Book 2.5


The twelfth of 33 books over 4 years of Knowledge Seeker Workshops

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MK unveiling the Magrav Technology


Special Knowledge Seekers Workshop

July 28th 2015

The Politics of Peace

72nd Knowledge Seeker Workshop July 30th

July 30th2015

The Greatest Moment in Human History

73rd Knowledge Seeker Workshop

August 6th2015

Deepening into the Greatest Moment

Special Knowledge Seekers Energy Teaching

August 11th2015

A Special Workshop called at short notice to follow up The Greatest Moment in Human History with further information including some warnings and precautions to be taken to prevent high voltage sparks and explosive problems!

 Introduction from KfNz Transcriptions

Each Workshop is divided into hyperlinked subject headings chosen to try and summarise the outline of each workshop, so people can navigate to the parts of the workshop they wish to look at. As with the main title headings, the hyperlinks are all 2-way with a link back to the contents of each workshop.

These are the four dynamite workshops from the end of July running into August 2015, at the end of the European teaching year, in which MK and his team delivered ‘The Greatest Moment in Human History’. Coinciding with a shift away from LUM University and collaboration with Professor Lutzi, to amazing new premises at Barletta with lots more space for laboratory experiments and developments, this evolution was mainly in terms of a shift from the Alekz cell type of technology to nano coated copper coils.

The technological development in the Knowledge Seeker workshops was rightfully preceded by a Special workshop on the Politics of Peace, reminding us all that the whole reason for the existence of the Keshe foundation is the attainment of Peace on this God forsaken planet, and an end to the War machine, labelled by MK “The War Company”. Thus it is very appropriarte that the revelation of the new technology is preceded by a workshop reminding us what it is all about – the Politics of Peace.

The technological shift proved to be so powerful in its potetntial for electrical energy production that MK was prompted to call an urgent workshop following the end of the term to address safety concerns. Working with DC plasma has the potential to produce high voltage sparks which could be potentially disastrous, for example if used alongside Butane/Gas fueled engines – these concerns are comprehensively addressed in the Special Energy Teaching on August 11th which completes this collection of workshops…


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