A Global Epidemic

26 February 2020

My attention was drawn today by my fellow kiwi Knowledge Seeker Neil, who with his wife Trish was the NZ link in Jimmy and Lisa’s Gardeners and Growers Workshops published in 2017, which are just as important as the Knowledge of the Anti Virus Cup of Life if MK’s predictions come to pass, as it will be very important to know how to make food. Giving me more of a feeling that a new phase of interest and development in plasma medicine technology was coming up, the reconnection with Neil and Trish brought attention to MK’s scary revelations in the 106th One Nation One Planet One Race for World Peace Workshop on February 25th 2020, on which he sent me the link saying to listen from about 13 minutes up to the 1 hour mark…


According to MK this new virus is designed against Chinese and Iranian DNA specifically, and in Iran infection with the virus is proving to have 100% mortality with the cause of death being heart failure. Every hospital in Iran is full and people are dying quickly. MK is saying this is targeted on Chinese and Iranians, but they forgot about the connections with Europe, especially the connection between Italian and Persian blood lines and therefore this virus will cause havoc in the Italian blood lines in Italy and the USA and Australia etc. The word has got out in Iran that this virus is carried on bank notes so people are throwing away their bank notes, MK says. Birds could be transmitting, but there is also an electromagnetic field transfer of energy to the target DNA. MK finishes this short but dire summary of what will shortly break out on the planet by diving into some mysterious comments about the soul connections, telling us that we have to line up with zero time communications with another star!

Whether or not the situation is this bad, or if indeed the situation is worsened by the sea of EM frequencies harmful to biological life we are continually bathed in, especially with the roll out of 5G tech and smart meters, the signs and portents are telling us it is time to order in some stocks of good food like a sack of oats, beans and rice etc, ASAP! Also to start making the One Cup One Life CO2 GANS recipe immediately. MK is saying that they have GANS distribution centres in every city in Iran and with attention to detail from MTK’s prescription no Knowledge Seeker will ever die of this disease or any virus. MK also said it was important to pay attention to detail and he gave a list of instructions, about which I made some notes.

Twice a day spray the GANS on hands head and face and inside the mouth, as well as front of the chest and back.  Drink about 300mls of GANS water through the day. Spend 5-10 minutes daily inhaling the GANS through a mask. If people have the virus spray the house for 10 seconds every day, and leave several GANS making pots around the house, either flushing the salt water down the toilets and sinks or collecting and mixing GANS at a central location in the house and adding more GANS as we go, which we need to do to handle the mutating virus. This patent number 19 is expected to mutate into a tissue virus. Do the same with the humans and animals in the household. Try and see if you can hold your breath for 10 seconds every day – if you can’t then you have the virus and intensify the inhalations and you should go back to normal within 7 days. The masks are helping spread the virus unless they are sprayed with GANS. If we follow the procedures no Knowledge Seekers should die. Selling of GANS is forbidden, it has to be absolutely freely given.

We shall see very quickly in the next couple of weeks if the global system will break down as predicted, and there will be dire food shortages and a breakdown of the global economy.  My experience with MK’s prophecies and predictions in the past, with Earth Changes etc, is that the outcomes have not been as dire as predicted, perhaps because there are enough awake aware and conscious people on the planet with some determination to change the destiny for us being designed by these dastardly inhuman giant corporations and the people who fell away from the Will of God. In any case I think it is a good idea to follow the simple instructions given by MK and at least go through the very simple process of making a Cup of Life, so you can enjoy watching the beautiful GANS forming , then freezing some of the GANS water to see the exquisite patterns and flow of the GANS, then putting some in a spray bottle and feeling the positive effects of filling the prescription of this Iranian nuclear engineer and physician.

Remembering that the enemy will have been busy trying to sabotage I checked the link to the kfwiki page again and the bridge to making the Cup of Life with ingredients you already have at home is still working in many languages … then following the link to advanced teachings on the Cup of Life I came to a discussion of the different types of salts that can be used, with MK telling Libby that all the minerals are important, but drawing especial attention to Phosphor and Sulphur as important healing minerals, making me think that the next batch of GANS I make will be with Himalayan Black salt, and also realising why i have such a craving for that sulphurous taste at the moment!


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