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Of Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seeker Workshops



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Lynn & Paul

From Yellowstone

In the Greater Caldera

From where the Synopses flowed

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Knowledge Seeker teachings for the Children

Of Countless Generations in All the Worlds of God

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Cover: Flint’s Cover for Workshop 158




Book 3.3 A Tragic Event, And Critical Injuries for the Kf Family

A Whole University Curriculum


A Shocking Event for the Kf Family

MK announces the death of Fabio and critical injuries of Naomi

An Illustrated transcription from Richard

Fabio’s death was not an accident.

Book 3.4 Dynamic Systems, and the Case of the Disappearing Balls.

Iodine for the Soul

Fabio’s death was a murder

Dynamic Systems and Spinning Balls

MK, Armen, Rick, and Carolina

The Disappearing Ball

Douglas explains the experiment

Book 3.5 A Working Power Generator, and a Visit to the White House


Sugar, Salt, Acid, Alkaline

Good news about Naomi

Douglas presents a Working Model

The Path to the White House

We will make a stand as One Nation, One Planet, One Race

Douglas makes his Hero’s Journey

Meeting in the McClendon Room

Generator Developments

Book 3.6 An Earthquake in Italy, and the 2nd U.C. Conference in Rome

Part 1. Focused on the Earthquake

Part 2. Focused on the Soul

Opening the Medical Technology

Amazing Revelations

Report on the 2nd UC Conference

Universal Council Purpose 

The Cape Canaveral explosion of the SpaceX rocket

Book 3.7 The Power of the Plasma, and it’s Use by the Universal Council.

The New Oil Well

The Power of the Universal Council

Moving into Spaceship Construction

A Plasma tour of America

Book 3.8 A New Dawn in Africa, And the Birth of the Earth Council

At the Ghana Science Conference

Introducing the Earth Council

The Beginning of MOZHAN Training

Alekz tunes in from Nigeria

Teachings for the Universal Community

Book 3.9 A Spaceship in Arizona, And Teachings on the Flight of the Soul

An introduction to the Books of the Soul

Jimmy and Lisa’s Lettuce

CO2 GANS is non-toxic to Animals

Jon Bliven presents his Spaceship

Deepening into the Delta Configuration

Book 4.1 What is God? Exploring the Soul of the Man.

How Humankind relates to its Creator

A dive into the Mysteries of the Soul

Plasma solutions for the Italian Earthquake

A look at Human Religions

Book 4.2 The Red Circle, And the Crimes of the King’s Men.

Healing Disease in Africa

Jon’s Spaceship is off the Floor

There Shall be No State of Israel!

Getting back to the Soul

Book 4.3 African Genesis, The World Kf Centre moves to Ghana

Hydrogen GANS in Spaceship Development

Developing Standard Measurements

Deep Space opens the Soul of the Man

Reunion with the Universal Community

Notes regarding the case of Sterling D Allen and the death of Judge Antonin Scalia

Book 4.4 The Science Conference in Rome, and the 3rdUC Conference

Calling from Ghana

Return from Africa to Italy

The Rome Science Conference

No Doctor has ever stood still to ask the question of Water in the Lungs…

New Introductory Video shown at the Rome Science Conference with Summary of Kf applications

Book 4.5 The Alchemy of Elements, Gold and a Cure for Cancer

Calling from Dubai

Carolina’s time to Teach

The Day after the Cancer Blueprints

A Religious History Lesson

Book 4.6 A Huge Disclosure, And a New Cycle of Teachings

A New Cycle of Teaching

A Disclosure of Everything

May I say one thing? 171 is the number 9.

A Media Push with Interviews

Book 4.7 The War Machine, And the Blueprint for Peace

A Blockbuster Criminal Exposure

Alzheimer’s, MS, ALS, and the Soul

More on the Global War Machine

Blueprint for Peace in the Islamic World

Book 4.8 The Blueprints for Peace, Elevating the Souls of the War Mongers

Elevating the Souls of the Warmongers

Blueprint for Peace for Humanity

Naomi is recovering

Historical teachings on Nuclear Physics

 Book 4.9 One Planet, One Nation, The Signing of the World Peace Treaty

Going back to Sword and Arrow

The Signing of the World Peace Treaty

One Planet, One Nation, One Race

And Naomi Wakes Up!

