Plasma Basics Book2


Book 2 of the Plasma Basics series



Plasma Basics Book Two Workshops Four to Six

Jimmy and Lisa MacDonald, Dr Rodrigo Vildosola, Sandor Kakasi


Transcribed and Published by Kf New Zealand Transcriptions

November 20, 2017,


 Illustrations are screen shots taken directly from the video series

 The Workshops Series can be found on YouTube at

Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute


Cover Picture: Sandor Kakasi




 Understanding Plasma Science Part 4

Health, Soul, and Nature  

16 October, 2017, Dr. Rodrigo Vildósola, Jimmy MacDonald, Lisa MacDonald


Understanding Plasma Science Part 5

Plasma Science and GANS    

23 October, 2017, Jimmy MacDonald, Lisa MacDonald and Sandor Kakasi


Understanding Plasma Science Part 6

Health, Nature and The Soul    

30 October, 2017, Dr. Rodrigo Vildósola, Lisa and Jimmy MacDonald



Book 2 of this 4 book series is an awesome deepening from Book 1 which had the basics of Nano coating and GANS making. Book 2 now deepens into Plasma Science and GANS, and its applications for Health, Soul and Nature… Apart from this the Introduction to Book 1 is equally applicable…

… This is another fantastic resource for anyone who wants some simple understandable explanations and instructions on the correct procedures to get effective Nano-coating, Nano materials and GANS materials. A collaboration between leading plasma scientists around the world, this is a planned 12-part series on Understanding Plasma Science – the basics.

Many people have come and gone with the process of the Knowledge Release over the last 4 years, since the Persian New Year of 2014. Many people have been frustrated by the rambling nature of the Knowledge Seeker workshops… After all, which busy person in the 21stcentury has the time to follow even just the 4 hours of the Knowledge Seeker workshops every week? Let alone the Medical teachings, the Agricultural teachings, the MaGrav energy teachings etc etc! There is such a mass of material and it is so minimally organized it is hard to get at the basics.

Maybe indeed this was part of a clever plan organized by Mr. Keshe – Mehran Tavakoli Keshe – the originator of the new Plasma Science. After all, what he did was extremely dangerous to his own longevity, as this technology challenges the profits and control of the largest mega-corporations on the planet. Simple health applications for curing almost any disease are a huge threat to Big Pharma – the Pharmaceutical Cartel – and Magrav devices that can be made at home by coiling and Nano-coating and GANS coating some lengths of copper to quickly and effectively allow freedom from the electrical grid are a huge threat to the monopoly of the Energy Corporations. Likewise plasma energy for transportation is a huge threat to the Oil Cartel etc. etc. Mr Keshe has most probably with full knowledge and purpose presented his well known and annoying image of a rambling con man, in order to safe guard his own life and those of his Knowledge Seekers.

In any case this long awaited series of workshops simply and effectively cuts through the mass of material and presents all the applications of the new Plasma Science; the Chemistry applications, the Physics Applications, the Biological applications. There are enough stalwart Knowledge Seekers, masters of the New Science, to sort through the best techniques to produce good Nano materials and GANS materials. It is time to go back to the beginning and make sure your basic skills are correct, because if the basic skills are not correct none of the applications; the health apps, the energy applications, the space ship apps, etc, will work…

So these transcriptions are dedicated with much gratitude and many thanks to Jimmy and Lisa MacDonald, Dr. Rodrigo Vildosola, Sandor Kakasi, Rick, Vince, Brett, and all the other stalwarts who have experimented and developed the best and easiest ways to understand and build the new technology. Kudos and Blessings to you for being the first enlightened ones who will now lead the rest of us into a new peaceful era moving towards One Planet, One Nation, One Race.


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