In August 2018 my Rental Car in the Gold Coast had Victoria plates, 1MK 5WY, which were so appropriate to the occasion that I sent a photo to Mr Keshe on the Medical teaching Zoom page.

1MK 5wy

To my thinking, 1MK was the 1st Anniversary of the Signing of the World Peace Treaty by 198 Nations of the Planet on MK’s Birthday of 2nd August, which extraordinary event we had witnessed  back in 2017. The 5WY was 5 Whole Years of effort on my part of trying to capture the essence of MK’s teachings in transcriptions and making books out of them. I sent the picture to MK and wished him a happy birthday on his 60th Birthday, and told him that by Naw Ruz 2019 it would be 5 whole years of work and by then we would have 33 books of Transcriptions and 19 books of Allied workshops and adventures into the Plasma Universe, making 52 books in total, or a whole year of weeks!

MK wrote back immediately

I love your work and thank you for everything. My only objection was the new one are not I was said but what they thought it means and that is why I asked them to be withdrawn.  Your work always has been perfect in supporting the knew knowledge


What MK was referring to in his own unique way of writing the English language, was the rejection of my 9 Year 3 Books of Transcriptions back in March 2018 when I published them on Amazon, and sent pdfs of the Books to the Private Medical Class. A few days after I posted them I had a call from MK asking me to take the books down, as he had been informed the transcriptions were not correct, or word for word. In fact the transcriptions  were from various transcribers, year 1 from me, Year 2 from a New Zealand transcriber by the name of CJ, and for the Year 3 and 4 TransMissions mostly from Lynn of Montana.

Over the next month or so talking with MK’s wife Carolina we came to an understanding that the Year 1 and 2 Books were OK as previously agreed with MK, in which KfNZ Transcriptions would pay 19% of any profits once we got into the blue so-to-speak, but the Year 3 and 4 Books I would go through one more time and correct them; take them back as much as I could to word for word, and also remove any references to editors or transcribers, so they were purely the transcribed WORD of MK.

So through the year of 2018 this is what I have done… First I went through the Year 1 and 2 Books doing the same process, removing any personal stories or editorial comments, and grafting those into another Book, which was the personal story of my own Search for the Truth applied to an Investigation of the Keshe Foundation and its plasma teachings. After all this was a the original purpose of the whole project, which by Naw Ruz 2019 would have been 5 Whole Years of focused work, trying too figure out just what MK was delivering to the world.

Out of this Effort then we will, hopefully by Naw Ruz 2019, have 31 books of accurate transcriptions and 2 Books of my Notes over a period of Nine Months when there were No transcriptions coming from anyone, making up 33 Books focused on the Knowledge Seeker Workshops. The 2 Books of Notes became the First 2 Books of the Year 3 Knowledge Seeker Books, Book 3.1 THE FIRST BOOK OF NOTES, entitled THE MAGRAV BLUEPRINTS, And the Blueprints for the Man in Space. The Notes in this Book were taken during those 6 months from October 2015 through to March 2016, which I delivered as workshop notes and published on the KfNZ Transcriptions Facebook site, and they covered that period from the Rome Ambassadors Meeting and Magrav Blueprints in October 2015.


Book 3.1, with MK and Fabio on the cover, includes not a few sets of Blueprints, but the real beginning of the book was in fact opened by Carolina one week prior to our Barletta visit, in Health Workshop 43, in which she taught everyone how to make balls of plasma with their hands and implode them in to prayers that expand into the universe or send them to each other.


Carolina making Balls of Plasma on Health Workshop 43.

The Agricultural Blueprints were released on February 18th,  Flight System Blueprints on February 23rd, and then the last workshop in Book 3.1, The Blueprints for Man in Space on March 3rd2016 can be seen as a direct expansion of Carolina’s teaching, which also includes, for those with an eye to see the vision and ears to hear the melody, the real method of communion, and interaction with the ‘Man in Space’ as MK calls the Universal Community, referred to by the people of Bahá as The Concourse on High.

The 2ndbook of Notes was entitled THE EARTH SHIFT because this was a large focus during this particular 3-month period, with the Pacific Ring of Fire lighting up with volcanic activity. The subtitle introduces another strong theme through the workshops of this period, The Birth of the Universal Council, finally intended to represent 144 of the Earth’s languages. Many of the Workshops through this 3 month period were missed due to focus on other competing interests and family time, however there was still a good cover of many many workshops finishing with the 21st International Workshop on June 28th 2016 – a workshop focused on how to make diamonds with the Use of a Tungsten rod in the CO2 box! The cover of the Book has what appears to be MK coming through his teaching board at Barletta from the 11th Dimension!


We now have accurate transcriptions of the Year 3 and 4 Knowledge Seeker workshops completed but at this stage do not have permission from Central Kf MK and Carolina to publish them, which however we hope will happen in due course.

After completing the Transcriptions I then went back and completed my own personal book of Investigation into the Keshe foundation, and the adventures and happenings behind the scenes during my personal journey of a Knowledge Seeker hot on the track of the Truth! This was published on Amazon in July 2018 and updated with a new edition on 3/9/18.

Cover Book 1



The following week after the end of Book 3.2 MK delivered a massive disclosure, and the immediate effects were earth shattering for the Kf Family. The Knowledge Seeker workshops went on however, and we now have 2 more years of transcription books completed but awaiting permission to publish. As on a number of previous occasions in the whole process towards World Peace, there are times when it is advisable to retreat and rest and recuperate and write another story! So as the book above has covered the first approximately 2 years of Knowledge Seeker teachings, pushing a little into the Year 3 workshops with Books 3.1 and 3.2, so now there is a second volume underway, providing a timeline and background to Books 3.2 to 3.9, and then 4.1 to 4.10, the Books of the Soul! These things take time and synchronicity to accomplish the goal, and I was immensely chuffed when the Universe gave me such an appropriate number plate on my car this August 2018, which then provided feedback from MK saying that he LOVED my work, this giving the go ahead to begin the publishing process, completing Years 1 and 2 and giving the go ahead to publish Years 3 and 4 in time.

Eventually, if the reader persists right up to Book Number 52, you will find that through the Year 4 Books of the Soul, we noticed that not only did MK always turn to Baha’u’llah in his profoundest moments of inspiration, but there was also increasing deepening into the Baha’i faith, and the Hidden Words, and eventually a letter from the Universal House of Justice, which was interpreted as advice to turn away from the Keshe foundation and toward the Blessed Beauty. Thus, for the moment this will be the end of the transcription work, and the beginning of a new phase focusing on our Baha’i lives and using our new understandings of the plasma universe in working with plant medicine for the healing of our people, though we did note an extraordinary coincidence, when on the VERY day that we completed Book Number 52, the 2nd Two Years of Knowledge Seeker Workshops, we received from Carolina a short extract of a transcription of Workshop 52, of the new series of One Planet, One Nation, One Race Workshops. The transcription we received was not a good one, not word for word, and it made MK sound like some illiterate person with a very basic grasp of English, so I therefore had to send an official complaint about the quality of the present Kf transcribing team’s work, and have a feeling that we may soon have a request for some more work on these workshops, and I may have to give CJ another call to come down from the bush and into some more transcribing work!

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