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The tenth of 33 books over 4 years of Knowledge Seeker Workshops

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Alekz meeting the Knowledge Seekers


Introduction from KfNz Transcriptions


Morning Session

Afternoon Session


Morning Session

Afternoon Session


Morning Session

Some Diagrams from ET Illustrating Concepts taught in this Workshop

Introduction from KfNz Transcriptions

This is a full transcript of all three days of the 68thSpecial Knowledge Seekers Workshop in which Mr. Keshe brought Knowledge Seeker Alekz Egbaran from England to the Space Ship Institute in Southern Italy. This was a landmark occasion and quite an important one for a lot of Knowledge Seekers out there, as it was the first time any one of the Knowledge Seekers around the world had applied MK’s teachings and obtained amazing results!

This workshop transcription is the work of CJ, chief transcriber at the KfNz, who spent a lot of time on getting every word correct, quite a difficult feat especially considering the fact that often MK made the presentation quite a comedy show with his interuptions, his levity and jokes, his problems with microphones, and his occasional timely transmissions of Universal Knowledge.

In this workshop MK holds up Alekz as the foremost of his Knowledge Seekers, the only one so far to have understood what he was talking about and interpreted that into hardware – easily assembled in anybody’s kitchen, small cells constructed in a few minutes, and then strung together with nano coated copper wire in such a way that he has been supplying not only his own house but the whole street with power, and also he has not put any fuel into his car since March 2015 – coming up to 6 months as of this writing in September 2015… As of this re-edit in February 2016 the process has continued, and the cells have now been refined into split capacitor/batteries to power the Magrav units and the spaceships now being built – but it is still a fascinating thing to go back over the 68thworkshop and appreciate the organic nature of the process.

This edition contains some feedback from Rick Crammond on technical issues that cj needed clarification. It also contains some drawings from the other key member and chief xzyntzt at the KfNz- known to most of us as ET – who has been producing the GANS materials – easily followed in this little manual…

The Intention from the KfNz is to send 19% of profits from this publication back to the Central Kf, and another 19% back to Alekz, according to the ethos of the Keshe foundation of unlimited energy supply, giving and sharing everything openly and transparently, and taking just what we need to build the KfNZ in an organic way…

The beautiful thing about this process of understanding the science is it seems to have the same property as the Nano coating – apparently when one winds nano coated copper wires on the battery electrodes then the whole car gradually gets nano coated as it builds up the storage in the layers. Just as when you wind up Alekz’s cells and attach them to your house mains you make enough energy to supply your neigbours also, and the eventual outcome may be sooner than we expect in terms of lift – vertical and horizontal movement in space.



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