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The fourteenth of 33 books over 4 years of Knowledge Seeker Workshops

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Model of Kf Space Ship


75th Knowledge Seeker Workshop

August 20th 2015

Humanity is Ready for Deep Space

Ali Muhammad Musa

August 26th 2015

Excerpt from Rick’s Plasma Group Workshop

76th Knowledge Seeker Workshop

August 27th 2015

Sterling Allan gets a Lambasting

77th Knowledge Seeker Workshop

September 3rd, 2015

Agricultural Research in Mexico

and Flooding in Dominica with Tom Salas

Introduction from KfNz Transcriptions

Each Workshop is divided into hyperlinked subject headings chosen to try and summarise the outline of each workshop, so people can navigate to the parts of the workshop they wish to look at. As with the main title headings, the hyperlinks are all 2-way with a link back to the contents of each workshop.

Book 7 of the second Year of workshops is an introduction to the World of Deep Space, and a primer school course on building the spaceship. Starting with Workshop 75 – entitled Humanity is Ready for Deep Spacethe first half of this workshop covers the Health teachings delivered in the previous workshops. This had a purpose he revealed later in the workshop because the space ship construction is based on the same rules as the Body of the Man, and he shows us an AirBus 380 – made out of nuts and bolts and aluminium.

But the structure of the Plasma craft is much easier – so simple its right in front of our eyes, MK says, however we can’t see it because of the blinkers keeping us out of phase with the Plasma. Its OK as all you need is CO2 GANS – which puts out an extremely peaceful plasma field and therefore creates peace everywhere it goes – like in all the health pens and health pads – millions of them constructed around the world and having remarkably rejuvenatory effects on plants, animals, and humans.

It seems it is only a peaceful vibration needed in the GANS of CO2 around the waist to bring a barren womb into fruitfulness. It is the vibration of Peace that does this – however – you have to be careful because this Peaceful Vibration also induces a kind of nymphomania effect and the husband cannot keep up! MK in later workshops makes jokes about the grandmas who will become mamas and they will be laughing all the way to the maternity unit! And it’s the Peace of the Plasma that has this rejuvenatory effect.

The plasma technology is powerful, allowing Freedom from the Planet, but its potential can only be tapped when in a vibration of Peace and Fellowship with the Human race and the planet. So those who try and make a weapon out of it will find their creations coming straight back at them and thus quickly come to a sticky end, thank Goodness! In connection with this it is very comforting to perceive that the Heart and the Soul of the Keshe foundation is recognised in such people as the only 2 surviving Knowledge Seekers from the round table of 2 years ago – Armen and Marko! This is truly the promised day from the Book of Job when the meek shall inherit the earth and grow old like a shock of Corn grows old in its time, and our progeny will be like the grass on the plains, or the grains of sand on the seashore in number – and living in Peace.

The rest of the book introduces Ali Muhammad Musa, also known as Ali Hussein, who surprises Rick’s plasma group workshop suddenly coming online and stating that when he worked for the Turkish military he and his mad cousin and a Turkish airforce pilot built a craft from Tesla coils that were accidentally nano coated when they were overheated and burnt. The next two workshops then, 76 and 77 contained more revelations from Ali, which at the time I thought was so synchronous – it was just the most beautiful timing. In fact, @@ and I got to meet Ali when we visited the SSI in Barletta, where he was sitting in class by himself and going out for a cigarette at each break.

I asked him if he’d had a chance to work on a new craft, but he said no it was a process and he was happy to sit in the workshops and learn more about the spiritual side of the technology. In fact, he had only one question for me – was I afraid of being assassinated? Some of these military types are pretty highly trained and viscious, he intimated. Was he just discussing his worries or delivering a message from his bosses? I wasn’t sure and decided to give it some more time – as MK said when he took us for a vegan lunch, along with our 3 friends in the Chinese delegation who were also vegan (which took him a long time to find in Italy and therefore we were almost 2 hours late for the afternoon Health workshop) “I believe everything is happening at the right time and the right pace – you just have to be patient!”

Whatever the case, shortly after this I believe Ali must have moved back to Cyprus – and on a recent workshop MK mentioned his coming to Barletta as one of his biggest mistakes. Funnily enough however, it was another Ali, living in Vancouver, Canada, who for a while took over leadership of the science groups around the planet putting their spaceships together… and last week in February 2016 the space ship blueprints were finally released – before their time MK said, as a couple of national security services had stolen the blueprints, so he wanted to put them on the table for everybody.

This series of workshops is also the time when the rift between DL and MK opened up and transformed into an uncrossable chasm, and we mention some of the stories in the introductions to each workshop. After this 2ndseries of 7 books I did not pick up the thread again till after the 44thHealth workshop on 20thOctober, from where I started making notes on the Knowledge Seeker and Health workshops and posting them on the Kf New Zealand facebook site.

As of this date the teachings, now coming from Dubai the City of Peace, have morphed into 2 public workshops a week, the Knowledge Seeker workshops on a Thursday – often up to 6 hours, this weeks being 103! – and a new International Workshop on the Tuesday, with the focus being on health. In addition, there are regular Rick plasma group meetings once a week, and more and more teachers around the world like Mike Nashif, Renan and Vernie in the Philippines, and Tom Salas now delivering their own workshops.

As for the process of World Peace, which the Kf is all about, Peace starts in one’s heart and brainstem, then emanates out affecting all it touches. But it seems the CO2 and Zinc GANS is a big help, and now, in New Zealand at least, we are hopefully entering an age of abundance and prosperity with enough love, money and energy to go around and fulfil every body’s deepest desires (including soon the wherewithal to publish and promote these books much more widely) as well as delivering World Peace for One Planet, One Race, One Nation.

As in the preceding books, the chapter headings and hyperlinks are deliberately selected so you can get the big picture by just reading though the contents, and then if you wish to dive deeper in to any particular subject it is only one click away!


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