Book 3 Basic Coil with Mike Nashif



BASIC COIL with Mike Nashif Fraz Frazzle & Friends  Book 3

Kf New Zealand Transcriptions October 24, 2017

Cover picture: Mike Nashif



Fraz Frazzle Video 8 

Basic Coil With special guest Mike Nashif  January 14th 2017



 Book 3 of this fascinating set of videos consists of just ONE workshop, a whole book in itself, in which Fraz is taken by Mike Nashif through his understandings of how the plasma flows through a series of figure 8s wound into copper wire, as taught by him in his INFINITY PROJECT videos. This is important knowledge and leads on to more understandings in the following workshops, which go on into into Toroidal Mathematics… which are included in Books 4 and 5.

Mike Nashif from Texas was featured in several Knowledge Seeker workshops in the 2ndyear of KS workshops, and was particularly famous for creating a copper coil that actually made water. These understandings were transcribed into Book 2.6 of the second year’s series of Knowledge Seeker workshops published by Keshe Foundation New Zealand Transcriptions…  Plasma Applications

Apart from this specific introduction to Book 4, the Introduction to the Book Series is equally applicable here…

…In early 2017 a series of videos appeared on Youtube, with a gentleman by the name of Fraz Frazzle discussing, drawing, and elucidating some amazing and revolutionary discoveries he had made, with some help from his friends, foremost of whom were Joe, Cleve, and Patrick.

Fraz summed up the reasons for these videos in the first few moments… “I’m going to go through an explanation of toroidal geometry in application to the Keshe flight system.  And we’re going to try to marry the two ideas together and see if we can get a spaceship off the ground, or at least get people onto thinking in a three-dimensional view.  So bear with us, and we’re going to rock’n’roll.”

(At this point we would like to add that if they get to the point of lift and positioning any time soon they are more than welcome to come and visit for a cup of coffee in Aotearoa– New Zealand!)

In line with the Keshe foundation ethos, the intention of KfNZ Transcriptions, if there is ever any profit from the sale of these books, is to pass some of the proceeds back to Fraz and his friends. So in line with the original plan we saw of organisation of the original Kf, as with all the proceeds of KfNewZealand Transcriptions, 19% will go back to the Central Keshe foundation, and in the case of this set 19% back to Fraz and his friends.

For those wondering why they should spend a few bucks on these books, these books have a lot more in them than just the workshops – each workshop has good quality pictures added and is also split into subject headings and then the subjects are hyperlinked from a list of contents at the top of each workshop to make navigating the knowledge so much easier!


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