Guy Fawkes Day

“Remember Remember, the 5th of November!”

This is a refrain every kid growing up in NZ knew in my day when we were able to go and buy strings of explosive crackers full of gunpowder – tom thumbs, double happies,  and even mighty canons – to blow up letter boxes around town, and then after dark to have a great bonfire with the family and have lots of fun lighting fire works…

Getting a bit older it was a bit sobering to find out that the day commemorated the burning alive of an Englishman by the name of Guy Fawkes, after he had been cruelly tortured for weeks and months, as punishment for his great crime of attempting to blow up the British Parliament, therefore in the minds of the ruling classes and government  preventing anyone from ever trying that again!

Of course, now that we are in the plasma universe after sitting through several hundred Knowledge Seeker workshops, the element of Fire has taken on a new meaning, as the Plasma Fire is a cold flame that does not burn, but purifies and creates magic. Just as the Plasma Water does not get you wet, but it does quench thirst and hunger if you wish, and with the correct intention it can even heal diseases like AIDS and Cancer, and more recently showing, according to MK,  fantastic results in Parkinson’s Disease.

3.7I was reminded yesterday about the Power of the Plasma, by the lovely 21st Century Superhuman Cary Kirastar Ellis, whom we met back in Book number 3.7, a book with that same Title, which had  a picture on the cover of the plasma Being in the sky that Carry was following in her adventure across America.

For the first time in ages I received a notification from Youtube that there was a new 21st Century Superhuman show, so Yesterday I watched PLASMA AT HOME, Part 1, with description under the Video reading:

Hot Topics how to use plasma and gans at home for well being, garden and more…Join show host & author, Cary Kirastar Ellis –

DOWNLOAD Free Special Report at

21st Century Superhuman

Once again I was inspired by Cary, and felt a stirring of interest again in the activities of Knowledge Seekers around the planet… After spending the last  9 months entirely focused on the heat of search for my new book, a progression from the Kf Books of Search, into a Bahai Spiritual Book of Search, entitled The Path of Search, I am now just a month or so away from finishing this huge marathon effort, and once more will have time to focus on making Ganses and Plasma medicines, using them in home, garden and clinic, looking forward with excitement to ever more interesting and amazing results.

Cary not only told on her video about how her own life had benefited from the beautiful new knowledge, she also detailed the astounding story of Lynn and Dr Paul, whom I had come to know well and love due to Lynn’s huge efforts to take notes and synopses of the KS workshops and private Medical classes for her husband to read, which I then used with her permission to go through and correct – take as much as possible back to word for word (Lynn never called them transcriptions – they were “Synopses”) – and then out of which I made the 19 books of the Year 3 and 4 TransMissions, found in the SHOP for a very affordable price.

Now on Cary’s Video I once again listened to Paul telling the amazing story of how, with the plasma he had fixed his own blindness due to cataracts, and then reversed the failing slide of his kidney transplant into renal failure till now it was actually working better than when he first got the transplant a decade or so ago! Many many more examples of the healing and nourishing power of the plasma were given by Lynn and Paul and then Cary herself. I recommend this Video highly to any tired or disillusioned Knowledge seeker to rekindle interest and enthusiasm…






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