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John Bliven’s Presentation from 61st Knowledge Seeker Workshop, May 14th, 2015

67th Knowledge Seeker Workshop, including John Bliven and Fernando Morris presentation, June 23rd2015

Introduction from KfNZ Transcriptions

These are the transcripts of the presentations from the Directors of Searl Magnetics from the USA, as they came to visit the Keshe foundation in Italy in 2015, and the interaction with MK and the Knowledge Seekers during these 2 workshops. Just John Bliven’s presentation is included from Workshop 61, and then to place things in their historical context the whole of Workshop 67 is included. This was the Workshop that preceded Alekz Egbaran’s visit to the SSI.

John Bliven came first to visit the Kf as it was based in Trani at the University of LUM, soon after the opening of the SSI in May 2015. This was followed up by the second visit in June, in which he was joined by his fellow director Fernando Morris, who outlined a lot more of the science behind the SEG (Searl Effect Generator).

The story of John Searl and his discoveries, starting with his energy device experiments repeatedly flying off his lab bench, and then being refined into a controllable craft, is a fascinating one. These 2 gentlemen have a lot of knowledge to share, not only about the interesting story of John Searl and his technology, but also about several other experiment craft produced by various people over the years and suppressed by the powers that be.

In the end a collaboration was announced between the Searl Group and the Keshe foundation which is bound to be a very successful one, especially considering that their starting point is that they already have a working model of a flying craft, and that John Searl himself, now in his 80s, though he has been inactive for many years due to threats from the ‘powers that be’, is now active again in the project development. Hopefully we may soon witness another UFO flap – just like the Warminster flap in England that tuned out in retrospective to have been only John Searl experimenting with his flying discs…


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