Book 4.10


The final Book X of the Year 4 Transcription Books


THE SOUL OF THE MAN, And the Workings of the New Earth


Year Four Book Ten

Transcription of Knowledge Seeker Workshops 185 & 186, with excerpts from 188 & 200 August to December 2017

Cover Picture: Brain Soul & Emotions


Each Workshop is divided into hyperlinked subject headings chosen to try and summarise the outline of each workshop, so people can navigate to the parts of the workshop they wish to look at. As with the main title headings, the hyperlinks are all 2-way with a link back to the contents of each workshop.

This final 33rd Book X of transcriptions contains Knowledge Seeker Workshops 185 & 186, and excerpts from 188 & 200 in August and December 2017. These workshops not only contain more instructions for The Workings of the New Earth, amongst other important subjects, but also culminate with some very deep Secrets and a detailed and profound description of the structure, role, and function of THE SOUL OF THE MAN.


185th Knowledge Seeker Workshop

17thAugust 2017

The Workings of the New Earth

 186th Knowledge Seeker Workshop

24thAugust 2017

Teaching on Creation of Matters

 188th Knowledge Seeker Workshop

7thSeptember 2017.

Decontamination from Radioactivity

 200th Knowledge Seeker Workshop

30thNovember 2017

Final Words on the Soul of the Man


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