Book 4.X The Soul of the Man, And the Workings of the New Earth

The Workings of the New Earth

Teaching on Creation of Matters

Decontamination from Radioactivity

Hurricane Maria strikes Dominica

Final Words on the Soul of the Man

Other works from KfNz Transcriptions

The Gardeners & Growers Workshops

The Plasma Basics series

Fraz Frazzle’s Amazing workshops



This book is a hyperlinked guidebook for the 19 books of the Year 3 and 4 Weekly Knowledge Seeker Workshops delivered in 2016 and 2017 by Iranian Nuclear Physicist and Engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, known to most people as ‘Mister Keshe’, and henceforth referred to in this book as MK.

The chapters of my personal story of investigation of the Keshe foundation and the remarkable synchronicity that occurred on this journey has been dissected and excised from this book. The missing chapters have sensitive material and remain unpublished for various reasons including the protection of my medical career, so will remain unpublished till the time is safe and opportune, which is when Book 53, A PLASMA SCIENCE PHENOMENON – The Personal Journey of a Knowledge Seeker will see the Light of Day. Book Number 53 contains the story of my personal investigation into the Keshe Foundation and its new paradigm knowledge, and meetings with many Knowledge Seekers around the world through the 3rd and 4th Years of the Knowledge Seeker Workshops in 2016 and 2017.

This book follows on from The Keshe Foundation Phenomenon, which was the story of the first two years of Knowledge Seeker workshops from NawRuz 2014, containing teachings on Plasma Chemistry, Plasma Physics, Plasma Biology, and the rest, and also Kf Knowledge Seeker activities and growth around the world under the 4 blood moon eclipses over Easter and the Feast of Tabernacles in 2014 and 2015. In these workshops the Bahá’í connection and indeed its Badíʿ calendar, were found to be synchronously enmeshed with the Kf process at the highest level, as I started to think that the Kf Plasma science might indeed be the Science of Transmutation of Elements that the Blessed Beauty promised in the last words of His Most Holy Book Kitab-i-Aqdas. Hence, as in Book 1 there were scattered references by MK to the Knowledge that came from his Zoroastrian Bahá’í background, so indeed in this book there is even more deepening into the Knowledge of the Bahá’í faith, and in my personal investigation journey even direct contact with the Universal House of Justice in Haifa.

The underlying goal for all the activities, as MK pointed out many times, is the attainment of Peace on Earth, and all the scientific developments are secondary to this, although indeed the Science of Transmutation and Manifestation of elements and energy is a true paradigm breaker, as things can now be calculated with infinite resources available, and there is no more need for competition or wars anymore!

Therefore, a new organization of the planet is also necessary and one major theme emerging in Years 3 and 4 is the idea of One Planet, One Nation, One Race. So, if we are all one tribe, then the best way of talking with each other is through different languages, and not Nations. The main achievement of Years 3 and 4 is therefore in the further development of the Universal Council of 144 World languages, with the 2nd and 3rd UC Conferences through these years, both of which we attended in Rome. This then led at the end of the book to the signing of the World Peace Treaty on August 2nd, 2017, MKs 59thbirthday.

As MK promised also, the Year 4 Teachings led ever more profoundly into the Knowledge of the Structure and Anatomy of the Human Soul which we need to first rediscover before we can again learn how to communicate with the Universal Communities in the skies above and in other dimensional levels of reality through all the Worlds of God. This is a pre-requisite for us to have permission to travel in the Cosmos. The 9 Year 3 books then, including Books 3.1 and 3.2 covered in PHENOMENON, are a story of scientific developments in Energy Systems, Agricultural Systems, Health Systems, Oasis Defence systems and Flight Systems, and then the 10 Books of Year 4 Workshops are in fact The Books of the Soul drawing us back into Spiritual knowledge and awareness of many more dimensional levels of reality, with which humanity has lost touch in the last few millennia.


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