Book 3.1


The first of the Year 3 books


Year Three Book One

Penned Notes on 6 months of Kf Workshops from October 2015 to March 2016.

Penned transcription notes: ©

 Cover Picture:  Mr. Keshe with Fabio 


This book contains penned notes on various Keshe foundation workshops, including Knowledge Seeker workshops, Health workshops, Chinese Workshops, International Workshops, Mike Nashif’s Infinity Project, Rick’s Plasma group from October 2015 to March 2016.

They also include not a few sets of Blueprints; the first being the Magrav Blueprints and the landmark giveaway to the Ambassadors of the World’s nations in October 2015, and then 10 days later the public blueprint release and opening of the Magrav technology in the details of the blue Italian box in October 2015.

This book is entitledTHE MAGRAV BLUEPRINTS, because it began at the time of the Magrav Blueprint teachings, a whole week of workshops in October 2015.

In fact, this book begins a week or two before the Blueprints with Carolina’s teaching in Health Workshop 43 on how to make plasma balls of light with your hands. It ends with a landmark recording from the Private Teachings containing the knowledge of how to use these balls of plasma for communication with the Universal Community, this latter workshop being entitled The Blueprints for Man in Space.


Health Workshop 43 with Carolina

October 13th, 2015

Making Balls of Plasma

Health Workshop 44

October 20th, 2015

Lots of Medical Questions

Knowledge Seeker Workshop 84

October 22nd2015

The Magrav Unit is on the Table

 Health Workshop 45

November 10th2015

Lots more on Health Topics

 Chinese Workshop 18

November 12th2015

The Fat Boy Reactor is ready to fly

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 87

November 12th2015

The Development of the International Keshe foundation

 Health Workshop 46

November 16th2015

Copper Coils and Plasma Pens

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 88

November 19th2015

Reports from Magrav makers and many other topics

 Health Workshop 47

(Also 19th Chinese Workshop)

November 24th2015

The Last Health Workshop

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 89

November 26th2015

The Rule of Nines and other teachings

 Mike Nashif’s Infinity Workshop 1

November 29th

Teachings from Texas

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 90

December 3rd2015

4 videos on making Magrav Units from the Innovation Team

Knowledge Seeker Workshop 91

December 10th2015.

The Use of Quartz Crystal in the Magravs

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 92

December 17th2015.

A review of the last 2 years of teachings

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 93

December 24th2015.

It’s not just Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Knowledge Seeker Workshop 94

December 31st2015.

Celebrating the Last Day of 2015

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 95

January 7th2016.

Armen demonstrates a new way of connecting copper wires

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 96

January 14th2016.

Destination point Planet Zeus

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 97

January 21st2016.

Developments on Batteries and Capacitors

 Health Blueprint Workshop  

January 26th2016.

The Health Blueprints

 Rick’s Plasma Reactor Group, Jan 27

January 27th2016.

Notes on Rick’s 43rdPlasma group meeting

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 98

January 28th 2015.

Energy tech merging with Health tech and much more

 1st & 2nd International Workshops

December 8th2015

The first meeting with Douglas

3rd International Workshop

February 2nd2016.

Many New Developments

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 99

February 4th2016

Ali presents the Merkaba

 4th International Workshop

February 9th2016.

More Developments in Health Technology among other things

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 100, part 1

January 28th2016.

Teachings on Lead (Pb) GANS

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 100, part 2

January 28th2016.

Introducing the Austrian Dream Team

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 101

Agricultural Blueprints Day

February 18th2016.

A presentation of different experiments from around the world

 6thInternational Workshop with

Flight System Blueprints.

February 23rd2016.

Going heavily into Defense and protection of country and spaceship.

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 102.  

February 25th2016.

Focus on space ship development, space ship technology, and understanding of space.

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 103, Part 1

March 3rd2016.

A diatribe against the paedofiles

Knowledge Seeker Workshop 103, Part 2

March 3rd2016

Klaus and the Plasma Energie Team

Knowledge Seeker Workshop 103, Part 3

Blueprint for Man in Space

March 3rd2016.

A recording from the Private teachings


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