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The fourth of 33 books over 4 years of Knowledge Seeker Workshops

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The Workshops all have their own list of hyperlinked subject headings for easier access to the story and the knowledge shared by MTK.

23rdWorkshop August 14th

24thWorkshop August 21st 

25thWorkshop August 28th 

 Introduction from KfNz Transcriptions

It is a great pleasure to deliver this 4th book in the Knowledge Seeker Series, which contains the transcriptions of Knowledge Seeker Workshops 23, 24, 25. Again it is the intention of the Science Division of the KfNZ to deliver in time the intervening Workshops 16 to 22 in a book, maybe entitled OPENING THE PLASMA, but the three workshops in this book are the ones that my obsession in following and discovering the Universal teachings led me to transcribe in August 2014 as they came out with timely guidance on Mr. Keshe’s roadmap of 2014 and 2015.

Since these paradigm-changing workshops in August, in which Mr. Keshe announced that he was increasing his output from one workshop a week up to 3 or 4 teaching days a week, through the months of September October November and December – as he promised – there has been a huge Ocean of Knowledge revealed. When one contemplates the new knowledge and the number of priceless pearls in just these three workshops 23 to 25, then how massive and daunting the amount of material that has come though in this last quarter of the year 2014!  When I look at the task of transcribing all this material my soul quails and quavers at the size of the job!

However, it is with great excitement, and a heart full of gratitude that I also realise this job is just one small part of a seamless and beautiful tapestry being woven by benevolent forces beyond our comprehension, for the betterment of the world and all it’s peoples. The realization of the beautiful synchronicity of it all, even the way the roadmap fits in with the holy days of a number of religions, fills the heart with amazement, especially as it seems to be time to rejoin our kindred in all those other races in our segment of the Galaxy we call the Milky Way.

The main theme of these three workshops is the development of the Cup of Life, but MK is not putting it on the table for us to grab it and drink from it. His delivery is in a manner that he is guiding us gently, nudging us like reluctant sheep, into the knowledge of how to make this cup, the Holy Grail of Health care, ourselves. He is leading us slowly but surely into a new world where we can dissolve away a cancer, just like one dissolves a cube of sugar in hot water. And this by placing the program of the dissolution in a plasma form on the inside and outside layers of the skin of a cup, or even the inside and the outside of the straw that one uses to drink the nectar from the cup! ‘You take one step and I’ll take you across the bridge’, he said, and he proceeded to demonstrate this in workshops 24 and 25, when Brett and Vince understood some of the concepts and created a Gans Sandwich!

The Main Objective is Health, MK also stated in these three workshops, and indeed we have now seen the formation of the Health Division of the Kf in Italy, led by Dr. Eliya Kostova, and an awesome river of new paradigm knowledge for the doctors of the world beginning to flow. Dr. Eliya has now joined with Mr Keshe at the SSI in Italy, and in the last couple of months saved the lives, by all accounts, not only of MK when he was poisoned with arsenic, but also of his wife Carolina de Roosa  who was poisoned and almost died from the effects of belladonna, planted within the Space Ship Institute, and worst of all, by one of the Knowledge Seekers!

However, thankfully, it seems that the only one who really wants Mr. Keshe dead and gone now is the ex-King of Belgium, and possibly some of his criminal cousins in that dwindling segment of humanity known as royalty. MK has cunningly and beautifuly arranged his World Peace Treaty in a way that none of the Governments will now want to turn it down or get rid of him. The demonstrations of the new defence technology, and medical technology, have been wonderfully and artfully connived to undermine the foundations of even the worst and most heartless of the world’s monopolies and corporations, and force them into a new world where one’s worth is measured by how much one can give and share with humanity.

Even the seemingly unstoppable multi-trillion-dollar military-industrial complex has been shown that they might as well be using sticks and stones, illustrated for example by the Iranians effortlessly capturing a couple of American drones that strayed into their territory. Then, more recently there was the incident of the American warship the USS Donald Wood, which foolishly decided to enter the Black Sea, but then ran to the closest Romanian port with its tail between its legs after a Russian aircraft killed it dead in the water, disabled all it’s electronic systems, and then simulated 12 missile attacks on the defenceless destroyer. Read the segment “You don’t have to Hit to Kill’ in the 25thworkshop for more details.

The amount of information delivered in this last quarter of 2014 is so massive that I found I had to muti-task to try and keep up, even just with the weekly Knowledge Seeker workshops. Hence while I was putting the final touches and hyperlinking the 25thworkshop I was listening to the 38thworkshop in December 2014 and heard more about MK’s cooperation with the two governments of Iran and Russia and how advanced they are in developing the New Science. The Fukushima cleanup technology appears to have been developed and used extensively, particularly related to the clean up of radioactive and chemical contaminations of soils and territories. MK claimed that 90% of the territories of Iran have now been cleaned up in this way, using the Gans materials.

It is useless trying to summarise the massive volume of material that has been delivered in the last few months, but these three workshops do a good job in introducing the material. Delivering the Ebola and anti-virus technology to Africa has been another huge success through the nation of Sierra Leone, and this technology has its applications in dealing with all virus and bacterial problems. Also paradoxically, a new Peaceful time on earth appears to have been achieved through the delivery of new technology to the world’s militaries, in a series of private workshops, empowering any nation that wants it with the knowledge of the Oasis system, and other defence systems.


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