It was on the 28th November 2018 Suspicious Observer’s Daily Planetary and Solar System News – SONews – that I saw a visual of the planetary alignment happening at the time of the beginning of the new renovated website and BLOG page…  Mercury might have been going retrograde from the point of view of Earth, but it still represents a great flashpoint of combustion for a site dedicated like Thoth/Idris/Mercury to transmitting communications and transcriptions of the news of the alchemy of the elements and the planets.

However there seems to have been a leap back in time for this Official First Blog Post, to the dates back in 2017 when the website was originally set up as a single page. Undoubtedly these dates would also have been in synch with the movements and tides of the planets, especially Mercury who was always present at times of important communication.  In fact during the whole 5-year focus on collecting accurate transcriptions and making books out of them I saw not a few examples of how the writing waxed and waned according to the orbit of Mercury in its direct and retrograde cycles.  In my writing career in general I discovered this accidentally many years ago, but now it has become ever more present and can even be used as a tool to create magic, along with the energy of the moon and the eclipse cycles. A good example was the production of the Year 3 Books, all NINE of them, which were delivered inside an eclipse window, after the Solar (Au) eclipse, with Mercury (Hg) direct leading up to the Full Moon Lunar (Ag) Eclipse on the 1stMarch 2018.

Many years before on the Trail of the Hawk I learnt from my travelling companion Barry Brailsford, the author editor preserver of stories in Song of Waitaha– The Histories of a Nation, how he wrote all of his amazing books according to the cycles of the moon. He would do his research pottering around on the waning moon, and then his writing marathons all occurred on the waxing moon. On this occasion I was acutely aware and feeling these energies as the waxing moon turned into the waxing gibbous moon as the 9 books came out, and then the 9thBook, which of course had to have a focus on Bahá’u’lláh, and the Nano world order, was published right on the Full moon to complete the series

The Number 13 also brought a LOT of magic into the process, for example it was the 13th of the month when a lot of major events happened, for example Te Ira Tangata crop circle on the 13thof August 2001, on the same day as the Mega Galaxy wheel, which turned out 13 years later to actually be made up of 12 DL Keshe logos! Actually in transcribing and editing these books of notes and transcriptions 14 became more prominent, even being used by MTK in a magical cabbalistic formula you may have discovered in Book 3.3! And then of course twice times 14 is 28 which is the number of days in a moon cycle, which has also been a major cycle in adventures on the planet, especially in the writing marathons.

In any case the writing is complete for now, and a new phase has begun with the application of the knowledge gained, into direct manifestation of health and healing for the people of Te Hiku O Te Ika a Maui, The Tail of Maui’s Stingray, the northern tip of the North Island of NZ/Aotearoa. By the Grace of God, Insh’Allah, with the assistance of the Blessed Ancient Beauty Baha’u’llah, the time for retirement from the Emergency Medicine career and increasing focus on plasma applications for health and healing for all the people and tribes of the planet is very close now…

Indeed from those days in late 2017 after the signing of the World Peace Treaty, after a small application of CO2 and ZnO Plasma made with pink Himalayan salt, as well as a good dose of Enthusiasm, Music and Prayer, The Peaceful Medicine Garden – Te Mara Rongoa Marino, now has the addition a year later of two Woofa (Workers on Organic Farms) cabins, made of good Northern Spruce direct from South Bohemia, so Te Whare Rongoa Trust – The House of Medicine will go from strength to strength for the healing of the grandchildren.

te whare rongoa

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