Book 3.2


The second of the Year 3 transcriptions books


Year Three Book Two

Penned Notes on 3 months of Kf Workshops from March 2016 to June 2016.

Penned transcription notes: ©

 Cover Picture: MK coming in from the 11th dimension 


This book contains penned notes on Knowledge Seeker workshops and International Workshops, from March to June 2016. Zit is entitledTHE EARTH SHIFT because that was a large focus during this particular 3-month period, with the Pacific Ring of Fire lighting up with volcanic activity. The subtitle introduces another strong theme through the workshops of this period, The Birth of the Universal Council, finally intended to represent 144 of the Earth’s languages.


11th International Workshop

29THMarch 2016

I have News for You! We did not Escape to Dubai

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 107

31STMarch 2016

Jimmy & Lisa MacDonald and beautiful developments

 Knowledge Seeker Workshops 108 & 110

7thand 21stApril 2016

Noah and the Great Earth Shift

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 111

28thApril 2016

The 1stUniversal Council Conference in Dubai

Knowledge Seeker Workshop 112

5thMay 2016

Radioactive Contamination a Huge and ever-present problem

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 113

12thMay 2016

Peace though Plasma and Plasma Health

Units around the World

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 114

19thMay 2016

Moving from GANS to GANS water

 12th–15th International Workshops

15thApril – 17thMay 2016

Summaries and raw transcriptions on

 16thInternational Workshop

24thMay 2016

Teachings on the Alchemy of the Elements

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 115

26thMay 2016

Field plasma, a Flying house in NZ, and Rules for members of the Universal Council

 17thInternational Workshop

31stMay 2016

Dr Rodrigo, subsistence on Magnesium, and Zero Time Travel

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 116

2ndJune 2016

A presentation from the Ghana soap team and how to Grow Diamonds

 18thInternational Workshop

7thJune 2016

A presentation from Paul of Togo

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 117, Part 1

2ndJune 2016

A crystal peace candle shows the structure of a healing device that can become a zero-time travel device

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 117, Part 2

2ndJune 2016

The Wisdom in the Kid’s Workshops

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 117, Part 3

2ndJune 2016

Gladstone Watt’s Happy Chain in NZ

19th International Workshop

14thJune 2016

Getting off this Prison Planet means learning how to share and not to eat!

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 118

16thJune 2016

More action on the Ring of Fire

 20th International Workshop

21stJune 2016

Joining the Universal Community

 Knowledge Seeker Workshop 119

23rdJune 2016

Preparing for the 2ndUniversal Council Meeting in Rome

 21st International Workshop

28thJune 2016

The Use of Tungsten to make Diamonds


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