Book 3.3


The third of the Year 3 transcription books


Year Three Book Three 

Transcriptions of Knowledge Seeker Workshops  and International Workshops from June & July 2016

 Cover Picture: Fabio and Naomi


 Each Workshop is divided into hyperlinked subject headings chosen to try and summarise the outline of each workshop, so people can navigate to the parts of the workshop they wish to look at. As with the main title headings, the hyperlinks are all 2-way with a link back to the contents of each workshop.

This book is entitled A TRAGIC EVENT – And Critical Injuries for the Kf Family, as the workshops encompassed the sad period for the Keshe family when Fabio was killed on the Highway near Barletta, and Naomi received critical injuries that put her in a coma for some months.

Knowledge Seeker Workshop 120 – Part 1

30thJune 2016

A Whole University Curriculum

Knowledge Seeker Workshop 120 – Part 2

30thJune 2016


22nd International Workshop

 July 5th2016

The Planned Last International Teaching

23rd International Workshop

12thJuly 2016

A Shocking Event for the Kf Family

 121st Knowledge Seeker Workshop

14thJuly 2016

Illustrated Transcription from Richard

Including Memorial for Fabio

 Introduction June 2018

This book covers the period from June 30ththrough to the 14thJuly 2016. This was an action-packed two weeks which stunned the whole Keshe foundation family, including Mr Keshe, when his main technical assistant, that he depended on for technical assistance, and loved to insult in a friendly and joking manner, the young Fabio Alfonso, was killed on the Italian Freeway near Barletta after the Wednesday afternoon Doctor’s workshop, and his girlfriend Naomi, Giovanni’s daughter was terribly injured and in a coma.

The previous Knowledge Seeker Workshop 120 was divided in two parts. The first part was a huge and fascinating University Curriculum in itself, with teachings from Ghana and Togo in Africa, and a world-wide development of Magrav workshops started by Farhad Amini in Deutschland.

The International Workshop 22 that followed it was similar with some gardening applications from Douglas from Tennessee and Paul from Togo.

The second part of KSW 120 was a hard-hitting Disclosure by Mr Keshe of his past, how he came out of Iran and then at St Mary’s College in London had dealings with the world’s Military organizations and security agencies like MI6 and CIA and NASA who were all interested in his technological discoveries with Plasma physics. MK in the end refused to share his technology with anyone for offensive purposes, and settled in Belgium, marrying a Belgium wife, and living in Belgium for the last few decades. Here he tried to develop his technology for peaceful purposes, but was always blocked for some reason.

For years he did not realize why he was being blocked but at length, he found out that his main friend and helper through a decade or two, the decorator of his books and the producer of his patents, a man everybody knows as DL, but who MK refers to almost exclusively now as Red Circle, was actually a deep cover agent for the King of Belgium and his whole network of pedophiles, and experts in the arts of assassination of scientists to get their knowledge and their patents.

The Red Circle was apparently an oblique reference to a Sherlock Homes book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in which the reader will find exposed a gang of pedophiles, that stretches up to the highest offices of the land, to the very top to the Royalty, and under them to the Justices of the Peace, who help their own stay out of the clutches of the law, and even to the priests and heads of many churches, the worst of the lot being the Vatican.

As we recorded in the Year 2 books many people were shocked and horrified almost a year before this, when MK spent a couple of hours bad-mouthing Sterling Allan, on the surface a well-known free energy researcher on the www with a website visited by many thousands and known as PESWIKI. The backlash was quite hard, almost killing the internet presence of the Keshe foundation. As of this edit Rick was heard saying only yesterday in Workshop 204, that he still could not login to Livestream with his original email address, as that was still banned.

However, a few months later we witnessed the drama in which Sterling Allan was arrested and convicted of raping his own daughters, and his computer he voluntarily turned over to FBI agents, where it exposed a massive global pedophile network of around 70,000 members, including many houses of royalty, and many priests of many Religions. The first casualty of this exposure was Chief US Justice Antonin Scalia who was summoned to the White House where he received a plain manila envelope and was suicided a day or two later at the Texas Ranch of his particular branch of the network…

Now in 2018 we are seeing increasing numbers of mass arrests of criminal pedophile gangs and the evil conspirators that created ISIS and terrorist armies are being increasingly exposed in public, though the mass majority of the 7 Billion odd sheeple graze happily on their daily diet of TV and Fake News.

IN any case the backlash to THIS DISCLOSURE of DL and Red Circle was even harder than that of Sterling Allan’s exposure, and brought the whole Keshe worldwide family to tears, including MK himself the following week in the Last International Workshop Number 23, after the terrible even happened, and Fabio and Naomi’s car was taken out by a couple of Bulgarian trucks, by all accounts.

In IW 23 MK’s grief took him into an awesome soliloquy on our contact with Universal Community and how the World leaders and the Illuminati will soon be a forgotten memory. He then promised that he would show the whole world how to get rid of the Illuminati predator controllers of humankind on the Knowledge Seeker workshop the coming Thursday the 14thof July.

What happened was the amazing Knowledge Seeker Workshop 121, on July the 14th, which started with a beautiful memorial put together by friends of Fabio and Naomi, and then leading into some direct action by MK as he told the planetary controllers that their game was over. He then performed some magical rituals with a combination of hand signs associated with a magical kabbalistic formula involving the numbers 14 and 24.

This ancient formula were carefully recorded by a German Knowledge Seeker Richard Gantz, in his new style collaborative unofficial Transcription complete with many pictures. MTK in his anger then assigned all religions to oblivion, and especially the one started by his ancestor Moses that has ended up costing so many millions of human lives, and vast oceans of terrible human suffering, in endless wars on the planet for millennia.

The real depth to these hand signs and verbal magical utterance will probably not be realized by the vast majority of humanity, but indeed, as with the demise of Stirling Allan, the controllers of the planet do indeed with the Trump era appear to be losing control of the planet, and their numerous attempts to incite WWIII appear not to be working, although the war on Terror has consumed many millions of innocent victims though the Middle East.


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