The personal journey of a Knowledge Seeker investigating just who is Mr Keshe and what is he offering to the world? Covering the first 2 Years of Knowledge Seeker Workshops.




The First Two Years of Knowledge Seeker Workshops 



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The First Year of Workshops

Book 1.1 A New Day on Earth

Book 1.2 A New Science

The Blood Moon Eclipse in New Zealand

Synchronising with the Badí’ Calendar

The First Meeting with Stirling Allan

Book 1.3 The Science Messiah

Introducing Dr. Eliya Kostova

Dr. Yvan’s Witness Account


Book 1.4 The Cup of Life

Book 1.5 Ignition of Light

The Crop Circle Connection

The Spring Break Journey of 2015

A Spring Break on the 3rd Blood Moon

Following the Templars and the Cathars

A Visit with Dan Winter and Valerie.

A meeting with MTK & Carolina

Understanding our Misfortunes

Full Circle on the 3rdBlood Moon

Calculating the Costs and Profits and how a little synchronicity can help the equation

Revisiting the Journey

Ridvan BE 172 and a New Revelation

The Relationship of God to His Manifestations and Prophets

Is Mr. Keshe a Prophet of God?

Research on Extra-terrestrial Origins.

A Mine Rich in Gems of Inestimable Value

The S-word in the S-tone

The Real Mr. Keshe

The Cup of Life

The Consolamentum of the Cathari

The Healing of ©’s Nose

Time for Peace on Earth

Dreams coming True

A Conversation with Dan Winter about Keshe and Plasma Science

The Blood Moon Eclipses

The Power of Eclipse Cycles

The Threat of Death and Assassination

The Oasis System

Workshop 64 and the Peace Road map

Book 1.7 The Peace Road Map

The Second Year of Workshops

Book 2.1 The Working of the Planet

Book 2.2 The Searl Solution

Book 2.3 A New Technology to Free Humanity

Book 2.4 From Matter to Plasma

Book 2.5 The Greatest Moment in Human History

Book 2.6 Plasma Health Applications

Enter Mike Harris, Brett, Gordon Duff, & Colonel Hanke

Book 2.7 We are Ready for Deep Space

The Ambassador Meeting in Rome

Returning to Oz and Planning a Pilgrimage

Communication about the Logo

A New Logo and more Dreams

The Rome Ambassadors Meeting

A Visit to Barletta

Pilgrimage to Adrianople and Akka

Nine Months of Workshop Notes

Book 3.1 The First Book of Notes

Carolina on how to make Balls of Light

Mike Nashif’s Infinity Workshops

The Health Blueprints

The Energy of Iboga

The Workshops in Book 3.1

Opposition growing to Kf

A Connection with a King

Notes from the Visit to Barletta

Lots of Medical Questions

Meeting Douglas in Tennessee

A Diatribe against the Paedophiles

The Austrian Plasma Energie Team

It’s All for Peace

Iboga Conference in Tepoztlan Mexico

Book 3.2 The Second Book of Notes

Book 3.2 The Earth Shift

I have News for You!

We did not Escape to Dubai

Back in the Deep South

Recovery and Inspiration in the Midmost Heart of the Ocean

Jimmy & Lisa MacDonald and Plasma in Agriculture

Noah and the Great Earth Shift

The 1st Universal Council Conference in Dubai

Radioactive Contamination a Huge Threat and Ever-Present Problem.

A Birthday with the Dogs

Peace through Plasma

Man does not enter into space as inferior.

The Alchemy of Metals and Planets

Many Health Units around the World

A New Zealand Magrav Health Unit

The Alchemy of Elements

Field Plasma and a Flying house in NZ

Rules for Universal Council Members

Dr. Rodrigo, Subsistence on Magnesium, and Zero Time Travel  

A Presentation from the Ghana Soap Team

The Future of the SSI depends on crystallisation!

Deeper into the Earth shifts and beyond…



February 2014 was the month that my life changed when I fell off the roof of our Herbal Clinic and Café in New Zealand and fractured my ribs and spine. It was the first “break” I’d had for a long while, in fact it was about 33 years since I had decided to return home from my first Big OE and continue my medical studies in 1981, and 20 years since I had moved back to full time medical work in the Far North. Although painful and stressful at first, after a month I was up and about and relaxed into a 3-month period in which my main responsibility was baking the daily gluten free bread for the family.

