Book 3.9


The ninth and last of the Year 3 transcriptions books


Year Three Book Nine

Transcription of Knowledge Seeker Workshops 147 to 150 in November & December 2016

Cover Picture  Jon Bliven at the SSI Arizona

Each Workshop is divided into hyperlinked subject headings chosen to try and summarise the outline of each workshop, so people can navigate to the parts of the workshop they wish to look at. As with the main title headings, the hyperlinks are all 2-way with a link back to the contents of each workshop.

This book is entitled A SPACESHIP IN ARIZONA – And Teachings on the Flight of the Soul, as several meetings with Jon Bliven and his spaceship construction are featured in these workshops, and there are also the beginnings of some deep teachings on the nature of the human soul and its flight path, which will be the underlying theme of the 2017 workshops in Year 4 – The Books of the Soul.

Introduction June 2018

147thKnowledge Seeker Workshop

24thNovember 2016

Jimmy and Lisa’s Lettuce

 148thKnowledge Seeker Workshop

1stDecember 2016

CO2 GANS is non-toxic to Animals

149thKnowledge Seeker Workshop

8thDecember 2016

Jon Bliven presents his Spaceship

 150thKnowledge Seeker Workshop

15thDecember 2016

Deepening into the Delta Configuration


Introduction June 2018

 This is the last of this series of Nine books that make up the Year3 series of Keshe foundation Knowledge Seeker Workshop Transcriptions. Coincidentally one of the last hyperlinks inserted in the navigation of this text book was Rick confirming that, even though we were writing in Year 4 more than a year ahead, and listening simultaneously to the same teachings but a lot deeper in WS212, our timing in the synchronicity of these amazing transformational events in time and space is impeccable…

“Today at 150, its nearly 3 years of these weekly KS workshop programs and its many hundreds of hours of teachings, probably in the range of 500 or 600 hours, so we’re happy to hear once again from Mr Keshe if he is available…”

Book Nine brings a reminder that the timings of the major Kf events are tied profoundly into the Baha’i Calendar. For example, the Opening of the Teachings at the University of Trani 2015, and the 1stUniversal Council meeting in Dubai 2016, were both timed to fall on Ridvan1, the Day in 1863 that Baha’u’llah announced his Mighty Mission. It is becoming more and more clear and evident that the transformation we are seeing around the planet is a manifestation of the writings and prescription of the Immortal Physician, the one referred to in the Persian as the Ancient Beauty, Baha’u’llah.

Not the least of this synchronicity is the fact that Baha’u’llah emerges powerfully in Book NINE, as His technology is also the Nano technology that is in the process of establishing Mashriqu’l-Adkhar, 9-sided Temples at the center of every community, literally translated and deciphered from the Persian to the English as ‘Dawning places of the Remembrance of God’.

The Main theme of these Workshops is the Spaceship in Arizona, and there was some high order synchonicity going on with that whole adventure as well, as while I was editing these workshops I was actually waiting in LA International Airport for a Delta flight to Phoenix to meet Jon Bliven and have a look at his Spaceship, and his Delta configuration. Jon Bliven is not just some New Age theorist, he is a guy that spent many years with Searle as he explained back in Year2 Book2 and has a deep understanding of the physics that made John Searl’s flying saucers fly with neodymium magnets.

Now he is building the first public Keshe foundation Spaceship, which is powerfully palpable as a huge humming pulsing hemispherical toroidal energy field, while also understanding that there are probably approaching millions of Oasis systems and Magrav units around the planet, that are also as revealed in these pages to be only a step or two away from achieving flight condition.

Also in these workshops, as another reminder that this is REAL Spaceship technology, and actually from time to time through this whole book series, are some interesting private reminiscinces of Mr Keshe when he went back to Iran at the invitation of President Ahmedinajad and created the first working flight systems, with half spherical reactors. These are also reminders that the whole political process we see going on around us is just a façade as well, and as Mr Keshe says the war mongering faction have lost control, and their world is going to pieces and Peace in the Plasma.

The real process going on is the Formation of the New Earth with the Earth Council of 6 or 7 continents, and as the 7 billion brain cells start to show signs of waking up the Universal Council of 144 tongues is sorting out how to forge ahead and clean the rivers, clear the radioactive contamination of the planet, create millions of jobs for all the out-of-work millions of military people and priests of religions, and bring the Whole World into a Peaceful civilization of 144 languages.

Talking of the EC, in this book of workshops we also have Jimmy and Lisa making a presentation of their understandings on the use of Plasma in Gardening and Growing, and kicking off their Workshop Series, which have now been transcribed and published on Kindle by KFNZ Transcriptions in a great series of Agricultural teachings and understandings, as Jimmy &Lisa talked to many other knowledge seekers around the world, including the intelligent vertical people like the singing plant seen on this cover communicating with Jimmy, and also including K2 who also appears in this book of transcriptions talking about the living planet.

Also, in this book we have a trial of IV GANS plasma water in cancer treatment kicking off, and lots of research in Universities around the world with a PhD program beginning in Ghana. Dr Klaus is setting up a Plasmapedia or kfwiki for the Medical teachings and then for the public teachings, and through these workshops there are also increasingly deep teachings into the nature structure anatomy and function of the Soul, ably helped along by some powerfully soul searching and penetrating questions and observations from Dr. Azar, a dentist in New York who is now the representative on the Universal Council for the Persian tongue, and also a very active member of the Medical workshop programs for Doctors.

That is also a reminder that these Medical workshops are still open to healers and health practitioners around the planet, and Dr Klaus is going from strength to strength in his knowledge and understanding of the plasma technology as well as taking it into the relam of the Soul and making huge break throughs and understandings on these workshops.

For any healers reading these words the invitation is open to join the class, and when you do you will find that this is not only a health and medical class, but actually a spaceship navigators class, because the ships doctor is also the navigator of the soul ships through time and space, as the souls on each ship come together with their plasma reactors and their Magravs and create a craft between them to travel on the tides and currents of the star fire and then interact with the Invisible Universal Community also known as the Concourse on High.


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