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The thirteenth of 33 books over 4 years of Knowledge Seeker Workshops

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Bi-hemispheric energy field of Pyramid


74th Knowledge Seeker Workshop

Nano & GANS Health Applications

August 13th, 2015

Mike Harris Interview

 August 13th, 2015

Introduction from KfNz Transcriptions

Each Workshop is divided into hyperlinked subject headings chosen to try and summarise the outline of each workshop, so people can navigate to the parts of the workshop they wish to look at. As with the main title headings, the hyperlinks are all 2-way with a link back to the contents of each workshop.

This book is made up of the transcription of Knowledge Seeker Workshop 74 and an interview of Mr. Keshe by Mike Harris on VT radio – both recorded on the same day, August 13th 2015. This workshop is one of our favourites and the longest yet to date – over 5 and a half hours. It is focused on the Health applications breaking through from around the world, and is testimony to what had been promised, that the process of the KS workshops is now moving into a new paradigm, with the teaching emerging from forward thinkers around the world, all taking the ideas and principles of the teachings into developments of new technology. The first of these Knowledge Seekers was Alekz who took the principles into energy technology for cars and houses – in this workshop we had Knowledge Seekers focusing on the Health applications.

So, we have Renan in the Philippines showing his Health pens, Emanuel in Malta delivering trestimonials and case histories from use of his pain pads, and Mike Nashif in Texas developing his nano coated Infinity loops making water out of thin air, and healing people of cancer with a coke bottle looped around with nano coated copper wire and coated with composite Gans… all exciting developments


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