma technology with everyone bringing us a new peaceful planet for all of our grandchildren living at peace with themselves and the plants and the rocks and stones of the planet!


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