After the first month lying flat on my back like a stunned mullet I was able to get up on the couch and watch some Youtube Videos. I was excited to discover that this strange and curious Iranian Nuclear engineer I had noticed back in 2011 had begun sharing his knowledge widely on the internet, with whomever would listen, even with our own cheeky kiwi interviewer, Vinny Eastwood; which I think resulted in one of his best and most amusing interviews ever, although from the Youtube comments a lot of people were embarrassed or even offended by Vinny! LOL!

Why Good Technology is Censored or Stolen Mehran Tavakoli The Keshe Foundation June 6 2012

Back in 2011 I was in the habit, in between my Emergency Department shifts, of listening to Red Ice Radio interviews, and one day I caught Heinrich interviewing an Iranian guest, Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, henceforth referred to in this book as MK, about the technology he said he shared with the Iranian government in 2007.

Out of this work, he said, the Iranians had developed a flying craft with abilities they demonstrated to the world on December 2011, on which date they plucked one of the most advanced American military drones, an RQ-170 Sentinel Stealth drone, from high altitude, where it had ‘strayed’ into Iranian airspace, and bringing it down to the ground intact. They were to do the same thing exactly 1 year later in December 4th, 2012. MK explained how the Iranian craft captured the US aircraft by expanding its field to include the drone, then with a field of energy disabling the self-destruct mechanism, it brought the military hardware down to the ground, still alive but impotent.

It all seemed to be too good to be true! This was the first time I had heard evidence of any nation successfully thumbing its nose at the evil empire; the trans-national military industrial complex that President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the world about back in the late 1950s, and which had now brought rape pillage and warfare to one country after another in continuous succession since WWII, and which no-one, till now, had been able to do anything about. This was a totally exciting development, even if it was from the Iranian Government, which was well known for its human rights abuses and murders of the Bahá’ís of Iran, some of the most peace loving and beautiful people on the planet!

On the Red Ice interview MK followed this example of how his plasma technology could be applied, by introducing some basic concepts of the technology, which appeared to be most easily understood by the process of Nano-coating copper. At that point in 2011 I introduced this to a good friend of mine known to friends as ET who went ahead and made some experiments with Nano coating copper, and winding coke bottles with Nano coated copper wire. There were indeed some anomalous findings from the process that could not be explained by modern physics.

From this brief exposure in 2011 I went on with my life, working as a Rural Hospital Emergency doctor, and with @@ also treating people for drug and alcohol addiction at our Iboga clinic in the Far North of New Zealand, till mid 2013, when a patient at our clinic died during treatment, and we had to cease these treatments. Then in February 2014 my fall off the roof brought an enforced break (fracture) in my busy life, and it was not only time to review everything, but it was also time to lie on the couch for a few months and watch some videos.

I discovered that MK, known by most people simply as ‘Mister Keshe’ had started a teaching process on the internet, coordinated by the interest of two Canadians from opposite sides of Canada, Rick and Vince. So, through the years of 2012 and 2013, about once a month MK came online and gradually started the process of opening up the minds of a few people to his understandings of the new plasma technology. Through this time, he also shared what he knew with whomever would listen, for example with well-known new paradigm interviewers like Kerry Cassidy of the Camelot Project YouTube channel, and Alfred Lambremont Webre of, and even our own Vinny Eastwood among many many others.

My fall off the roof in February 2014 appears now over 4 years later to have been impeccably timed to draw me into the process of MK’s Knowledge Seeker Workshops, as he started a formal teaching program, with a table of 8 Knowledge Seekers in Northern Italy, but also shared on the internet on livestream in the form of a weekly 4-hours+ Knowledge Seeker workshop, every Thursday morning at 9am Central European Time.

My enforced 2 months on the couch gave me a unique opportunity to focus on these teachings, exactly at the time they started, in a way that was based on experimentation and hands-on discovery of the new technology. As MK stated from the beginning, he was only going to share knowledge and expand upon it if knowledge seekers discovered breakthroughs themselves, and asked questions. It was not going to be ‘monkey see, monkey do’; people would have to experiment themselves with the new technology and thus learn by experience. In this way people’s consciousness would expand in an organic way and not get beyond their capacity to handle the new understanding of the Universe. Right at the beginning he said,

“Welcome to the Village of the Universe!”

