Book 3.5


The fifth of the Year 3 transcriptions books


Year Three Book Five 

Transcriptions of Knowledge Seeker Workshops 126 to 133 in August 2016

Cover Picture  A President who did not listen


Each Workshop is divided into hyperlinked subject headings chosen to try and summarise the outline of each workshop, so people can navigate to the parts of the workshop they wish to look at. As with the main title headings, the hyperlinks are all 2-way with a link back to the contents of each workshop.

This book is entitled A WORKING POWER GENERATOR – And a Visit to the White House, as the major event in this series of workshops is Douglas’s trip to Washington DC to show off a working Generator.


Introduction June 2018

Illustrated Transcription of 126thKnowledge Seeker Workshop from Richard Gantz


Tuesday 2ndAugust 2016

127thKnowledge Seeker Workshop

Thursday 4thAugust 2016

Sugar, Salt, Acid, Alkaline

128thKnowledge Seeker Workshop

Thursday 11thAugust 2016

Douglas presents a Working Model

 129thKnowledge Seeker Workshop

Friday 12thAugust 2016

The Path to the White House

130thand 131stKnowledge Seeker Workshops

13thand 14thAugust 2016

Douglas makes his Hero’s Journey

 132ndKnowledge Seeker Workshop

Wednesday August 17th2016

Meeting in the McClendon Room

133rdKnowledge Seeker Workshop

Thursday August 18th2016

Generator Developments

 Introduction June 2018

 Even though the major theme of this book of transcriptions was the trip that Douglas made to Washington DC, to show the Generator that everyone saw working a few days before, there is an awesome number of break-throughs in other respects also.

For example, in the first two workshops we have Peter from Austria cracking the secret of how to manifest gold, and in the last few workshops developments from around the world in terms of energy generators.

Some might be very skeptical, and to others there was a feeling of betrayal and doubt as the Generator when it finally came to be shown officially in Washington DC did not work.  But to those who really listened to these workshops and studied them, there was no question that the technology works, and our wish is indeed our command, but only if we exist within the ethos.

In fact, through contact with various Kf family, it was also becoming clear that it was those who believed in the technology and actually followed Mr Keshe’s advice to pray for the reactors as they are growing, that seem to be able to make the technology work for them. This also brings the recognition and knowledge that these creations, these reactors, these generators, these spaceships, are independent intelligent plasma creations that take on a life of their own.

It was consciousness technology, and therefore it was not able to work in Washington DC because the President was not listening!

Anyone who was listening would have understand from KSW126 the first workshop of this book, entitled – THE BEGINNING– that in the plasma universe there is no war and no need for anything because there are unlimited materials – even unlimited GOLD if we should wish for it in the correct way.

All this and more are in this book for initiates of the new science of transmutation of matters, where we can learn in KSW127 how the beautiful Peter not only manifested Gold, but like Douglas had dramatic effects when he used very high or very low pH in his plasma water, which strangely enough even with pH extremes of 2 and 12 could be drunk and tasted very sweet like good spring water!

These mysteries and more are contained in this amazing set of Knowledge Seeker Workshops…

From the vantage point of June 2018, to the general public Douglas disappeared from view immediately after this set of workshops and has never been seen again. He was kind of like a shooting star, that blazed forth when he caught onto the Magrav blueprint release in October 2015 and put his heart and soul into creating the technology, clearly seen and described in preceding workshops, and culminating in his hero’s journey to meet the President.

He was one of the only ones to really understand, and he is still around, but one must assume that for reasons of personal and family safety he has had to withdraw from public life, maybe until the President does come out and accept the Kf challenge to sign the peace treaty and build a Magrav Generator in the White House.


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