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The eighth of 33 books over 4 years of Knowledge Seeker Workshops

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66thKnowledge Seeker Workshop

The Working of the Planet

June 18th, 2015

12th Chinese Workshop

Chinese smelling Watermelons

June 9th, 2015

33rd Health Workshop

Schizophrenia & Nymphomania

June 9th, 2015

34th Health Workshop

Making the Cup of Life

Introduction from KfNz Transcriptions

Each Workshop is divided into hyperlinked subject headings chosen to try and summarise the outline of each workshop, so people can navigate to the parts of the workshop they wish to look at. As with the main title headings, the hyperlinks are all 2-way with a link back to the contents of each workshop. This is Book One of the Second Set of Keshe workshop books published by Kf New Zealand Transcriptions.

The first set of books basically covered the first year of Knowledge Seeker workshops and was the sole work of © from transcribing to editing to kindle publishing, first of all as a way of understanding the teachings, secondly to share them with anybody interested, and thirdly by putting the minimum price set by kindle to try and generate some funds and energy for the Kf New Zealand Transcription team. The first set of 7 books, reflecting the Kf logo of the time, tracked the mysterious timing of the beginning of the Knowledge Seeker Workshops under the first of the 4 blood moon eclipses shortly before Naw Ruz (Persian New Year) of 2014 to MK’s announcement at the Vatican under the summer solstice in Rome that he was the Messiah!

Meeting MK in South Italy on the Spring Break of 2015, he gave his approval to the process of building the Kf New Zealand, as he had previously announced in Workshop 33 he wanted the whole world to replicate this type of work – giving everything heart and soul, then taking what you need to build the structure of your space craft – not forgetting that even though everybody is excited by the unlimited energy and freedom from the grid, the real purpose of the Keshe foundation is to take Man on Earth to meet brothers and sisters Man in Space. Furthermore his quick acceptanceof 19% made me convinced that he IS important because he accepted the God payment- a Baha’i concept – Huqúqu’lláh(Arabic: ‫ﺣﻘﻮﻕ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ‎, “Right of God”), .

Although he is not affiliated with any religions including rhe Baha’i faith MK’s family is several generations of Baha’i and even Babi and it is easy to decipher from these workshops he had a deep learning in Zoroastrian history and faith – with some revelations about Mithra and Moses – and it is also true that he is descended from Moses and Aaron, and a lineage of Kings and Pharaohs before them, being a Cohen or bloodline descendant of the line of priests, exactly the same as John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth. Equally on his Father’s side he is a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be on His Name), and when we went to see him at Barletta during this second year of Workshops he did seem to have access to some very high, perhaps archangelic, assistance in his teaching, at one point drawing on the board in response to my probing questions where he was speaking from in mans evolution from walking on two legs, to 2 wheels and 4 wheels and then beyond in larger and larger craft to where he was in the 10thdimension!

This second set of books carry the transcriptions of cj, who with a concerted effort over several months delivered word for word transcriptions of workshops 66 to 77, delivered in the period from June through to September 2015, starting at LUM University near Bari, and moving half way through this period to the new SSI building in Barletta. These transcripts were stitched into 7 more little books, reflecting the teachings of the Second Year under the 4thBlood Moon Eclipse, culminating on October 16thin his giveaway of Magrav Power Devices for House and Car to any of the World’s Nations Ambassadors who might turn up, (which we observed were just a handful and mostly from Africa.)

The last book in the first series was Book 1.7 – THE PEACE ROAD MAP – which was just the hard hitting Knowledge Seeker Workshop 64, as well as the actual document of the Peace Road Map, and the thread was picked up in this Book 1 of Series 2, at Workshop 66, which is a very powerful transmission about the true life of the planet in the plasma beings residing in the plasma clouds, oil, and lava. It also contains instructions for the awakened people of the earth to bring swift consciousness change in humanity with use of the star formation of plasma reactors, to enforce the Peace Road Map. The associated Health and Chinese workshops, which were in fact given the week before Workshop 66, give some more details on how to make these systems.

The achievement of the Peace Road Map, although MK says it is already a done deal, is going to take a coordinated effort by the awakened people of the Earth, the people who have illumined their souls through IGNITION OF LIGHT and are able to truly understand and enact the instructions given in Workshop 66 – which has to be our favourite workshop, in its mind- expanding descriptions of the true life and working of our Planet.

Hence Knowledge Seeker Workshop 66 is an initiation and introduction to the beautiful being that we have come to think of as our home, as MK said, an introduction to THE WORKING OF THE PLANET, our spaceship, Mother Earth, Gaia, Papatuanuku,and all the other names of the Earth Goddess and the beautiful beings she is made of… from the sky beings above our heads, the sylph clouds, down to the organic life forms of the oil, the lavaand volcanos… {Maori mythological lore has names for these vast beings, for example – ‘Ruau Moko’ – The Unborn Child – who lives in the volcanic fault lines, and – Hawaiian ‘Pele’ – the Volcanic female energy of the Great Mountain of Hawaii.}

Workshop 66 includes instructions to all those who are tuned into this level of consciousness on how to enforce the World Peace Treaty! It is not himself who will be doing this, MK says, it is We Earth Humans who are starting to get an inkling of the true standing of mankind, how ignorant blind deaf and dumb we are when it comes to relating to the planetary and universal intelligence. As MK says it won’t take many of us and all we have to do is understand what he is saying in these workshops. WS 66 contains (literally) the guts of it, why we are in the mess we are in, and how to reverse that by building reactors to influence the consciousness around us. It will be a process of making us smell whatever we are eating – do we want to smell roses or do we want to smell shit?!

So, Health Workshop 34 contains the technical instructions on how to build these reactors or CUPS OF LIFE, and Chinese Workshop 12 the example of how a Chinese group have managed to achieve this, by introducing the smell of watermelon into water without any direct contact with the water. It was at the end of Chinese workshop 12 that MK promised to disclose the secrets of the structure of the Cup of Life, which he then delivered in Health workshop 34.

A week or two later it all became much more clear when Alekz came on board and showed everybody how he had been making power units, and pain pads, and car supplies, and cups of life – all completely revealed in the form of a recipe book in BOOK 2.3, a transcription of all three days of WORKSHOP 68 – A NEW TECHNOLOGY TO FREE HUMANITY– All amazing revelations to those who understand…

Health Workshop 33 is included also, though it was actually transcribed in the hunt for the material in Workshop 34. We listened several times to KSWS66, in which MK referred to the important Health workshop and Knowledge seeker workshops relating to it. Transcriber cj first delivered 33, and we soon found it was the wrong one, but it was very interesting in itself being a dive into the phenomenon of Schizophrenia and Nymphomania. Hence we included WS33, realising that it’s relevance was in opening up the real structure of the human soul and how one or more personalities can exist in one body, and how we are all of us on this planet schizophrenic, being stuck between two different realities of the Matter condition and the Plasma condition… As cj jointed out this is perhaps no better illustrated than in our friend DL, on the one hand the angry Dirk (knife) and on the other the sweet and full-of-rainbow-light patent designer and artist extraordinaire…

BOOK 2.1 is a recipe book, an instruction manual on how to exist in harmony with our living space craft, the mother Earth. More than that it also contains instructions on how to rid the earth of the parasitic structures, and the people that control them, that have kept mankind captive in slavery for so many thousands of years. Thus it is also an instruction manual on how to enforce the Peace Road Map, and if you read carefully between the layers, you will find it is very simple to follow the instructions, and thus enforce Peace on Planet Earth.


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