In March 2014 there was a ramp-up in the release of the knowledge when he revealed the attempts of a Belgian assassination squad to take his life, and at around the same time a Taiwanese group released the USB stick with 5 patents for plasma and spaceship technology on the World Wide Web, to be quickly downloaded millions upon millions of times worldwide; the genie was out of the bottle. This process was also mysteriously coincidental with another phenomenon that was widely reported on the world wide web, of 4 sequential ‘blood moon eclipses’, which were all on Jewish Christian and Pagan holy days, the first one being on Easter 2014, and which marked the beginning of the Knowledge Seeker workshop program.

So, from that time in March 2014 I was drawn into the process of the release of the New Knowledge, and spent the next 4 years, till June 2018 at the time of this writing, making transcripts or notes on Keshe foundation workshops, or editing the work of several other transcribers. Out of that process at the time of this writing I have just today, June 23rd 2018,  published the final and 33rdbook of Knowledge Seeker Workshop transcriptions as well as numerous other works of Keshe related material, which by the end of this year will make up another 19 books, or 52 books in total, which in time will all be available on

In addition, there is another set of potential books from the Health and medical workshops that may come to another 10 books of transcripts, and could eventually be also published at some point if we can get agreement from both MK and Carolina, and Bulgarian Dr. Eliya Kostova, who coordinated the first 26 health workshops, and then Dr. Klaus the coordinator of the Private Medical teachings from about May 2016, from which we have good notes or transcriptions on approximately 25- 30 medical workshops, and which I have promised Azar, the bright star of the Medical class, MK’s beloved nemesis and the most persistent questioner of his statements, that I will collate them into a Medical text book for her publisher.

During the time of this whole process, from August 2014, my wife referred to in these notes as @@, took her son, and my youngest step-son, referred to as K, to a Bahá’í inspired school in South Bohemia, in the Czech Republic. This was something we had been thinking about and planning for years, since our Bahá’í marriage in 2006. The day I fell off the roof in February 2014 was the day before I was to start a long stint working till August in my profession of Rural Emergency Medicine, in Australia, and then the plan was to join @@ and K at the Townsend International School in the Czech Republic for 3 to 5 years of schooling for the young man.

The fall off the roof put an end to that plan as it severely restricted my ability to make enough money to free us from our mortgage outgoings, renovation costs, and other family expenses in New Zealand. So instead of moving to the Czech Republic, I stayed working in Australia and for the next 3 years made on average 4 long haul flights a year to the Czech Republic. Through these years I was not only able to establish about 7 or 8 meetings with MK and his wife Carolina, but on the long night shifts at the hospital in Australia I also had the hermit time available for me to continue the process of collecting notes and transcriptions for 3 years, from about July 2014 through to August 2017, at which time the Synopses from Lynn of Montana dried up, and @@ returned to NZ Aotearoa.

For the first 2 years of transcription books I collected Knowledge Seeker Workshop transcriptions and included my own notes and introductory comments at the beginning of each workshop to provide some continuity and a historical timeline, sending each book to MK by email for his information. But in March 2018, after a long break in contact with MK and Carolina when I published a set of 9 books of Year 3 notes and transcriptions, I was asked by MK and Carolina to take them down, and heard MK saying on the next KSW that this was because they were not his work. Contact with the Medical class made me understand that the attacks on the Keshe foundation in Europe were pretty intense and they did not wish to have this sort of publicity at the moment. I think in retrospective some of the titles were a bit over the top as well. J

So, over the next few months, from March through to June 2018, all the books were thoroughly edited to remove my own observations, historical timeline, and personal experience out of the transcription books, leaving them as pretty much word for word transcripts of the workshops with the briefest of introductory comments. All of my own notes and comments were taken out of the transcription books and grafted into this story.

This then is Book 1, covering the first 2 years of my personal journey through 4 years of investigating this interesting Iranian Nuclear Engineer and his Belgian wife, meeting many great Knowledge Seekers in many different countries, attending several different Keshe Conferences, and obsessively and continuously taking notes and transcriptions, to try and understand better just what he was delivering for humanity.


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